(PC/PS4/Xbox) Fallout 76
  • We're now just over 2 weeks away from launch and initial reviews, while not good, are basically what I was expecting. Fallout Scrolls Online, no plot, no NPCs, no RPG, no immersion, no exciting combat, nothing. Except for bugs. Bethesda has actually attempted to turn their horrific game engine and catastrophic glitches into a marketing point this time around. We know the beta is not really a beta at all, Bethesda have point blank said the beta IS the final game, so the Bethesda faithful can't even delude themselves with the old "it might be better by launch" fantasy. 

    Are we finally going to see Fallout and Bethesda get the raking over the coals they have deserved for so long now? Or will the fanboys lap this shit up as they did with the last few Fallout games?