Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion & Hype Thread
  • I can't wait. Cyberpunk and Sekiro are day 1 buy all-nighter material. 

    A first-person RPG developed by CD Projekt Red that from all accounts will be 100% faithful to the source material. Mike Pondsmith, the legend behind the tabletop RPG, was even brought in to help on it. The game will have every class from Cyberpunk 2020 available, be set in Night City, and features all the stats and mechanics from the original game. 

    I couldn't be more hype for this. My formative years were spent around a big round table with a group of friends rolling D10s and playing Cyberpunk. I still have every book ever printed in storage. This game is going to be frigging huge.
  • Nothing but stupendously high hopes for this. Really excited.