NoobToob Street Team
  • Oh, don't worry about it Locke. I have some plans to put flyers up all over my campus/other interesting areas (and get pictures, of course). It seems Canada will soon be overrun by Noobtoob, hahaha.
  • i will put 1 up in a good spot :» evil face
  • Would it not be the greatest thing if you took a ladder and climbed to the roof of a Gamestop and put fliers all over the Gamestop letters.
  • nice stuff locke. why don't u try 2 put some posters in the display cases at the movies i'm gunna try 2 do it also
  • locke i think u shuld make a video of u walking into videostores and gameshops with noobtoob flers taped all over you while u hand them out and spread the word of noobtoob
  • I live in the bay area, lemme try and post a poster in a gamestop, and then maybe yuzo or tobin might see it! :D
  • could you please that you got the idea from me? that would be awesome because i came up with the idea
  • Alright I see lots have responded to my call out from the show - and I'll get on it this week for sure. Lemme get a plan together and I'll try some more EXTREME stuff this week (while I drink mountain dew)
  • I got another one for ya, just liek when we were all kids, we used to put the kick me signs on peoples backs, you should try and do that with the poster and see how long it will stay on for, liek somebody walking down the street, or one of your friends at school!
  • image

    all right i put more posters up at this mall and the picture that i have there has been up all week and when icnaget the pictures up loaded ill add them on GOO NOOBTOOB STREET TEAM
  • me showing some people in mcdonalds noobtoob poster

    posting more posters at a fyler area

    drinking and showing off

    this one has been up for a week and a half

    put up 5 to show off and get peoples attention

    and more pictures
  • Damn MBG Diesel, you beat me to the freakin' punch. I will have to see if my posters stay up this week. I'm uploading as I type. Word
    Nice work btw - awesome to see you rockin' the street team.
  • i also got a friend to join ARMENGEDON hes not on much but him and i are going to try to post shit around aswell his dad does advertising so hes going to ask to like post this around his work and possibly people might take in interest in it
  • KernelKool said:
    you should put some in the urinals, lmao, that would be really funny

    This one is for you KernelKool:
    Weather it is number 1:

    Or number 2:

    Always wash your hands:

    Here is what most of the bathrooms look like at the University of Alberta where I work. It seems like a troglodyte may pop out at any minute since they are built to look like a dungeon:

    I thought I would spruce things up in there for everyone by adding a little noob toob. A ton of people go through these and I wanted to get some high traffic areas this week. Today I could only do my building, but it is the whole Faculty of Phys ed, so I hit up 7 men's washrooms with posters. Needless to say I didn't get much work done...
  • comon everyone we got to get the word out of noobtoob the canadians cant just d oit alone
  • Lol he said "in" The urinal not above but still, nice job on spreading the word :D
  • God Bless the Canadians. I'll start putting some up soon, too.
  • Yeah, I didn't really want people to piss all over Tobin and Yuzo - plus they wouldn't stay up all week if they were wet...
  • I have an idea for all you people who play MMO'S i say you should tell people in MMO'S to join noobtoob for example you go to your guild and tell them to join noobtoob or tell random players pasing by. You know these people would be hardcore gamers because of the amount of time they spend playing their MMO'S. Finaly, you could start a new guild and the whole guild could spend 1 hour a day telling people about noobtoob, the guild's name could be virtual street team.
  • BTW, another potential thing I've been seeing is some people on xbolx live putting in their profile/motto. I have no clue how often people read each other's profiles, but that's another good way to get the word out :)

  • any publisity is good publisity so if its telling a friend or even some posters it will get the word out
  • I told a bunch of my xfire friends to join but a lot of people don't seem to have very big attenion spans..
  • Hey Noob Toob army,
    Here is another submission for the noobtoob street team (challenge). I work at the University up in Edmonton and I figure I have so many people passing through here (50.000 students alone!) I could do some work around campus.
    This is the hallway at my work that leads to the ice hockey arena. We all know how Canadians go ape shit for hockey and tons of people pass through here. Notice the two innocent looking poster boards:
    Noobtoob gets its place on the faculty of phys ed poster board - along with LSAT preparation, Part-Time work, and guitar lessons!
    The opposite poster board with the NT flier looking quite inconspicuous up at the top.
    The varsity baseball diamond needed some character to it. This is a landmark at the university and everyone leaving the university heading south gets to see this poster now.
    NT flier on the main southside campus entrance, this is beside the beautiful Rehab Med building.
    East facing shot of the NT flier on the Southside of campus with the University towers in the background.

    Like I said, all these are high traffic areas, so I am hitting up a lot of people and I would hope that some of them come check out Noobtoob. I'm just spreading the word, and hopefully these will stay up all week! I will have an update at the end of the week to see if they posters survived.
  • no offense to the people who created the posters, being a designer im gonna make my own to put up
  • Go for it man.. If it ends up coming out good we'll add it to the wiki!


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