Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 10/09/18
  • Overwatch - Still trophy hunting with some characters. Moira and Doomfist mainly. Blizzard are really taking the piss with some of these DLC character trophies. If you manage to get them, it's just pure luck.

    Monster Hunter Switch - It's Monster Hunter. I'm still gathering resources and building up my character. I prefer the unbroken world map of MH:World though. The Switch version is the same as old style MH, where the map is chopped into mini-areas with short loads between each one. Small gripe, but it impacts the experience for me.

    Plants Vs Zombies - Still playing this every now and then.

    Spiderman - Opened the box. Might put the disc in tonight and see what it's all about.

    Looking forward to Tomb Raider this weekend.

  • Quick update.

    Spiderman, finished it mate!

    My first platinum. I know what people are gonna say (probably herr flib). "You don't have any platinums", "do you even game bro".

    It's just not how I play games. The fact that I have a platinum in this game really shows how much I love this game (the while Spiderman franchise in general to be fair). Probably my favourite game released on the PS4 so far (I bias a little in the way of Spiderman though).

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