Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 21/01/19
  • Update to follow when I get a second...
  • Resident Evil 2 Remake - Wonderful. Finished both campaigns, now going back to do them again in reverse order. Finished 4th Survivor mode and unlocked the 5 tofu characters, which are a blast to play. From now on when people ask what's the difference between a remaster and a remake, this is what you show them. Please do RE3. I would rather that than RE8. And there's free story DLC coming down the pipe too. Bravo Capcom, you've finally got the RE series back on track. Don't fuck it up!

    Anthem - Played the demo. Goodbye BioWare. This arse gravy Destiny clone with Andromeda combat isn't going to become anywhere near the hit Destiny was. It's hard enough even getting into a game with all the server issues, but when you do, it's not worth the wait. I think this game is going to flop. It won't be Fallout 76 bad, but I think it will be enough to see BioWare flushed down the same toilet as Visceral and all the other studios before them.

    I also loved the double-talk regarding this demo. When BioWare said it was a 'demo' of the actual final product the fanboys loved it. "Honest with their fans and about their product" they cried. "Not like those other devs that give us a beta". Then the demo lands and is a hot mess, with misleading micro-transactions included, and all of a sudden these same fanboys are saying "Oh, it's an older build! The release build will be different! It will be better". LMAO, what? Like a beta then?

    Get fucked. I'll be playing Metro Exodus instead, maybe Far Cry New Dawn too, while counting down the days to Sekiro.

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