NoobToob Street Team
  • Oh man nice try for the second one Locke. I think it's going to be majorly difficult to have it land the right way unless maybe the bottom end is weighted somehow?

    Dude Jam, top marks for those Oxford hits. Also, I think the idea of putting posters in gaming magazines is genius. Our show is majorly targetted towards gamers (anyone else would probably be bored within minutes), so anything that hits a gamer audience is going to have a great effect.

  • Ok so just printed 40 posters 10 of 4 diferent ones and am gonna put them up slowly as the week progresses, I found out i can rent / check out a camera from my college for free so pics should come later this week, im goin for the local coffe shop my library, college library, and several of the dining halls and class buildings, mabey a few bathrooms but the janitors are nazis so they wont last very long around there. but i spose it only needs to last until one person sees it i guess. Im thinkin about walkin around the frat hill and handing some out at the different fraternities but i havent decieded about that yet, my favorite thing im gonna do is im gonna post some of the posters in the stuffed animal/taxidermy museum that my college has, think about it a cougar and bear with a noobtoob poster on its side lol, anyway im sure ill have more crazy ideas as i go, but hopefully this week the US takes its place on the street teeeeem.

  • hey guys i got an idea seeing as it is halloween 2morrow, not very big in Australia but in the states and mayb other countries its big, but what i want some1 or some noobtoobers to do is when trick or treater come to your houses instead of candy give them a noobtoob poster in their lollie bag, cause kids love noobtoob
  • Is that reallt such a good idea? I mean, do you want to get your ass kicked by an angry parent because their kid learnt "Evil words" from the show?
  • hye i said that already but i said not the poster because it was to big but the header but no one will no what house it came from becuase u put it in the bag
  • Alright boys, i'am now just sitting in my photography class after my 40 poster campaign around the school.
    With elp from my friends who took pictures and went on the epic quest with me.
    I now provide you a few shots, I will put together the whole thing tonight.
    Here are 2 brave souls who decided to let me attach Noob Toob posters to their bodies.
    TO HIS FACE!!!!!!
    This young lad is now walking the halls and attending class with a noob toob poster taped to his back!
    Drink some Noob Toob(unfortunatly it doesnt dispense box wine.)
    Thats probably illegal
    Myself doing some dangling.
    This is right outside the office!!!!!!
    Volunteer for the Noob Toob Army!
    My personal Favourite, the main entrance to the school.

    I will post more tonight hopefully.
    And im going to do another huge poster campaign very soon.
    Enjoy Yow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wooha! Thats very nice Reaper! :) Noobie for you!
  • Damn.... I really need to get on this. I'm probably going to hit up some stores this week, maybe go to the movies...
  • Mekko said:
    Wooha! Thats very nice Reaper! :) Noobie for you!

    Thanks, im super pumped after looking at how many there are around the school
  • Nice work Reaper! Again nice to see some more people doing the street team thing.
    Bonus creative points for using people as billboards - I love it!
  • Locke said:
    Nice work Reaper! Again nice to see some more people doing the street team thing.
    Bonus creative points for using people as billboards - I love it!
    Thanks dude, with you covering the west coast, i've got the central.
    Now all we need to do is find someone to get the east coast.
  • Ok here are some more of the best locatons for the posters i put up today.
    First off taking a page out of Locke's book, I went and put up some in the washroom.
    Urinal Tank
    Mirror(I know it's terrifyingly dirty)
    What time is it?.....................Time for Noob Toob!!!
    Noob Toob Bus Shack!
    I just thought this was funny.Goats Aplently at Noob
    On the drink machine
    Main Stairwell overhang.
    Probably the best spot for a Noob Toob poster, right next to the Video Game Club posters.

    Printing off some more posters now to replace the ones taken down today.
    I will report back with more pics and as Locke has said I'd love to hear suggestions.
  • yes man noobtoob al the way and for you comment on the east coast got that TORONTO BABY lets go NOOBTOOB STREET TEAM
  • MBG DIESEL said:
    yes man noobtoob al the way and for you comment on the east coast got that TORONTO BABY lets go NOOBTOOB STREET TEAM

    Slap up those posters with pride!
  • remeber to hand out posters on halloween night
  • the ones i put in the coffee house fot taken down after 3 im not gonna hand em out on halloween cuase im low on ink but im gonna but em all over my porch and my door on halloween.
  • Thats a great idea.
    I'm going to go to McNally robinson soon and put noob toob poster in every game magazine thats not wraped.
  • Hot damn, Reaper is on a goddamn roll! Nice work you guys!

    Excellent work Jam and Locke, too. Who would have thought a game developer would be so hot?
  • I might be able to get some up near toronto bay. We'll see because I live in that area :D
  • So today one of my friends and I decided to do some serious NT Streeting after school :)

    Heres some pictures!

    Well this is from school where we decided to use the wires from our laptops to wire up one of our friends and put Noobtoob posters on him. Kinda weird..

    Heres one I put up in class last week. Still there!

    Heres one we were going to put up but we couldn't find anything to stick it up with. Gonna put that one up tomorrow..

    Now we're leaving school and putting a poster in the window of a car

    No explanation for this one..

    And now for my favourite one :D We decided to try to put one up on the PS3 demo thingy ^^ Sorry for blurry pictures. I was ready to run if we should get caught

    Tehn we found some free gaming magazines where we placed a few posters in some of them

    At the bus station we put this one up on the thing that holds the times for when the bus arrives at the different places :P

    And heres an after pic of one i put up last week which got taken down..

    Thats all for me for now! We're hopefully gonna put some more up this weekend :D
  • Update!
    Some posters were taken down.
    I did a 20 poster campaign today.
    A poster was vandalized, here it is.
    Im not quite sure what this means.
    Here is one poster for every desk in the classroom
    Close up!

    More pictures to come.
    I'm taking the rest of the week off to get some more good ideas.
  • more canadians representing the army. im still going to put some up around my school, and im pretty sure carsonauto would help me with it too.
  • im just put some on my porch and door for all the little trick or treaters to see ill post pix asap
  • Nice! It looks like my call out worked. You guys are is good to see the posters being put up everywhere. Keep up the good work and hopefully it will pay off with some members coming in.
    Work is a little busy this week but I will try and find some creative gamer spots to hit up.
  • Damn, great shots Reaper and Mekko! The NooBTooB street team has jumped the pond finally!

    Next we just need some of our middle east folks to put some up. Taiki, where's our Qatar poster pics? :)


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