Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 21/01/19
  • Update to follow when I get a second...
  • Overwatch - Same as always. New event starts today so looking forward to that.

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - This was worth the wait. So much more than the HD remakes of RE1 or Zero or even RE4. This is a remake in the truest sense of the word. Please do an RE3 remake like this. 
  • This past week has been quite productive, if you can call wasting time playing games productive, shhhhh, I do. Anyway this week I completed both Astrobot: Rescuse Mission (literally just minutes before writing this post) and Detroit: Become Human. Detroit: Become Human is very David Cage, it’s very dumb, is very much over the top, full of camp storytelling. I say that with the greatest love for the games made by Cage. I played through Heavy Rain in a single sitting. I liked Beyond much less but still enjoyed my time with the game. I think Detroit is probably my favourite by far. Yeah, the racial metaphors fall flat and just seem dumb. Yeah its all over the top and stupid, but it’s just entertaining from start to finish. I got one of the best endings in the game, lost an important character, unfortunately, luckily not one of the main playable characters. This is probably one of my favourite games from 2018, if that counts for anything.

    Astrobot on the other hand is just meh. Yeah its fun. But people are hailing this as the saviour of the PSVR. It’s not, it’s a basic third person platform game with a cute playable character. Think Crash Bandicoot but much, much easier. Did I have fun with the game? Yes. Would I say it’s a killer app? Not for a second. I enjoyed some of the VR stuff they make you do such as head butting balls to help astrobot out with certain enemies, tilting your head around to see secret area’s in the level and ducking a weaving objects in the world is cool. If maybe a little tacked on. But all in all, Astrobot is an average game. I expected much more. Dirt Rally is by far the best experience I have had in VR so far, looking into the turns, being in the drivers seat of the Rally car, makes the experience of a driving sim so much more engaging. It’s actually incredible. I really wish I could play a Forza game like this. Hell i have been considering getting a wheel to add to the experience (I probably shouldn’t...I probably will).
  • Gonna start with Planned Future Purchases: I have limited time and money these days so my game purchases are far better considered than they might have been in the past. Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, and later, Cyberpunk 2077. Yes, I know CP2077 is going to be a First Person game, and they make me ill, but I am really really looking forward to it anyway. This is probably the one FP game I will make myself play until I can't take it anymore. It just looks so gosh-darn great. As much as I enjoy the Forza Horizon series, I decided to pass on the latest edition, as it's been getting more than a little ridiculous with the deluxe-ultra-gold, give-me-all-your-lunch-money editions & DLC... and frankly I can't give a f*** about that stuff. Same with Multiplayer DLC for the latest BiowEAr games. Just... ugh. No.

    Currently playing: Mass Effect: Andromeda
    Haven't tried this since 2017 and got tired of Zenith... tried earlier in the week with a new baby biotic character on hardcore and got spanked. Reloaded this morning with previous Infiltrator character Yvenna, and will tweak the profile to superlevel her into a Bio-infiltrator. Yep, I got mad at the game. I'm playing it on hardcore again, doing much better obviously, but the combat is a challenge even with the advanced character, which is nice. Have to keep an eye on things a lot better. I typically hate shooters, so this has been a decent challenge for me.

    EDIT: if anyone wants to do Andromeda multi, it's been over a year and I still really suck at this game, but hit me up d4ftgmr on the XBone and we will figure it out!

    Graveyard Keeper [Xbox One] ate my life for a month in December. Far more grindy than Stardew Valley but still one I'd recommend ON PC if you're looking to mainline something other than Stardew but scratch the same itch. The reason I say 'play this on PC', is there have been updates to crafting and helpers later in the game which (haven't been able to confirm this, though I believe it is the "Breaking Dead DLC") may not have carried to Xbox One.... yet. My attempts to progress the quests to resolve this issue have been a no-go so it must be lacking the DLC. To be Continued, hopefully good news coming about a DLC port soon.

    I recently started playing Zenith [Xbox One] because I was having an RPG hankering and didn't want to re-download Skyrim SE. It's not a bad little game in terms of the writing... reminds me a LOT of Bard's Tale [Xbox], the dialogue is ribald there's spaceships, it's neato. I've only played the first level, and the lack of a Mini-Map is annoying af, but other than that, it's a decent game so far...

    Cancelled my Elder Scrolls Online [Xbox One] sub last year. I don't regret it. It was fun while I was still working through the Morrowind DLC but after hallowe'en I was kinda done... that said, the hallowe'en [aka Witches' Festival] events were awesome. If you're thinking about trying it, I would try it around hallowe'en as all the older players seemed to come out of the woodwork. Made a couple new online friends there. The people aren't cruddy. Good fun was had. But I was done.

    Adulting not helping backlog.

    Nor did TESV: Skyrim SE [Xbox One], which I FINALLY got fed up with! Ultimately it wasn't living up to my elaborate RPG fantasies, so I broke it with mods, and when it finally crashed for good, I decided: F*** it.

