Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 03/07/18
  • Almost exactly a month has passed since I last posted a WiG.  Thanks again for picking up the slack, folks - work has been as crazy as ever and there's been some home stuff around schools and kids to deal with.  Any gaming in the mean time?

    (XB1) Forza Motorsport 7 I'll echo Nutta's comments from one of the WiGs I missed.  The career/progression in this game isn't so much missing as gone altogether.  Yes, there's a list of individual races or series that you can work your way through in a partially guided or structured way.  But in every game of this type that I've played all the way back to the original Gran Turismo, you would buy a car and gradually earn enough credits to allow you to race it across multiple different race classes up until the point you either got bored of it or reached the maximum limit of what it could do.

    In FM7, you have the choice of the races in front of you and you win new cars at a regular clip but they come to you ready-tuned so you have almost no say in how that car drives.  I used to spend hours on fiddling with suspension settings on every car I bought, but in this game I have barely touched those menus.  Ironically enough, I remember NoobToob's own Dr Gumaer saying on the Games Only Podcast that Forza 4's career was too prescriptive, and I argued with him at the time pointing out that there were other ways to chose which race you did next in that game.

    Maybe the situation is the same here as (just like I said in my last WiG) the UI in FM7 is confusing at times, so perhaps that choice is in there somewhere, but I certainly can't find it.  Every other important aspect of a driving simulator is present and correct (graphics, handling, cars, tracks etc etc) but the piecemeal doling out of races - most of which are short, junior category races that you can only win by bashing your way to the front -  is sapping my desire to keep going.

    Finally - the season pass was going cheap the other day so I figured I'd throw some money Turn10's way after I got the game second hand.  I'm pretty certain this wasn't the case with older games, but when you get a DLC car it automatically goes into your garage!  I can see the rationale, given that I have paid real money to have access to those cars, but I like to very carefully control my car collection and a sudden explosion in the cars I own feels weird...

    (XB1) FIFA 18 Starting to get a feel for this. It's fun, and I'm determined to finally learn some of the more complex skill moves.

    That's it.  Having had a decent bash at the rolling, story-free, endpoint-less games that come with my new console, I'm getting the itch to go back to my back catalogue of story games.  Quite a few of the ones I own are in the Xbox backwards compatability set, so I could play them on there.  For no good reason that I can explain (other than maybe the buzz around Cyberpunk at E3) I want to try Syndicate, but let's see...

    Enough from me, how you folks doing?
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  • Syndicate is underrated. It was a lot of fun. The co-op modes were a blast when the community was active. Up there with Left 4 Dead imo.

    And cut, and paste.

    Onechanbara Z2 Chaos - 1 more trophy to plat this. I need to unlock all the costumes. This game is my Dynasty Warriors. Just mindless hack and slash for those days when you can't be fucked. 

    Kingdom Come Deliverance - Played a bit more. It's not really a game you can just dip into, you have to be prepared to invest time into it every time you play. I am enjoying the story, but my comments are basically the same as last week. 

    Dark Souls Remastered - Took a third character through the entire game and said my goodbyes to it. The online is pretty dead, and the amount of people cheating is ridiculous anyway. 

    Detroit Become Human - I'm having a good time with this. It's not much of a 'game' but it's entertaining. Don't expect anything groundbreaking in terms of story, it takes us nowhere we haven't already been 100 times before with this particular theme, but for what it is, it is done well and I can't find much to complain about. You should know what you're getting yourself into by this point with a David Cage game. This is one of his better ones for sure.
  • @Littleg there was a bit of an uproar a few Forza's back that related to the Car Pass issue. People bought the Car Pass but then still had to use in game money to unlock the cars (think it was FM5) and Turn10 changed it in an update. I prefer having every car available so if I buy a car pass I like having the car in my garage as I just want all the cars ;).

    (Switch) Lumines RemasteredI've not been playing much but I just bought Lumines Remastered on the Switch, only played 1 round and so far it's Lumines which is great even though I am bad at it.

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  • Still dropping into Forza Motorsport 7 here and there, just for a race or two. I still don't like how the game is organised. I still don't like how you earn cars and how upgrades work. The feel of the racing is still as good as ever though. In contrast to that I've started playing Burnout Paradise Remastered and even though the style of game is night and day, you really have a sense of progression in Burnout that I feel is missing in Forza

    I also dropped back into GTA Online a couple of times. I instantly got killed. Couldn't find where my car's had gone to but kinda liked that hectic nature of it. Maybe I'll play more. Maybe.

    I'm slowly making my way though Batman: Arkham Knight and enjoying it tons more than I did previously. Finally Overwatch, just checking out all the characters that's been released since launch (last time I played). Ultimately ended up playing as Soldier 76.

  • I've been meaning to give Overwatch some time. I haven't touched it since Moira released. I wanted to give the new Symmetra a go and also the new character Wrecking Ball, which looks like a lot of fun and has the potential to change the entire way the game is played. I am a big fan of those kinds of paradigm shifting characters. It's probably why Overwatch is still going so strong. Blizzard don't let the gameplay go stale.
  • More like over the last month...

    Gran Turismo 6 (PS3): I've set up my old G27 steering wheel and am having a lot of fun regrinding my way through the leagues. I've hit International A which is starting to become all circuit races where street cars aren't viable anymore. Without that wistful connection to maybe a dream car, I am losing interest. It was a lot of fun though! GT Sport on PS4 sadly has no grip on me with all the RPG and grind gone. The gameplay is still compelling but without the self-driven narrative, there's nothing perpetuating me.

    Stardew Valley (Vita): Got my glass house and maxed out my animal habitats. The auto feeders are lovely and I'm just on the normal 8 square sprinklers. The grind is gone, with the days passing by nicely. I'm mostly exploring, talking to people to uncover their narrative and the odd bit of mining to top myself up. I've been playing this less and less with how loose my farm is needing me.

    Lumines (Vita): Half an hour every day on the way into work. Got up to Beethoven, then the bluetooth connection crapped out and on reconnecting, that dropped my game. I was about 4 hours or 8 days into it sitting at a new high score of 203k. Very, very sad to lose that session. Have not gone back since.

    WoW (PC): By chance, I watched a YouTube video espousing the history of WoW as a game. How each expansion was a different slant and how they turned out. What stuck with me was less, epic heroic conquests and more the simple theme of wanting people to log on and do good deeds. I re-subscribed and have been doing just that. Small story arcs and quest lines as my old paladin. The graphics are gorgeous with how strong the Pandarian art style is. I'm not sure how I feel about the level scaling. But its been a good... 10 hours that I've put in? Not sure if I want to continue any more. I miss my old guild, logging into Ventrilo, and generally stuffing about. I just can't commit like that anymore and am earnestly trying to go at this as a single player game. I've progressed to the next map and the three quests I've picked up are carbon clones of the last three I've completed. That's why I'm not sure I want to continue. Perhaps as a ret paladin things would go better, but I prefer my prot rotation - there's so much more utility.

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