Week...Maybe Weeks in Gaming 18/03/2019
  • The Outer Worlds (PC) - It's done. I liked the ending epilogue, the last boss fight was pretty tough, the dark and fucked up quest line was a feint. Boo. Anyways. Fun enough, solid game, lots to like, little to dislike other than it doesn't really do much with a game engine and formula that is very, very familiar now, other than polish it up. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It probably won't stick with me much.
  • I think once WoW went to retail it seemed intimidating because there seemed to be so much stuff it came off as intimidating. Classic seems more grindy which is really my jam. C:
  • Diablo 2 & 3 (PC): I started a new character in 2 for shits and giggles and also worked on a seasonal character in 3 for shits and giggles. I can't play these for hours at a time anymore because of the hundreds of hours I've put in but they're just so well designed and fun to blast through while listening to music still. Diablo 3 was great, so great, one of the best games of the decade easily.

    Champions: Return to Arms (PS2): Really fun co-op hack and slash game. Made a lot of progress with the wife and then our game froze and we lost like 1/3 of our progress. Damn. We'll pick it up again soon, just need to take a quick break since we'll be replaying one of the more annoying bosses again right away.

    I've also been in a D&D campaign that's been running like since July. We did Out of the Abyss, which is the Underdark super combat heavy one. I made a Firbolg Warlock wanting to be as different as possible, but our party has ended up with one fighter and now 5 spellcasters, and I am pretty passive so I don't assert myself in terms of keeping any good loot, so I am kind of hoping my character gets axed (I almost died once already when I crit failed on a save roll after being knocked out in like one attack in one fight) and I can reroll as an off tank or something where I am not fighting for the same loot as 4 other people, like a Monk. This all has sounded negative but it's super super fun and 5e is very simplified and roleplay heavy compared to 3.5. Highly recommended.
  • Overwatch - Got gifted it on Switch and it's a blast. The Nintendo crowd are all under 10's Splatoon veterans so it makes for a rather easy win. Also been playing it on PS4 and Xbox for the seasonal skins. 

    Zombie Army Trilogy - Playing through it again with my nephew.

    Resident Evil 7 - The announcement of RE3 inspired me to go back to this. Might try out the DLC that I bought ages ago and never touched.

    On a whim I bought a Vita so looking forward to finally trying out some of those Vita exclusives. 

    Also, well done America. You just gave The Donald another 4 years with this hilarious own goal of an impeachment attempt. Jesus Christ, the Demtards have absolutely no idea. Even if, and that's a massive IF, they manage to get rid of Mr T, look at who would replace him! Lol. Video games don't got nothin' on the game of life. Endless entertainment from that freak show. 

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