Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 23/07/18
  • Late. too hot to type.

    (360) Syndicate This was going to be a very similar update to last week's, but last night I sat down in front of this for the first time in a couple of weeks.  I'd managed to forget all the controls in the interim and the game had crashed before a mini-boss last time out so it was a bit of a rough reintroduction.  Made some OK progress once I got past that though.  I understand this is a fairly short game and it moves at a heck of a pace, that said there are still the odd moment where what to do next is not terribly well indicated on-screen, which blows some of the tension of the challenging gunfights and pounding dubstep.

    Also, it is pretty hard in spots - I'm ending a lot of the major firefights with literally zero bullets and having to rely on sprinting up to people and snapping their necks under a hail of gunfire.

    That's it from me.
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • (Switch) Octopath Traveler

    An old JRPG with modern conveniences. Not all of them, but enough for a relaxing time after work. I’m really enjoying its pace and I like grinding through it. The combat system with how you can burst and exploit weaknesses is nice.

    Highly recommend for mindless down time fun.
  • Destroy All Humans - Did a few more missions.

    Red Faction Re-MARS-turd - Tried it out. It's the same game you remember.

    Red Faction - The original. Got quite a was in and died, then realised there was no autosave system and had to start from the beginning again. We're so spoilt now. 

    Resident Evil 7 - Restarted the campaign because I'd forgotten most of it. Hopefully I'll finish it this time.

    edit: Finished it. Loved it. 

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