My Weeks In Gaming (mid-Jan to late-Feb edition)
  • Been playing quite a bit as always.

    Crackdown 3 - This game has been put through a public execution by most critics, and rightly so I guess. The game is essentially Crackdown 1 again, which would have been fine 10 years ago, but not today. Not after many other games have taken the formula and done it so well, and improved on it. Crackdown 3 should have been looking at Saint's Row 4 for inspiration on how to do the superhero Crackdown formula well, but it looks like they played Agents of Mayhem instead. The game isn't terrible, it's just old right out of the box. And for M$, who desperately need a hit exclusive, this game does nothing. Also, Terry Crews is wasted in this. They do an opening cutscene with him, and then he is pretty much gone for the rest of the game.

    ReCore - I finally got around to trying this. I'm a few missions in, and having a pretty good time with it. The combat is fun and the exploration is rewarding. The missions themselves are a bit meh but overall I'm enjoying it.

    Far Cry New Dawn - I like the Far Cry series. I know it's been reduced to a formula but I enjoy that formula, so I was looking forward to this one. That was a mistake. Ubisoft can eat dicks for what they did with New Dawn, which is to take gameplay elements and hide them behind pay walls, letting the player choose whether they want to grind skill points or just fork out real world cash for them. Same with upgrade materials. Search for them in-game, or just give them more money. It's giving me flashbacks of Mordor and I don't like it. The actual game itself I'm not having a problem with, I like the world, the rpg elements, the shooting, etc etc, but having the microtransaction dick thrust down my throat at every turn is a massive blemish on the game.

    Anthem - I got it for half price from Amazon the week prior to launch, and spent some time with it last night. I was originally going to pass on the game after playing the demo but at that price, and the temptation to see just how bad Bioware had become, proved too great to resist for me. I was not disappointed. I've been saying Bioware sucks since Mass Effect 2, a game everyone praised but which I hated. To me, the writing was on the wall even then. In the years since the company has steadily declined until they finally hit Andromeda. After all that, and given that Bioware had proven time and again that they now suck at making games in the genre they are supposedly masters of, I was surprised to see so many people hyped about Anthem, a game by Bioware and EA, in a genre Bioware clearly don't understand. Anthem is a mess. In the 2-3 hours I played last night it crashed twice, and I got disconnected from missions twice. I watched a lot of load screens, talked to a lot of the most painfully boring NPCs ever created in an even worse hub world, and experienced the drivel that made up the storyline of this game. This game cannot be salvaged imo. The rot runs too deep. It's not as bad as Fallout 76, but it will share the same fate. The gameplay is fun for a short time (providing you can get that far without technical issues), but soon feels tired an repetitive. Nobody will be sticking around for long post credits. In the hands of another developer this could have been something special, but alas, it was placed in the buttery grip of Bioware.

    Metro Exodus - Picked this up on the same day as New Dawn, but haven't put much time into it yet. What I've seen so far I'm liking, but I reserve final judgement until I've played more. Looks and feels as desolate and depressing as previous Metro games so far though, so I'm hopeful.

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - The free DLC came out and I like it. For free how can anyone complain? I hope they make some more ghost survivor missions. 
  • Anthem - Finished it on Xbox, and bought it again on PS4. I managed to get a physical copy for both systems for less than the initial RRP on either. This game is crashing hard and it's a wonderful shitshow to behold. I'm playing on a PS4 Pro and it actually runs better on my Xbox One S. The load times seem a little faster on the Pro but I'm getting a lot of framerate issues I didn't see on the Xbox instead. With the news that the game is actually bricking some PS4s I think we can now congratulate Bioware on doing the impossible; creating a game that makes Fallout 76 look not so bad. Bioware and Bethesda must be getting sore arms from holding each others beers. 

    Far Cry New Dawn - Platted it. I enjoyed it, but the microtransactions were a bit obnoxious. It was also pretty short and should have been sold as DLC or more cheaply like Blood Dragon. Decent game, but unless you want no more than just more Far Cry, skippable. 

    Metro Exodus - Played through the first couple of hours. It's pretty good so far. 

    Overwatch - Doing the placement matches. The community is killing this game. So many throwers and trolls.