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  • The E3 hype train has started rolling this week. What are people expecting/hoping for?

    The 2 biggies for me are easily any light From chooses to shed on what they are working on, maybe more details about Tenchu. If it's Bloodborne 2 I'll eat my underpants after I've shat myself. The other big one is Cyberpunk 2077. One of my favourite IPs ever in the hands of CD Projekt Red, yes please.

    I suppose I'm interested to see Last of Us 2, and if the leaks are true Borderlands 3 and Gears of War 5. With the way Gearbox has been consistently fucking up over the past few years though, if Borderlands 3 doesn't deliver they can probably kiss their own arses goodbye. I'm also interested in Anthem out of morbid curiosity. I see no way that game can turn out as anything but a big steaming pile of crap.
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  • Curious about Anthem but the aesthetic and genre is uninspiring. Bioware will probably die if the game doesn't succeed, and they've bled so much talent anyways. I'd like to see some Star Wars game(s) other than Battlefront. IIRC there's a potential open world Star Wars game being worked on by EA. I'd like to see an RPG or something that takes place as a new, actual narrative game, but the new Star Wars video game world has been a series of disappointments and cancellations. Star Wars prints money, I don't get it. Everybody would kill for some big exploration/story/action/rpg/anything game in that universe. 

    Kingdom Hearts 3 is definitely at least a thing now but I am increasingly convinced 2018 is not its window for release, which, well, lol. Unless E3 is a release date coming out party. SE has some other stuff I'd like to see; the FF VII remake is apparently a complete and total development clusterfuck right now. I'm mildly curious about the Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics. FF XVI has been spoken about enough by SE that I'm sure it's in the development stages right now, but I'd guess it's probably still too early. Finally... a new Nier Automata sequel would be welcome.

    Everything Bethesda and leaks have demonstrated is that a new TES game is like, 2020 at the earliest, and probably more like 2022-2023. As of 2017 nothing was being done on one and there were no immediate plans and indeed Bethesda said they had other stuff they wanted to do first. Bummer. I'd still like to see some sort of open world game from them, even with my complaints at their abundance. They don't even have like, a single game right now announced as being developed. Weird.

    I want to know more if Pokemon is coming exclusively to Switch down the road and the 3DS is going by the wayside. Pokemon was one of the main appeals of my 3DS, and if they're jumping ship for good that's a bummer for me, personally. I don't really think I want a Switch, but I would like to still get more life out of my 3DS.

    Same feeling in that whatever From makes next I'll try. I'm definitely on board for Cyberpunk 2077 also.

    Borderlands 3 is a definite maybe, the Gearbox schtick is played out and the humour of that series is... not really humour. But they do make for good co-op. I don't know. 

    There might be a new Assassin's Creed and I'd be curious to see that. Please give us back a more vertical city. And get us somewhere like South Asia, East Asia, West Africa, South America, somewhere where I can't throw a stone to the Mediterranean or listen to European royalty. Please. I still think the gameplay of the series is fun but I am wearing out on the construction of them and the enemy AI in Origins was horrendous.

    Spiderman maybe. I have fond memories of the earlier games from the Ps1/N64/Dreamcast days but haven't touched them since.

    Finally, I don't know how good Death Stranding will be but the trailers have been moody as hell and I am onboard. Would love to know more but then again I am sure, released from the constraints of Konami, Kojima will probably tell us nothing until the day before release when he reveals it's actually a rhythm game.
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  • Halo 6 news would be cool.

    But I'd love to see some Last of Us Part II gameplay and that new From Software game.
  • Sony

    Last of Us 2, Spider Man and Days Gone and Death Stranding. I only care about the first two. Probably going to announce a couple of new things, but I doubt anything that will blow my mind. It is one year too soon for PS5. Next year is going to be a way bigger E3.


    Gears 5 and a ton of promises so far in the future that it will make Days Gone sliding year after year look like nothing. I think there will be titles named that won't come out until the next generation.


