Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 14/05/18
  • Bleurgh. Been another week of not having much free time.  I was going to do a WiG intro riffing on Boss Key/Radical Heights but I couldn't think of anything funny to say.  Turns out constantly churning out the same content that is derivative of someone else's idea is likely to sap your creativity and make people less likely to engage with you.  *Insert punchline here that I was referring to both WiG and Cliffy B*

    (SNES Classic) Mario Kart/Yoshi's Island/Super Punch Out Mrs Lg was out with a friend on Sunday and I had hoped to grab some gaming time with the kids as I've barely shared anything with them, but a) we pretty much ran out of time and b) once we did all sit down together they just wanted to keep playing the old games that I'd shown them previously.  

    Mario Kart is always fun to play, but we're mostly just playing the first few races and Littler g still hasn't got her head around the controls (I keep telling her that Mario Kart 8 actually has a kid-friendly mode, but she wants to play the original).  I'd never played Yoshi's Island back in the day, but I can see why it seems to be a bit divisive - it's undeniably clever and good looking for a 16-bit game, but I don't think it controls as well as a main-line Mario game and there are too many mechanics for my taste.  Super Punch Out is another one I'm not that familiar with (I was more of an NES Punch Out guy), but micro g can win the first fight against Gabby J, so he likes it...

    (PS3) Valkyria Chronicles Another very late mission, this time taking out one of the opposition generals in his giant tank. It was actually a fairly straight-forward one, but there were several steps that you needed to do and it just took a while to grind it all out.  As an extension of that, I got lazy with saving mid-mission and so when one of my favourite characters got gunned down and perma-death'd by an Imperial shocktrooper hidden in a smoke cloud, I just couldn't face going back and trying to save her. Rest easy, Jane, we'll make sure all the other Imps know it's Time to Die now that you're gone.

    (XB1) Forza Motorsport 7 What the what now?  Well, I was on the fence last week, but tried a lazy search on the local Facebook selling page that I mostly regret having joined (the bloody app notifying me every time someone posts a load of old shit that they want to get rid of is a pain), and there was a guy selling a nearly-new One S, with Forza and FIFA18, for £165. Jobs a good 'un!

    Only just set it up late last night and was going to have a quick bash at Forza to give my eyeballs a treat...but it ran like absolute dogshit.  Turns out the guy had only done a soft reset to remove his profile before selling and I think something funky had gone on with the Forza install.  A full reset and reinstall later (which took some time thanks to my slightly shonky download speeds - another thing that has been keeping me off the current gen for so long) and it ran exactly like I'd expect a Turn10 product to run.  

    Initial impressions are very positive regarding the handling, graphics and the implementation of the trigger rumble.  I'm not sure I'm that big of a fan of the fact the game's trying to shove lootboxes at me within a few minutes of turning a wheel, but I'll need to see how intrusive that actually becomes.  At the moment it mostly looks like you can get by without engaging with that noise.  Also I have a bit of a problem with the chipper American narrator, but if that becomes a major problem I'm sure I'll be able to just skip the career mode like I ended up doing with FM4...

    So some big(ish) news there, hope you all are having a good week too...
  • Welcome to the present. You really did go the Forza/FIFA bundle!

    Hotline Miami (PS3) - Had the urge to play my PS3 this week, and I get the feeling I may have lost a box of games when I moved to Sydney from Japan, because I can't find some games. Very annoying. I had this on the hard drive and had never bothered with it much so I played through it. Hard as fuck in some places but fun enough. The game controls like shit but that John Carpenter-ish 80's vibe synthwave soundtrack was awesome.

    Hotline Miami 2 (PS3) - After finishing 1 I jumped on PSN and bought 2, and found a game even harder than the fuck of the original. I'm not finished yet. There's a level in a military base that is destroying me.

    DOOM (Switch) - About halfway through the campaign.

    Zelda (Switch) - Doing the DLC and looking for more shrines. The trials get pretty damn challenging in this DLC.

    Dark Souls Remastered (PS4) - Network test! Started off badly but all good in the end. Looking forward to release day now.

