Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 10/09/18
  • OK, this is getting silly, something like 5 weeks' worth of games to discuss (not that it's a particularly huge amount, but it's the principle of the thing).

    (360) Syndicate Kept going in the exact same vein that it was in the last time I updated on it.  There were no massive surprises in the story, it wasn't particularly long and I never got particularly great at the combat/skills but I still enjoyed my time with this.  It looks great, has good sound (music and FX) and moves along at a heck of a clip. I didn't even look into the multiplayer as I have to assume that is a complete washout at this stage, which is a pity as it sounds like it was a load of fun - Left4Dead x Cyberpunk sounds right up my street.  Oddly (well, not that oddly given how many games I actually play), but this was my first Starbreeze game and I'd be keen to try some more of their efforts.

    (PS3) Gran Turismo 6 Took the PS3 with us on holiday to South Wales as it's a handy streaming box that also happens to conveniently play games too.  I'd just finished Syndicate so was in that in-between-games lull where I didn't want to start a new story so took GT6 along. Playing it after diving into Forza 7 on the Xbox One gave some interesting parallels and contrasts. Obviously there's a big difference in graphics, but one thing that I'd forgotten about GT6 was the amount of screen-tearing that happens. It's particularly noticeable when you're rapidly changing directions and, in more hectic moments, can actually really get in the way of seeing what's going on.

    The selection of cars in GT was also interesting to look back on - as ever, they are heavily reliant on late-90s Japanese performance cars and it is entirely possible that you can have too many Mitsubishi GTOs and R33 Skylines, but then there are also really cool rarities and old cars in there too.  Polyphony clearly saw themselves as librarians and history-keepers for car enthusiasts and that results in cars being included that would have no place in a game that was solely centred on a fun driving experience but are great to see included all the same.

    It was particularly nice to revisist some of the race tracks that are absolutely indelibly burned into my brain after what was nearly a decade where Gran Turismo was the game I owned games consoles for and all the other games that I played fitted in around the edges.  I think I said as much on Twitter at the time, but Turn10 may have done a great job in signing and faithfully recreating real-world race tracks (and that goes a long way towards encouraging the flights of fancy that sometimes go through your head when you really get into these games), but in many ways I often prefer the purely fictional race tracks that become mainstays in racing series like GT/Forza and the selection that has existed in Gran Turismo is second to none:  Grand Valley, Midfield, Deep Forest, Trial Mountain, Autumn Ring, High Speed Ring, Apricot Hill, Special Stage R5 & R11 (anyone remember Rome Night?), Grindewald - I'd love those to suddenly become available in my current go-to console sim racer, Forza.

    And why would I rather play them in Forza, you ask? Well, at the end of the day these games are all about the driving and, tragically, I could just never get on with the handling in GT6 - there's something intuitive and predictable to the way the cars behave in Forza that is simply missing in later Gran Turismos.  I can't speak to the realism of Forza's physics, but it guarantees far more fun - mid-engined cars in GT6 are nigh-on undriveable.

    Last quick bit of praise for the GT career mode - they may well have stuck fairly rigidly to the format that they set out 20+ years ago, but you know where you are with it and are less herded through the experience by the nose than you are in the more "user-friendly" Forza 7.

    (PS3) Transformers Devastation Also travelled with us to Wales. I gave it a quick go one evening after everyone else had gone to bed and, fabulous cel-shaded graphics and Gen 1 designs aside, I don't think it particularly grabbed me.  Having praised Starbreeze above, it may well be that I'm just not a Platinum kind of guy, every fight very soon just devolved into me battering the light and heavy attack buttons.  I'm sure there's subtlety and timing that I'm just not getting right, but the manic visuals and soundtrack are constantly battling with your desire to time things correctly.

    (PS3) Hell Divers YouTube randomly fed me an old Giant Bomb video of the guys playing this and, as I was restricted to what I had on the PS3 at the time, I went back and gave it a go.  Well, I say I gave it a go, I downloaded several years' worth of updates first and I could hear the gears grinding as the game tried to figure out what to do with a player that hadn't touched the game since about a week or two after if came out.  I think I saw several ending cinemas and a whole new weapon tech tree before it would let me do anything.  Looking back, I wish I had given this more time - it's bloody hectic and hard at times, but was distinct and had a fun take on co-op.

    (XB1) Minecraft Back home and still not wanting to start a campaign from the backlog and not convinced by Transformers I fell back into Minecraft and continued to build up my ginormous tree house with attached farms.  It's neither impressive nor particularly inventive, but I very much like my virtual home.  Daftly, having bought the Xbox One version of the game to experience the larger maps, I've barely moved beyond the horizon away from my spawn point.   Back on 360, I had toured the map in full and given names to lots of prominent landmarks before settling on somewhere to call home.  This time I pretty much set up shop a little inland from where I spawned and then have spent a few hours building up my base and getting supplies for the inevitable expansion of my empire.  I used the same seed for generating this world as I had for the one on 360 but it's ended up with something very different - didn't know what to expect, but that was interesting.

