Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 03/09/18
  • Oh Dear, I keep setting these threads up when I don't have time to write anything.  As it stands, the list of games that I need to get my thoughts down on is:

    (360) Syndicate

    (PS3) Gran Turismo 6

    (PS3) Transformers Devastation

    (PS3) Hell Divers

    (XB1) Minecraft

    I'll get round to it, promise!
  • (PC) Two Point Hospital - Can't stop playing this game. It's pretty much a modern Theme Hospital.
  • Overwatch - Lots of this. Moira's coalescence trophy still eludes me. I did get some nifty new skins from loot boxes though.

    Minecraft - Been playing homemade challenge dungeons with people. 

    Monster Hunter - Bought it on the Switch. It's Monster Hunter. After platting World and maxing out 2 characters it's nice to be back to basics on new maps with new things to do. I haven't tried co-op yet. 

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