Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 07/01/19
  • Christmas is over and back to the repetition of work we all go. The only escape gaming. The tool we use to unwind after work. Well at least that’s what I do.

    I spent the majority of Xmas day watching my sisters boyfriend on my new PSVR. I can actually say it was more fun watching him cock about than actually playing it myself. That seems to be the magic of VR putting the headset on someone and watching their initial reaction.

    He played some VR worlds, job simulator and rigs. Cackling and talking to in game characters the whole time.

    When I finally took back my toy and got back home with my PS4, I spent my time on Astrobot rescue mission. That game is bloody charming. It brings back memories of Crash Bandicoot, but the VR additions make this game much more fun. Leaning round the corner to see the rest of the level, looking behind you to find secrets and being part of the world, head butting objects to help astrobot out. It just sets this game apart from most other platform games.

    I also finished the heist dlc for Spider-Man which was okay. I guess. Spider-Man is definitely my game of the year and in my opinion this didn’t hold up to the standards the game set. Shame really. It’s put me off trying the rest of the dlc.

    Finally. I bought Black Ops 4 on sale. I usually mainline the story in these games and give up. I’m actually engrossed in multiplayer this time around. I suck at blackout mode. I land and quickly get taken out. So I’ve been playing some regular game modes in hopes it’ll up my skill level. It doesn’t seem to be working but I’m having fun all the same.
  • It's a rocket launcher one, yeah, Flib, although you start with full HP. I finally got it a couple of nights ago, cue lots of air-punching and quiet celebrations so I didn't wake the kids up...

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