    (XB1) Forza Motorsport 7 ...Bringing us back around in a circle. I have become lazy and am still using the braking line.  Young Littleg is inside me shaking his head in horror...

    OK, more text than I could ever expect anyone to read, but it feels nice to get it all typed out.
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  • I may have a few weeks in me too. I haven't been around lately. Not because I have been busy unfortunately its more to do with my mood. It's nothing major just had a major change in my life lately and it left me quite shocked and a little downbeat. I'll be back to my annoying cocky self soon though don't you worry. As for games, usually that is my escape from the real world. I honestly haven't been arsed with those either of late. I have been getting back into it in the last couple of weeks though, mainly with Dead Cells and Spiderman. 

    Dead Cells is one irritating, annoying, addictive and amazing little game. I originally picked it up on the PS4 and have gotten pretty deep in. I pretty much make myself do a run a day. See how far I get. I haven't reached the end yet but I think I'm doing pretty well . I also recently picked up on the switch too as a distraction on my commute. Double dipping like the old days.

    Spiderman is my favourite superhero, has been since I was a kid. This game is perfect for me. I literally get lost in the world for hours on end. I think I have put a good 20 hours into it so far and I am only on act 2. I may actually platinum this game, my first platinum, its just not how I play games. 
  • Overwatch - Still trophy hunting with some characters. Moira and Doomfist mainly. Blizzard are really taking the piss with some of these DLC character trophies. If you manage to get them, it's just pure luck.

    Monster Hunter Switch - It's Monster Hunter. I'm still gathering resources and building up my character. I prefer the unbroken world map of MH:World though. The Switch version is the same as old style MH, where the map is chopped into mini-areas with short loads between each one. Small gripe, but it impacts the experience for me.

    Plants Vs Zombies - Still playing this every now and then.

    Spiderman - Opened the box. Might put the disc in tonight and see what it's all about.

    Looking forward to Tomb Raider this weekend.

  • (PC) Two Point Hospital - After progressing through half the games levels without any problems (got 3 out of 3 stars on all the levels) I've hit a massive stumbling block in my progress, I am managing a public hospital and I keep getting to 1-2 stars before the hospital goes bankrupt. I've retried the level several times and been unable to progress.
  • Quick update.

    Spiderman, finished it mate!

    My first platinum. I know what people are gonna say (probably herr flib). "You don't have any platinums", "do you even game bro".

    It's just not how I play games. The fact that I have a platinum in this game really shows how much I love this game (the while Spiderman franchise in general to be fair). Probably my favourite game released on the PS4 so far (I bias a little in the way of Spiderman though).
  • It has been a while

    Warframe PS4 the game is constantly improving enjoying it still the Noobtoob Army clan is a dessert though.

    Dead by Daylight PS4 was last months free PSN+ game and it is more fun than i expected, you really feel like you are in a horror movie, although some of the monsters have annoying abillities

    Maffia 3 PS4 what to say it is maffia, same as the others fun, but has some bugs.
  • I wanted to try Dead by Daylight but I went with Friday 13th instead, which I played only a handful of games before abandoning.

    Congrats on your first plat, nutta :p 

    I spent the past week alternating between Overwatch and Monster Hunter. Much more Overwatch though. I really enjoy tilting people with Moira. Many an overly cocky dps/tank have had their arses handed to them by underestimating the damage-dealing potential of a healer. So far my personal best is tilting a Winston so hard he solo ulted me (and he still couldn't kill me, love that fade ability). I've also been enjoying spawn-camping with a Torb turret. I heard he's getting a rework so gotta make hay while the sun shines. The hardest part is sneaking past the enemy team to actually reach their spawn, but once you do, jolly laughter all round. "MOLTEN CORE!!!!!" 

    I played a little bit of Spiderman too. Seems alright. I might give it more time at a later date though.
  • The two games of been playing as of late are God of War (2018) and Spider-Man. 

    Spider-Man is fun, but it (so far) has been mindless fun. It's clear that they were heavily inspired by Assassin's Creed and the Arkham Batman series. This isn't necessarily bad; but it does come off as rather derivative. My views on this may change as I invest more time and unpack he story they're telling, but for now, it's good; it's not great. I was expecting great.

    God of War on the other hand has been a wonderful experience (thus far). Clearly took design cues from The Last of Us and Souls franchise, while managing to stay true to what came before. I've not played too many games that have come out this year, but I'd be hard pressed (until Red Dead) to find another game that can compete with this one for GOTY. 

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