    I have not even started to play through what I have on the Switch. I am not a Nintendo guy, so Pokemon means little to me.


    We all know I am the biggest Bethesda fanboy in the world. I know we are not getting TES or Fallout, but I think I am most hyped for whatever Space RPG they are going to melt my brain with. Daddy wants to spend two hundred hours talking to strange mannikin faced people. Daddy is not proud.


    This is the biggest unknown. We know they will announce something, and we all really hope they will announce two somethings. Come on new IP and something bloodsouls!

    Otherwise I am psyched for Borderlands 3, literally the only coop I do. I really hope for some serious surprises, but I think this will be one of those late generation E3s that just sort of trucks along.
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  • How about those Rage 2 rumours? There's a game nobody asked for!

    I read an interview with 343 somewhere and they basically said don't expect much Halo 6 anytime soon. I guess there could be a progress update or some sort of teaser thing but I got the impression it's still a long way off. Besides, they're on thin ice too after completely blowing it with Halo 5. They need Halo 6 to redeem themselves.

    From is working on at least 3 projects so there had better be something. I'm guessing 1 of those 3 is the Dark Souls Remaster, and I would be super surprised if there's a Bloodborne 2, but something souls-like is always welcome. For the other 2 I'm thinking Tenchu and Armored Core are definitely on the cards. They've also said they want to do an open world rpg type game next which coupled with that Shadows Die Twice trailer makes me think Tenchu. I really don't see Shadow Tower making a comeback. Speaking of shadows though, if anyone wants to remaster Koudelka and the Shadow Hearts series, or even just release them as downloads on PSN, I'm in.

    Microsoft is baffling. They talk about committing to more exclusives so soon after scrapping a basically finished Scalebound? Wtf guys, pick up the phone and write a cheque to Platinum already! Sony is publicly fisting you.

    Nintendo and the Switch have a lot of future titles I'm interested in, but nothing I see coming this year. Maybe Bayonetta 3? Any release date for No More Heroes 3 would be cool too.

    Game of the show, if it's there, will be Shaq Fu 2. No doubt.

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  • Nintendo

    Smash: I really, really like Smash Bros. It's one of those I can play it forever type games.
    Pokemon: I did not like SuMo but will continue buying these things every cycle. I'm still playing HeartGold some nights and just want another Pokemon that feels homey like that.

    Everything else will be a happy surprise for me.
  • And the trailer was released

  • Cliffy B has crashed and burned, and now it's back to the retirement village for him. Bye Cliff.


  • Weren't their games just trying to cash in on Overwatch and Fortnite/PUBG? I could be wrong. 
  • Pretty much. To be fair though, Lawbreakers was in development before Overwatch launched so I think they were unlucky there, but they made some really dumb decisions with the game anyway so it's still their fault it was the disaster that it was. Radical Heights went from "a passion project" to a "last ditch attempt" (Cliff's words) in the space of a month or 2. It was a poorly assembled Fortnite battle royale cash grab clone basically. Its failure was also guaranteed.

    And Rage 2 gameplay was revealed. It looks like it has evolved from a Mad Max meets Fallout clone to a Mad Max meets Borderlands clone.

  • No Borderlands 3 at E3 this year confirmed. Damn Gearbox, you'd better hope Rage 2 isn't awesome. There's only so much scratching any itch can take.

  • Turns out every rumour about BLOPS 4 was true. No campaign, added battle royale mode, but hey, you get 3 zombie maps at launch this time! Wowsers! 

  • Resident Evil 7 coming to the Switch, but it's impossible to get excited about imo.

    The game is called "Cloud Version" and will be streamed to the Switch. Your console will have about 40MB of data on it and it requires a constant online connection. You can try out the first 15 minutes for free, then you have to pay, 2000yen for 6 months (about $20US). It will include all DLC. I hope this is not going to become a trend. I want to own games on a system, not rent them in perpetuity. Luckily RE7 is on every system, so I'll be sticking with those.

