Unranked Gaming Community
  • Hey guys,

    I was a noobtoober roughly since 2008. I admittedly was into the podcast more than the online community but I did lurk on the forum a decent amount and participated in some of the impromptu game nights back in the day. 

    There's definitely been no community that has filled the gap since Tobin's channel went quiet. However, I've recently found one that I really enjoy and want to share. The Unranked Podcast is a great gaming podcast which I think caters to a noobtoob-esk audience. A couple reasons...
    1. First of all, personality. Unlike a lot of larger gaming podcasts that cater to a huge audience, these hosts are long time friends which cultivates some great banter, they know their listeners, and air their unfiltered opinions regardless of consequence. The formula creates a pretty lighthearted atmosphere that definitely parallels what I loved about NoobToob.
    2. Second of all, its not extremely mainstream. No, you may not care to be a hipster but it means the relationships are personal and community members/hosts really get to know each other. I'm constantly in the discord chatting it up with other members who I've come to know pretty well in the past few months.
    3. They are doing something new and unique if you have xbox game pass. They call it, game club. Clearly very much the same idea as a book club. They choose 1 or 2 games a month from xbox game pass to play and discuss with their audience. It's a great way to get involved with the podcast completely free (if you are already a gamepass member on PC or xbox).
    4. Lastly, drinking. No they done indulge in chalices of boxed wine but, occasionally they do a "power hour" game-show-type podcast where the hosts are nearly incoherent about 30 minutes in. All in good fun.
    By no means, am I compensated by the podcast or involved in its production. I simply came here to share with my community of gaming past. Hope you enjoy. Here are some links in case you're interested.