Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 12/11/18
  • DOOM's combat doesn't really evolve, you just get bigger guns.

    Overwatch - Still playing ranked, still sinking like a stone in SR.

    Gears of War 4 - Playing horde with friends.

    Dark Souls Remastered - Still going through on the Switch. DSR is strange on Switch, it has the gameplay changes of the remaster, but the graphics of the original version. I'm missing out on all the jolly co-operation though, because I refuse to pay for Nintendo Online. BTW Thanks Nintendo for making Splatoon 2, a game I've been able to play online for the past year or 2, a pay-to-play game! On the bright side Splatoon 1's community on WiiU has become a lot more active since Nintendo Online launched.

  • I think I have been away a few weeks longer than WiG was absent soooo.....I'll try and do an all encapsulating post to catch people up.

    As far as I can remember the last I wrote, I had just completed and platinumed Marvel's Spiderman. Fucking good game that. Possibly my game of the year.

    Since then (in no particular order):

    Read Dead Redemption 2 has been taking up the majority of my time. The game controls like garbage and everything is so slow. The world, characters and storyline are pulling me in deeper and deeper every time I play though.

    I don't do the whole roleplay as my character bollocks, but I am literally playing the game like I was Arthur Morgan. I found myself going and getting a haircut, bath and shave before I went on a mission with Arthurs love interest. I started thinking "Lee what the fuck are you doing" but I couldn't help in the back of my mind wondering, "Will Mary prefer Arthur clean and shaved". What I'm trying to say is the game has hooked me, in a way no game has before.

    WWE 2k19. The game feels significantly better this year. The career mode is a much more fun too. Still not a perfect game but much better, if you are a WWE fan it's the best game you have. What you gonna do? Not buy it I suppose. What I'm trying to say is that the game is increasingly reminiscent of the actual WWE. The product is average but you stick with it because you don't know anything different (it's a fucking shame about Roman though, holy shit).

    I've also been doing a few Dead Cells runs here and there. I can now cling to walls like Spiderman (I like spiderman, RIP Stan). That's cool. This is the only side scrolling rouge like that has ever hooked me. I love doing a run every now and again. No main goal in mind just playing and seeing where I get to.(Quick spoiler) It's never the last boss (ever, I just suck).

    I've also played a little more Forza Horizon 4 and shockingly some Rainbow 6 Siege both games fun to just waste a bit of time on while watching wrestling or listening to a podcast.

    I've picked up South Park Fractured But Whole and the Spiderman DLC in a sale but haven't spent any time in those yet. Maybe I will in time for next week.
  • It's not unplayable. You get used to the slow to react controls and in some way it really works with the pace of the game. The horse controls can be a pain and still to this day. About 40 hours into the game I sometimes accidentally run over a predestrian in town and end up with an unnecessary bounty that needs paying off for killing a fella.

    I'd say a solid 7 just for how clumsy it can be sometimes.

    I will say however the shooting feels great to me. There is a very strong autoaim and sometimes it feels all I need to do is pop aim move the right stick up a smudge and I rain in the head shots. Dead eye is kinda unnecessary to a point.

    I personally feel it's worth it the world and game is incredible. I have spent countless hours just wandering around the world. Living the life of an outlaw.

    On another subject. I did another Dead Cells run last night. Started it at midnight. Expecting it to last an hour. It lasted 3. I got to the final level and died before getting to the final boss. I had a decent set of weapons and everything. I actually think I may get a complete run in soon (exciting).

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