Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 17/12/18
  • Pretty much a Copy-Paste of last week's WiG, with fun-but-slow progress through (XB1) Doom and the occassional late-night match or two of (XB1) FIFA 18.  Have been even more driven towards FIFA by the seemingly unending drudgery, incompetence and directionless-ness of Mourinho-managed Manchester United in the real world. If the football that your favourite team is producing makes you want to claw your own eyes out just to stave off the boredom, it's probably understandable that you might want to spend time with your pretend team that has an exciting, attacking line up and a steady supply of youth players ready to break into the senior squad...

    OK, I've spent as much time there talking about real soccer as the virtual type, which is a good signal that I should probably stop typing now. Over to you!

    EDIT: As I was typing this, United were announcing that they'd sacked Jose Mourinho and were appointing a temporary manager AND a new Director of Football.  It's like Christmas came early!
  • I will miss Mourinho. His interviews are too good for this world.
  • I stopped caring about Man Utd the year they won the treble. It just seemed pointless to cheer for them after that. They had done everything they possibly could.

    I moved on to my local team, and then work killed all love for that by putting me in Saturday's. Sometimes I miss going to a match on a Saturday. Having a few pints and a laugh.

    But generally I think the love of football has gone from me.

    Anyway I played that Pikachu thing. Baby's first RPG. I'm nearing the end. Losing my interest a little to be fair. Nostalgia can only take you so far it seems.
  • Nostalgia is taking me pretty far in Fallout New Vegas. Did you know the gun play is terrible and the animations are quite clunky? It's almost like VATS is there to make you feel badass, since waving around on iron sights sure will not do that. I love it so. Can't wait to go to vault 34, and Lonesome Road and all of it. Comfort food.

    Also, this week in Magic: The Gathering has me putting together a Legacy Lands deck and exploring Pauper EDH ( the one true format ).
  • Overwatch - Playing a match or 2 per day. I got all the Winter Wonderland stuff so been playing other things.

    Resident Evil 1 - I bought the PS1 Classic with the 20 installed games in it. A lot of people gave this thing shit and I can understand why. $150 is pretty steep for what it is. It would have been gold if it had a decent internal HDD and you could hook it up to the PS4 via USB and download more PS1 games straight onto it. Sony missed a goldmine.

    Fallout 76 - It's a bit crap, but honestly, I'm not seeing such a big difference between this and Fallout 4 (or Fallout 3 for that matter). You're still just roaming around a big map looting boxes full of mostly useless junk and killing shit. Yeah it's buggy as fuck, but again, I'm not encountering anything that wasn't already in the previous games. I'm glad people have finally taken off their rose-tinted beer goggles when it comes to Bethesda and their shit, but for we lucky few who have had 20/20 vision the whole time, this is what Bethesda has been for a long time now. The microtransactions are hilariously bad. The phrase "dumpster fire" doesn't do this shitshow justice. I'm lovin' it.

    Garden Warfare 2 - Playing it with a friend on PS4, and a different friend on Bone. 

    Pokemon Pikachu - Finished it and collected all the Pokemon, except the ones you have to trade to get. If only I had a friend who plays this.

    Merry Xmas!

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