    That having been said here is a final listing of some mods I can recommend - or recommend you avoid (see below) to those who still might be playing:

    All of these tested on Xbox One, Skyrim SE,
    * which I've also used on Oldrim for PC, and
    ** which I've ONLY used in Oldrim for PC, and have begged devs for updates.

    Mods list

    - KS Hairdo's LITE - it will f up your body mods (you get neck and hand/foot rings on body mesh)
    - Ethereal Elven Overhaul - will f up body mods, see above
    - True Storms - irrevocable and will f up the saturation and it's really loud storms I mean ridiculous
    - Divine People - any of these will f up your body mods
    - Too many graphics mods on console. They eat your allowable memory horribly.

    - Cheat Room (good for debugging on Xbox One, and if you're like me and have played this game a ton you avoid the grind this way, which makes it more enjoyable if all you want to do is have a fun game)
    - Unofficial Skyrim SE Patch [USSEP]
    CAUTION: latest update of this was what broke my game, many mods require this mod to function; read the fine print. Had to reinstall the game and then broke the game again as soon as I re-downloaded this mod. That's why I said 'F this', because it was a 2-day, extra bandwidth fees affair, and many of my fave mods need this to work.
    - Frostfall*
    - Camping*
    - Hunterborn*
    - Wet & Cold*
    - Wet & Cold Ashes*
    - Holidays*
    - Project HIPPIE* (on PC is Towns and Villages Enhanced* for Oldrim)
    - Lush Overhaul
    - Amazing Follower Tweaks [aka AFT] *
    - Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers*
    - Realistic Needs & Diseases* (this mod is clumsy on console, IMO works BEST on PC, Oldrim)
    - Divine SMIM (Xbox One) OR Static Mesh Improvement Mod [SMIM]**
    - Vampires Suck
    - Point The Way
    - Bandolier
    - KS Hairdos (Xbox One) or Apachii SkyHair* (for Oldrim PC)

    - Kaidan 2 - Romantic RP for people with a preference for the gents (can conflict with AFT)
    - Inigo* - fully voiced unique Khajit (can conflict with AFT)
    - The Good Erik - light improvements to dialogue (can conflict with AFT)
    - Tel Nalta II
    - Ashlander Camp
    - Orc Hearthfires
    - Better Males (Xbox One version has no naughty stuff, just hair for real Nord Barbarians.)
    - Bijin All-In-One (NPC improvements)
    - Improved Males (NPC improvements)
    - Interesting NPCs [aka 3Dnpc]**
    - Convenient Horses (Can conflict with AFT)
    - Become A Bard
    - Opulent Thieves' Guild
    - Run For Your Lives*
    - Immersive Citizens
    - Immersive Patrols
    - Guard Dialogue Overhaul
    - Peacekeepers of Skyrim
    - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
    - Winterhold Restored (Incompatible with HIPPIE and Lush Overhaul)

    IF YOU ARE RUNNING OLDRIM ON PC, you'll need these for most mods:
    - SkyUI**
    - Skyrim Script Extender [SKSE] **

    At the end I was running about hmmmm 50 mods which is NOT recommended. So, go break your game in a way that works best for you.

    Cheers! Happy new year everyone.
  • Resident Evil 2 Remake - Wonderful. Finished both campaigns, now going back to do them again in reverse order. Finished 4th Survivor mode and unlocked the 5 tofu characters, which are a blast to play. From now on when people ask what's the difference between a remaster and a remake, this is what you show them. Please do RE3. I would rather that than RE8. And there's free story DLC coming down the pipe too. Bravo Capcom, you've finally got the RE series back on track. Don't fuck it up!

    Anthem - Played the demo. Goodbye BioWare. This arse gravy Destiny clone with Andromeda combat isn't going to become anywhere near the hit Destiny was. It's hard enough even getting into a game with all the server issues, but when you do, it's not worth the wait. I think this game is going to flop. It won't be Fallout 76 bad, but I think it will be enough to see BioWare flushed down the same toilet as Visceral and all the other studios before them.

    I also loved the double-talk regarding this demo. When BioWare said it was a 'demo' of the actual final product the fanboys loved it. "Honest with their fans and about their product" they cried. "Not like those other devs that give us a beta". Then the demo lands and is a hot mess, with misleading micro-transactions included, and all of a sudden these same fanboys are saying "Oh, it's an older build! The release build will be different! It will be better". LMAO, what? Like a beta then?

    Get fucked. I'll be playing Metro Exodus instead, maybe Far Cry New Dawn too, while counting down the days to Sekiro.
  • Diablo 3: I started a new seasonal character that I've played in bits and pieces. I'm at about level 50 is all. Definitely not putting as much time into this as I'd like, but getting the first 4 chapters done should be super easy as usual still, and I've already net half a million dollars and lots of crafting mats so if nothing else getting rolled over into my normal characters post season will be cool. As long as I get the full set rewards and get some decent paragon levels I'll be pleased.

    Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo: I played a little bit for like 15 minutes then had to call it quits. It's super spooky. It's also gorgeous and moody as hell so far.

    Dota 2: I played one match against AI and realized the hard way everything about Lich has been changed. Wtf. Damn. I played ok.

    Overwatch: Played like 6 matches. Have like 1 lunar new year skin which sucks. Need to buy some more probably since I don't think I'll be playing much.

    Kingdom Hearts 3: Man oh man waited forever for this one and it's going to be a slog given my complete and utter lack of free time. The fact that I've gotten about 3 hours into it already is supremely surprising to me. I've only beat the first world, though, so my thoughts are still pretty basic. I appreciate it's a bit more exploratory (still linear as hell). I like how over-the-top the summons like moves are. They might be a bit TOO common, and there are fights where I am sitting on 3-4 forms and summons that I can blaze through, but they're grandiose and mix up boss fights well. Teammate AI is improved and so is enemy AI, with a few early enemies already showing some annoying tricks. The soundtrack is great, the dialogue is cheesy as fuck and stupid as fuck and exactly what fans will want. Reflections are gorgeous and so are character models. Gummi ship controls are much better and not, well, complete crap. Infact, while they're not amazing they're actually solid.

    There are some cons, and while this section will be long, most of these are minor annoyances are not game breaking. First; the menus are a slog. Lots of overly simple vertical design and submenus means it's a bit of a learning curve. Given this game follows the very 2010s thing of "let's throw as much as possible at the player" this is disappointing. Honestly, given Ubisoft's seeming unstoppable foray into open worlds that  are so cluttered and bursting with meaningless activities, Final Fantasy games that want every single solitary thing to have a customizable minigame, and more, there's room for something actually pared back. This ain't it. This is KH2 but 5 times more stuff. It's too much.

    The jumping still sucks. This has been a problem in KH1 and 2 and BBS and blah blah. It's so delayed. My first big jump I fell twice because I waited too long to press circle. This has always been an inconvenience in the series and I am surprised it still is. You shouldn't have to make a mental note to jump earlier than the edge by a full half second.

    The camera is not great at times. This game is more vertical now in terms of the platforming and exploring and enemies, and when you've got a big group of enemies on the ground and the air and climable objects constricting your horizontal view, the camera struggles. Same with the super giant bosses. This was a problem at times in interior sections in earlier games but it's come up already multiple times in the first world.

    The first world is Olympus/Hercules and it's just... eh. Hades has always been a favorite of mine as a character but we've been here so many times, and while the mountain section is gorgeous and bursting with color, lots of this world is too brown and dull. The massive citywide destruction and rampaging fires felt surprisingly dark and impressive and God of War-ish, but then we're given a "ride the shield" mechanic through much of it and it all whizzes by with unsatisfactory controls as you bounce off of building after collapsed building.

    The airborne stuff is mostly bad. Locking on and flying from object to object feels too detached when they make it easy, and too annoying when it's hard and you have to do more aiming mid air. The more air-like attacks, like swinging around pillars and the like, are powerful but honestly more frustrating than anything, and you are better just farming combos to get summons.

    Perhaps most importantly, this game lays bare how much consoles can be so much worse than PC for busy adults. I had one sequence early of cutscene --> boss fight --> 6 (!) cutscenes (looool) --> boss fight --> tutorial. It spanned 50-52 minutes and there were 0 opportunities to save from the beginning of that sequence until the end, when after the tutorial I finally got to. This is ludicrous. For the most part, save points have been 20-30 minutes apart, but if this happens often I will undoubtedly be replaying sections I have to drop in the middle of or skipping cutscenes frequently. Neither of these are ideal. When consoles let me save anytime like PC I will be happy. Maybe someday.
  • Overwatch - A few matches here and there. A lot of these Lunar skins don't interest me, so they are having trouble dragging me away from....

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - Platted it. Hardcore was brutal but got it done. I've heard rumours that RE3 Remake and RE8 are being made simultaneously. Hurrah!

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Went back and finished it on the hardest difficulty, getting another plat. 

    Fallout 76 - Just messing around a bit. Bethesda have made some changes but it's still a train wreck. 

    PvZ GW2 - Doing events and grinding kills.

    Metro Exodus AND Far Cry New Dawn this week! 

    I'm also thinking of putting some time into PS3, especially the games with multiplayer elements and trophies, as I've been hearing talk that Sony is going to be shutting down the PS3 servers possibly in the next year or so. Makes sense, since a PS5 announcement is rumoured to be not far off, and Sony has already announced the date they will be ending support for PSN+ on PS3 and Vita, which is not far away.The end of an era is coming. 

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