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  • As long as ESO is alive and well, you will not see an Elder Scrolls 6. It's that simple. They are not going to launch a competitor to themselves. That's my issue with it, well, that and as a single player game fan, an MMO has little appeal for me anyway. If they did the same formula with Fallout, you could kiss Fallout 5 goodbye.
  • Todd Howard has said they will make a new TES installment, but between TESO, the card game, and the fact that Bethesda have said they had two major projects they were fundamentally more interested in making first, TES 6 is like, 2020 at the super earliest (like 0.1% odds), and probably more like 2022 or 2023.

    Anyways yeah. An online survival RPG? Ehhhh. The setting gives it a leg up over competition, but it's a stupendously crowded genre. And I don't have a lot of gaming buddies who are into them (read: none) so it's a solo affair for me mostly. If it does some new things with the formula I can't say I for sure won't try - I put a lot of time into Ark - it but it's certainly way less interesting than I was hoping.
  • While I don't doubt the honesty and integrity of representatives of the gaming industry, if 2020-2023 is accurate it would put us into the next gen, and gives ESO another 5 or so years to milk expansions and whatnot, so yeah, like I said, you won't see ES6 until ESO has run its course. It's just not what businesses do. 

    The internet has lost its shit over F76. Bethesda have confirmed it's an online survival RPG, which could be good, but I'm guessing mediocre would be more likely, especially with that heavy focus on construction. It won't be Metal Gear Survive bad, but these kinds of games in general are a bit shit imo, so my bias is firmly on my sleeve. If the game is not something super impressive, Bethesda's 24 hour Twitch stream standby bullshit will never be worth the hype again. You know, for $5 you can just buy the Fallout texture pack for Minecraft, and have a somewhat low-res but similar experience. 
  • Well well well, news out of Korea is a Borderlands 1 remaster. Apparently the Korean Game Ratings Board rated a game by the name of "Borderlands GOTY Edition" for PS4. If true, I'm in!
  • I am kind of bummed about Fallout 76. Off brand Fallout does not bode well. That mobile game was crap. Fallout 3 on Switch would have been better for me.

    My final predictions would be that Starfield is gonna blow my mind. Sony will be dull, Nintendo won't be dull but I won't care, and MS is gonna be a big pile of lies for the ages.

    I have played the shit out of both Tetris and Lumines.
    So very hype. I won't be buying a VR headset though.
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  • Saw a supposed leaked sheet of Sony's conference. I hope it's true cause news of Resident Evil 2 Remake were on there.
  • And we're off. The EA conference sucked. You could watch several minutes of a shitty mobile game.
  • I want Anthem to be good. It looks like the Elementals from Battletech got their own game, which should be super exciting. But it's Bioware and EA, or disappointment and controversy, with a fairly generic-looking trailer and promises of 'only' cosmetic microtransactions. Late Feb 2019 release date so still a ways off anyway.

    Battlefield V(agina) to have Cripple Battle Royale. Yay?

    Overall, EA, meh. Don't particularly care.
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  • I could really use a Destiny that isn't bullshit.
    Something to mindlessly shoot in all the while with minor incremental carrots on sticks.
    A forever FPS x RPG where I build and build and build all the while thinking I have skillz.
    I'm not holding my hopes up.
  • Anthem could be great, but I'm waiting until reviews for that one.
    Unravel Two is great. I bought it from that reveal. I'm a sucker for cute co-op games.
    That mobile C&C can fuck off.
    And that Star Wars Jedi game announcement was fucking awful.
  • The most exciting thing in that trailer was the grapple hand. If From can add traversal to their toolkit, that would be a big deal.

    I also love how From knows that if the gameplay and art style are excellent, then the pixels can be the size of your thumb.
  • Sekiro is to Tenchu what Demon's Souls was to Kings Field. Teaming up with Activision is interesting. A franchise for you, and you, AND you! It looks pure awesome. It's Bloodborne-esque Feudal Japan Bionic Commando Ninjas. Bloodborne pacing with a hook instead of a gun. Everything about that trailer made me wet. If Koei are planning to do Nioh sequels, they'd better release them in From's off years. I also love that the trailer was almost all gameplay, none of this CGI propaganda bullshit.

    If only From would reinvent Armored Core next and show everyone how a mech game is done. Maybe they could send one of their interns to give Bioware some tips. Or one of their office cleaning staff. 

    edit: The title basically translates to "Lone Wolf" 
  • GOTY 2019? 

    EDIT: I do hope it has jolly co-op and invasions too.
  • Easy contender for GOTY 2019, if it's anywhere close to the quality of Bloodborne, which it looks like it is, it'll be a shoe-in.

    It'll be interesting to see whether they go with invasions and jolly co-op or if they want to move away from that.

    edit: was hoping for a bit more from Cyberpunk. I can't wait for it, but that trailer didn't reveal very much.
  • DOOM Eternal. Yes please.

    Prey DLC + Update

    Fallout 76. Beta is only on the Bone? 

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Looks cartoony to me, no more realism then?

    Devil May Cry 5. So the reboot never happened or what?

    Gears 5. We knew it was coming.

    Just Cause 4. These devs have been busy!

  • If fallout is a online base building shooty game, won't pubg sue?
  • Nah, I heard they're going after the new Tetris. Something about stolen assets something something.
  • Microsoft was better than I thought it would be. No big fat lies this year. Lots of games, but not many that really sell an Xbox, which is usually the point of such presentations. The weirdest thing was announcing five new studios. They needed to do that, but announcing with nothing in the pipeline is strange. I mean, they will kill at least one studio, and the survivors will make nothing for this generation. It felt like MS was saying that E3 2022 was gonna be pretty good. Still better than lying.

    Bethesda was a let down. 76 looks OK I guess. I will play new multiplayer Fallout 4, but these guys are capable of so much more. They knew they kinda had nothing. The title frames for Starfield and Scrolls were an admission that this year is slim pickens. I liked that Bethesda previously did not tease. They showed stuff that would out this year. We know you are going to make Scrolls till the end of time. Announcing a number, with no gameplay, no trailer, no title, and no fucking setting is bullshit.
  • I'm okay with more DOOM.

    I'll wait for reviews on Fallout 76, especially since it's a Rust-like? 
  • So I just watch Bethesda. They mentioned next gen.

    Up until that moment I have been thinking about upgrading to an Xbox one x. Game pass is looking more impressive. I have an S is it worth it or should I just stick it out for next gen?

    I don't wanna get a new console for it to be super out dated in 18 months.

    I just don't know. On one hand Forza in 60 and Hali in 4k sounds nice. On the other £450 seems a lot.
  • I wouldn't bother nutta, you know they'll announce the next gen as soon as you do.

    Game pass is the future. I can already see the next gen of consoles shipping with no physical drives, Sony will have PSNow and M$ will have Game pass. Netflix and Stan. Sony has wanted to do this since the PS3. Ubi has been talking about wanting to do it recently. We will all, as EA says, "know the benefits and joys of subscriptions". You won't need backwards compatibility for your disks, because everything will be available in the subscription.

  • Game of E3.

  • I lied. Sony just won E3 with this.

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