Week...Maybe Weeks in Gaming 18/03/2019
  • It's been a while since we have had one of these, in the absence of LittleG (where you gone dude?),I thought I would drop this tasty little thread.Why? Because...well, I am just interested in what you guys've been playing. I know I've worked my way through a few games in the past month or so. So how 'bout it? What you guys been up to? 

    Ooh I'll go first.  In no particular order I worked my way through Shadow of the Tomb raider, It's fairly good. I just finished Crackdown 3, it's okay. What else? Oh I finished Battlefield V, its interesting, but does nothing special for the genre. 

    Now I'm playing a hell of a lot of Apex Legend's, I can't wait for the Battlepass. I really feel like I need to give Respawn some dollar, dollar, pennies for the amount of time and fun I've had with this game to date. I've also just moved on to Yakuza Kiwami. I remember Tobin being obsessed with the Yakuza games, I myself have zero history with the series. It was free on Plus a few months ago so decided to give it a crack. I've played, I guess what equates to the prologue so far. The game seems really cool, decent story, a nice open world Tokyo (what I imagine it'd be like anyway, not been yet) and the combat seems unique and kinda fun.

    I've also started a Universe mode in WWE 2k19, just to play as a few different characters really. I wish these games still had GM mode, the lack of structure here just isn't the same. I want that wrestling management sim feeling again. 

    Finally I hacked my PS Classic...just to play Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, so I've been playing a shit tonne of THPS2 and its as much fun now as it was back then. This is my JAM probably one of the top 5 games of all time (It'd be interesting to see what other peoples would be).

    Speaking of the PS Classic I stuck a fair few games on there to try out. The Harry Potter PS1 games, I tell you. They...well. THEY DO NOT HOLD UP. Hercules is still fun though. FIN
  • Overwatch - Gave the new character Baptiste and go. Not really feeling this iteration of Overwatch. Maybe after Blizzard do some more 'balancing' I'll get back into it.

    Anthem - Platted it. Despite the shit thrown at this game, which it deserved entirely, I still had a pretty fun time with it, which surprised me. It felt like playing Dynasty Warriors after a certain point. You become so OP you can smash through hordes like they are nothing, which is very cathartic if you're not in the mood for anything too demanding on your mind or reflexes. The premise had so much potential, and if Bioware can somehow salvage something from this clusterfuck I might revisit it, but for now I'm done.

    Sekiro - Only just scratched the surface, but From have made another great game. I spent last night getting hunted by a giant snake through long grass, and having my arse handed to me by a shinobi hunter mini-boss. If you're the type of person that thought Souls wasn't punishing enough, give Sekiro a try.

    Crackdown 3 - I think I got to the last boss. I'm not sure. They've all been so samey and forgettable. I got to the point where I decided life is too short and I want to play other things, so I turned it off. I just don't care.

  • Too hard to find time, too too hard! What follows is like the last month and a half? Who knows!

    Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4): I've almost beat the.... whole... first world. Wooooooo. I'm about 4-5 hours in. Near the end of Toy Story land. It's fun! It's dumb as fuck! Still love the summons even if overused! Combat is great! This world design is fantastic! Jumping is still bad! It's funny at times! The limited exploration is done so well! Boss fights have had significant camera issues with how airborne they can be! 

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PC): I've played a very little bit, up until I got the prosthetic arm. I feel woefully under-qualified to say anything except that combat is fun, the world is moody as all hell in a good way and feels like it's dying or on the verge of (great choice for setting too), and yet there are definite moments of color and beauty, and so far the first 30 minutes was easier than the first 30 minutes of any Souls game. Well. Eh. Maybe not. Demon's was pretty easy and so was DS1 at the very very beginning. Anyways. I'm excited to play more. Someday!

    Two Point Hospital (PC): If you've played a cheekily humorous hospital sim before you've likely played this in a way, but it's so polished and the UI so clean (almost too minimalist actually, I've struggled to find some stuff) that the entire package here is very good. This is still a game that feels like it has a cap on how long you can enjoy it, but for a weekend or two of silly British announcer voice, cynically funny health humor, and simple but well done sim grid gameplay, can't go wrong.

    Path of Exile (PC): I finished a few quests on my lower level Shadow and got up to the trials or whatever. I forget the name. All my skills had been reset since I hadn't played this character in awhile.