Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 06/08/18
  • A week off work!  My birthday!  How would I pass such a joyful time as this? Mostly running around after the kids and getting so tired that by the time I sat down with a beer at the end of the night I would just pass out asleep, that's how!

    (XB1) Forza Motorsport 7 Got the urge to go back to this after a conversation about the frustrating career mode on Twitter. I want to love this game, I really do, everything that I enjoyed about FMs 2-4 is present and correct only with better graphics, even better physics, newer cars, different tracks and a better controller (the application of the trigger rumble adds so much depth to the experience). I honestly think the problem might be with me and not the game.  I'm starting to wonder if I've been out of modern gaming for just a bit too long and so am unsettled by the amount of experience bars and levelling that seems to be going on which obfuscates how well I'm actually doing.  

    I also think that the game just constantly throwing cars at you that are not in their base state but tuned up and ready to go is probably great for newer players, but given this is the seventh game in this series alone (more if you count the Horizons (which I don't but some might)), and many of the players of those will have been buying stock virtual road cars and gradually tuning them up to be racers ever since the first Gran Turismo came out back in 1997, dis-insentivising them to do exactly that feels like an odd decision.

    (XB1) FIFA 18 A couple of matches, still fun, nearly at the January transfer window which will just bump up my interest in the game enough that I play it some more, probably long enough for the summer one to roll around which will bump the interest back up again.  And around and around we go, circle of life, my friends.

    (360) Syndicate Dead Space 3 is this moth's 360 Games With Gold freebie and, as I already have DS1 & 2 installed on the 360 I figured I'd fire that up to download it there.  Played through a few more levels of Syndicate and am still enjoying it although the story isn't really grabbing me.  The campaign seems pretty short and sweet from what I can tell, so I should be done after a few more evenings.  Fun times, the shooting's snappy, the guns are (very) cool and it's been a pretty thing to point my eyes at for several hours.  Can't complain at all, really!

    That's it for me.

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  • (Switch) Octopath Traveller: Very enjoyable old-school, grindy RPG with modern quality of life conveniences. The inventory menu is still kind of ass, as well as landing in a group of enemies with weaknesses that don't gel with your party. But a quaint, little JRPG that's fun enough and I'm enjoying the chirpy banter. This is sort of the generic, modern, simple Final Fantasy I / VI that I've always wanter. You get about 3-4 hours on your Switch's battery life with this, so its a good daily commute and after work couch potato game on the one charge.

    My main is Oberic and I drag Cyrus along with me everywhere to identify weaknesses. It's nice when you've pootled about a map for a while and have identified all the monsters. I wish I could see a HP bar on enemies though. Currently level 40?

    My most neglected character is Alfyn even though I quite like his story. Actually, its probably Primrose now.
    My party is smack bang the generic bunch - Oberic the warrior, merchant girl, Cyrus the mage, and OP the infinite mana healer (sub class dancer with the passive).

    Really enjoying it. It's simple enough to mull through brain dead and engaging enough in the story when you do have a mind for it. Highly recommend. I jumped when it was $90AUD which was stupid, but I would highly recommend this anywhere <$60.