NoobToob's Week In Gaming: 24/06/2018
  • What have y'all been playing?

    Jurassic World Evolution (XB1): Been playing this and enjoying it. Some of the parks are a pain in the ass to get 5 stars in and the progression system feels a bit slow, but I love dinosaurs and these films. I just bred my first Tyrannosaurus Rex and it looked gorgeous and sounded amazing. I can't wait to start breeding the hybrids like Indominus Rex and Indoraptor and having just seen Fallen Kingdom the other day, I can't wait to breed the Indoraptor.

    Gears of War 4: Also finally getting around to this game. I love Gears of War, but this one's campaign is a bit meh so far. I'm on about Act III and nearing the final two acts of the game. The new characters are kinda okay and I would've preferred if we got to play as Old Man Marcus instead of his totally uninteresting son, J.D. However, Kate Diaz is a really great character and I'm glad to see she's the main character of the next Gears game. The multiplayer I have no opinion as I only ever played the beta when that was out. I'm sure I'll formulate opinions on that soon-ish.
  • The cast of Gears 4 is insanely dull. That and robots did nothing for the game. 

    Vampyr - Played through it and platted it. This game had a lot of promise but in the end it turned out to be fairly average overall. The story was good until the holes in it became unbearable. The combat was good until you realise the 4 or 5 enemies you've been fighting are the only enemies you're ever going to be fighting. The soundtrack was good until you realise those grating violins is all you're going to get. But I will say the XP from victims system was very well done. You can try to save everyone and make the game harder for yourself, or chow down on everyone you meet and become unstoppable. 

    Kingdom Come Deliverance - I'm having mixed feelings about this one so far. The story is great, good pacing so far, interesting, and for history nerds, informative. Unfortunately everything else can get really annoying. The main character controls poorly, and combat is horrific. You press a button to attack and your character will do that attack when he feels like it, so it seems like there's no responsiveness for the player. They also went with a For Honor style of combat which is shit. Don't give 2 functions to the right stick for fuck's sake. Controlling the camera AND choosing attack angle with it doesn't work well. How many game devs need to mess this up before they learn? Other than that, character animations are pretty piss poor and lip sync is laughable. Oh, and the save system can go back to the Hell it came from. I've seen a few Sir Galahads online defend this save system claiming it makes the player 'own their actions'. Fuck off you pretentious snot noses.

    Oneechanbara Z2 - Finished it on Berserk difficulty. Just have to clean up a few more trophies. 
  • Forza 7 - I'll drop in here and there do a race and then leave it. The way cars are organised are terrible my girlfriend wanted a crack and wanted to drive a jeep (a car she keep requesting I get) I looked for ages for the brand and couldn't find any. The way the game is organised this year in general is a cluster fuck. I miss accruing money. Building a beast of a car and having that car smash anything in its path. This year the cars around you level to whatever your car is. That shits boring. I don't see any benefit from my hard work.

    Batman: The Arkham Knight - I'm having a better time with it this time. I've out most of my skills into the batmobike because I remember that being my issue last time around. The idea being. Level that up and those encounters will take less time and be less of a bore.
  • Onechanbara Z2 Chaos - 1 more trophy to plat this. I need to unlock all the costumes. This game is my Dynasty Warriors. Just mindless hack and slash for those days when you can't be fucked.

    Kingdom Come Deliverance - Played a bit more. It's not really a game you can just dip into, you have to be prepared to invest time into it every time you play. I am enjoying the story, but my comments are basically the same as last week.

    Dark Souls Remastered - Took a third character through the entire game and said my goodbyes to it. The online is pretty dead, and the amount of people cheating is ridiculous anyway.

    Detroit Become Human - I'm having a good time with this. It's not much of a 'game' but it's entertaining. Don't expect anything groundbreaking in terms of story, it takes us nowhere we haven't already been 100 times before with this particular theme, but for what it is, it is done well and I can't find much to complain about. You should know what you're getting yourself into by this point with a David Cage game. This is one of his better ones for sure.