Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 09/07/18
  • Barely a week after the last one was posted late but here we go.  Let's list the ways in which we have tried to distract ourselves from the unstable political whirlpool that the world seems to have got itself stuck in...

    (360) Syndicate After last week's post, this was the story game that won out as the one I wanted to try next. I love the look and feel of the game, its dedication to the cyberpunk themes of the original Syndicate might have felt a little worn out back in 2012, but a dystopian world owned by mega-corporations feels incredibly prescient right now.

    That dedication does occasionally get in the way of the gameplay, though, with UI elements that definitely make you feel like a cybernetically enhanced agent sometimes making it all a bit confusing to look at (text pop-ups that tell you what things are in the environment are a nice touch, but when you go into a warehouse and get dozens of little prompts saying things like 'cardboard box' it all gets a bit much). Also, I don't think the tutorials were great at getting me into the game, although that is possibly not helped by me always being half-asleep by the time I switch on my Xbox.  Or by the fact that this is the first FPS that I've played in well over a year and I'm currently playing like absolute dog shit.  Even with the Backfire stun hacking upgrade and the slow-mo mode activated, I'm shooting a neat outline of most of the baddies into the background of where they're standing.  Might take me a little while to get my sea legs back...

    (360) Skyrim Just felt like I wanted to go back for a while and visit Tamriel. When I go down the list of the major story arcs (like the main guilds etc) I don't think I actually saw a single one through to completion, which is pretty staggering when you consider how long I spent in the game.  That said, I'm unlikely to do it either - the closest I got was the Theives' Guild in Riften, getting a new leader in place and gaining the Nightingale Armour, but even that wasn't the end with you then also having to carry out multiple Jobs in each major hold in Skyrim.  That's tens of hours on that one quest line alone!

    OK, enough from me, not that much to report really. Hope you're all having fun out there.

    P.S. It's coming home.
  • Its coming home, indeed!!!

    So I set up my old PS3 for the first time in a while, just to play WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 with ECW, can't forget about that shower of shit. So, explanation. I have been watching Austin Creed play through GM mode over on t'old youtube and it seemed cool. I've played so much of this game in the last week, I have just completed my first year. Finished with the most fans. 5 mil to me at smackdown, opposed to 2 mil on raw and actually 0 fans over in ECW, none, NO FANS!!. I won Summerslam, the rumble, won Wrestlemania. So explain to me how ECW with 0 fans won GM of the year. Fuck that game. Done. 

    I have also been playing the odd bit of Overcooked with my girlfriend. We are attempting to 3 star all of the levels. Fun. 

    I think that's about it, I have been watching the missus play Zoo Tycoon which seems cool but I dunno. It seems tycoon lite, i doesn't seem all that deep. She loves it because all the animals are cute though..apparently. 

  • Nah, it's going to Paris. The Poms have been having an easy time cleaning up sloppy seconds type teams while the French have been taking down Goliath. Argentina, Uruguay, now Belgium (who beat England in group and then sent that ponce Neymar home). That, compared to Colombia and Sweden? Nope.

    Minecraft - I bought it on the Bone and the Switch and been doing some cross-play. It's a pity Sony wouldn't come to the party, Minecraft is evolving but the Sony versions of Minecraft are forever trapped in the past.

    Detroit Become Human - Finished it. Nothing really new to see here in terms of plot, but it was at least a well told story. I'm thinking I might go back and do some things differently to see how it all pans out.

    Onechanbara Z2 - Still one trophy to go.

    edit: Looks like the only ones going home are the English :p  Well done Croatia.

    edit 2: England. hahahaha

  • Football's a cruel mistress.  That said, this England team was one of the youngest at the World Cup, played in a way that was fun to watch and still did better than they've done in nearly thirty years - I'll take it.

  • The endless and baseless expectations of the English fans amuses me. Fair enough if a German or a Brazilian goes into the comp a bit cocky, they've earned it. But England? A country that truly does as the old joke says and usually 'stays in the cup less than a teabag', yet the misplaced hubris of the average England supporter just makes everyone else recoil at the cringe. Imagine if the Japanese fans carried on the way England fans do? Point made. 
  • This year I think expectations were different. I don't think the country expected much at all from this team. They were young and inexperienced. The team England put in the Euro's 2 years ago failed massively. 

    Then they played, and they played well. They got the whole country behind them in a way I haven't seen in my lifetime. England started to believe. Give this team 2 years and see what they do in the Euro's, lets see what happens in 4 years at the next world cup. 
  • I'd have agreed with you a few years ago, Flib, but I think the mistake that the whole world appears to have made this time round is thinking that the It's Coming Home chant was in any way serious.

    Like Nutta says, the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Euros have made sure that England fans entered this tournament with the lowest possible expectations. Aside from people who set their assumptions on what The Sun says, I don't think anyone was expecting England to reach their first international Semi Final in 22 years and their first World Cup Semi in 28 years...

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