  • I mean, if you look at all software, it's been slowly moving to the never-own-only-renting model.  Shit like Photoshop and X-split, pieces of software that should be owned from a one-time cost now is something you can't technically own and pay for... forever.  I mean, Playstation Plus is already doing this with the "Free" games you can own until you stop paying monthly, basically holding your library ransom.  The idea that individual games might move to this model is horrifying.

    But I do believe the technology has it's place.  This would be perfect as a rental service, and I'd fully support it.  Despite how much I actually love Resident Evil 7, I hope the cloud version fails horribly to prevent this business practice from going any further.
  • Rumours are saying Fortnite and Fallout 3 Anniversary Edition coming to Switch.

    Yeah, I think as a rental service the model is OK. $20 for 6 months is fine if we're talking rental. But there is no option to "buy" here at all, unless you go to another system. Also, it's the Switch. The whole point of this system is the ability to take the game with you. Honestly, how many people live in areas with reliable enough networks to get an uninterrupted stream going on the train or the bus or whatever? I lived in one of the biggest cities in technophile Japan and still think it's impossible, good luck ever getting this thing going in Sydney, where our internet is still made up of a series of paper cups connected with string. RE7 is not an online game like Splatoon is, so it's not unreasonable for a user to expect constant and consistent gameplay wherever they are, which this "cloud edition" crap can't guarantee.If you're going to play RE7 in your living room with a wired connection, you might as well play it on any system but the Switch. It's a horrible idea that I hope fails abysmally, and worse than that it's just so lazy. Capcom could have and should have found a way to get the game installed and running on Switches without the need for streaming. Lazy devs or cash grab, both suck. 
  • Hoping to see more of this one at E3 too, and a release date. I had completely forgotten about it until this video popped up.

  • If Fallout 3 on the Switch runs well, then I am in. The DLC on PS3 was damn near unplayable. The big battle at the end of The Pitt ran at a frame every other second. Vegas also had DLC that ran like crap.
  • Fallout 3 DLC was a nightmare on PS3. The Pitt and the Mothership ran at 1fps if that, and was the reason I never bothered finishing either. It's also the reason I never even bothered with the New Vegas DLC. Once bitten, twice shy. I'd be down for another trip to Fallout 3 on Switch, but they'd better have fixed some of the technical issues, or no thanks.
  • Man, I guarantee we'll see some Code Vein. I'm excited for it a bunch.
  • RIP TotalBiscuit. 

    PS5 at least 3 years away according to Sony.

  • Colon cancer at 33 is truly terrible luck.

    I still would bet PS5 in 2020. I just would.
  • Fallout 76

  • Found a reddit thread where a dude leaked the announcement before it happened.

    Rumors circulating that it's multiplayer, and features the base building mechanic from Fallout 4 pretty heavily, almost based around it. Other rumors suggest it's just a spin-off "inspired" by Overwatch, or that it's a Rust style game with a Fallout skin.
  • I read that it's like a day Z clone with the base building from 4. Which would be pretty cool. Maybe?
  • Well, besides 2D platformer I'd say the rumour mill has all bases covered.

    If it does turn out to be some sort of pvp online game I think I'll pass. The base building from 4 was one of the worst aspects of the game imo. So unless there have been some great ideas since then, not interested. Fallout Battle Royale would be hilarious, in a cynical watch the world burn kinda way.

    Although, imagine the added microtransaction possibilities of having base building. Cosmetic only of course, wouldn't want to appear as pay to win scam artists after all. But you can make your own character, personalise your companions, pets, interior & exterior building design, mods and more! from the low introductory price point of $4.99 per item. Yes sir, step right up! 

    edit: Just a thought. What if they used the Elder Scrolls Online formula with Fallout?
  • I actually don't hate the ESO formula. That's a damn fun game with friends.

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