    Dark Souls 1 (XBone) - I have the 360 version downloaded, a freebie for buying Dark Souls 3, so fired it up after the remaster network test left me wanting more. I also had heard about an inventory glitch being used by speedrunners that I wanted to check out. It requires a bit of setup but it basically allows you to get a +3 Black Knight Greatsword 10 minutes into the game, before you even fight the gargoyles. It is a weird glitch that allows you to transform items in inventory. With this, the unfixed soul dupe glitch, and apparently even the bottomless box being back, they all guarantee DS1R will be as broken as fuck day 1 as the original was at the end. Noobs and those hoping to play legit should prepare to die indeed.
  • Nice one with the S purchase G, You got a hell of a deal.

    As for my gaming time. Next to nothing this week. I dropped into God of War. But barely.
  • All I ever did the dupe glitch for was Humanity for jolly co-op with my buddy :(
  • Still going through Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.  I'm actually not a huge fan of western style RPGs, but this one is managing to maintain my interest, despite the just absolute avalanche of mundane quests and slow progression.
  • I know good advice when I see it, Dr F!

    Yeah, was a good price, although it is only a 500Gb one so that probably explains that at least a bit. Not too fussed though, I'm sure there are deals to had on external drives.
  • I think I paid around $70 for a 2TB external hdd for my Bone around a year and a half ago, and that's in rip-off land Australia, plus I wasn't really shopping for bargains at the time. I'd say you could find an even better deal if you did some searching.

    Manio, I used a lot of the glitches in later playthrus after they started becoming a problem in the community. I used bottomless box a lot so I could make twink characters to hunt the OP invader assholes picking on new low level players. For my first few playthrus the glitches were still undiscovered so things were pretty legit. Another thing I'm worried about is save editors. It's one area the Bone will have an edge because people can't access their saves but on PS4 anyone with access to an editor will be able to give themselves unlimited souls and materials right off the bat.

    Played a couple of games last night too.

    Party Hard - A bit like Hotline Miami, you are a dude being kept awake by party people next door so you have to go over to their party and kill them all without being caught. It's not as spazzy as Hotline was but still a challenge.

    Slyde - Not available on US or JP PSN apparently, but it's a literal 4 minute platinum. It's a puzzle picture game that gives you 4 minutes to solve it, and if you do solve it, even just once, you get every trophy in the game, including a platinum. And I thought My Name is Mayo was bad.
  • So I just finished God of War, what an incredible game. Such a enthralling story. That ending too, dude. God of War. 

    Anyway enough of that, what now? What do I play now, I have no idea. I generally tend to focus on one game at a time and I have so many games that I really don't wanna waste money on something new just yet, trying to be responsible with my money this year (doubt it will last). Anyway the decision, I can't make it, so why not leave it in your guys hands? So below is a list of games that I own, that...most wont even have been started. Some however will be at various levels of completion. So whats next for me? You decide. 

    1. Prey
    2. Far Cry Primal
    3. Inside
    4. Life is Strange: Beyond the Storm
    5. Persona 5
    6. Psychonauts 
    7. Pyre 
    8. Sonic Mania
    9. Tekken 7
    10. The Evil Within
    11. XCOM 2
    12. Far Cry 4
    13. Just Cause 3
    14. Mad Max
    15. Call of Duty WW2
    16. Mass Effect Andromeda
    17. Wolfenstein The New Order
    18. Battlefield Hardline
    19. Beyond Good and Evil 
    20. Lost Odyssey 
    21. Massive Chalice
    22. Metro 2033
    23. Metro Last Light 
    24. Murdered Soul Suspect
    25. Outlast
    26. RYSE
    27. Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell
    28. Sunset Overdrive
    29. The Turing Test
    30. The Witness 
    31. Thief
    So Thats everything unfinished on my PS4 and Xbox one, i'll leave the choice up to you guys and whatever is selected I will give my best shot.
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • Depends what you want nutta, if you want a shortish puzzle game that reminds you of Portal go Turing Test, something shorter? Go for Murdered or RYSE. RPG? Lost Odyssey. Sandbox? Mad Max. Shooty bang bang? Wolfenstein. Strategy? XCOM. From that list I'd pick Lost Odyssey but it depends how you feel about a long JRPG. I'd probably say Prey after LO. Beyond Good and Evil is worth a play too just for history's sake, plus it has a sequel coming. Ditto Metro.
  • Type “nutta” on you mobile and see what it autocorrects to. Mine switched it out to butts.

    Butts, I think you should play those games in release order so you’re working your way forward.

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