Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 07/05/18
  • A whole week missed - surely must have loads to talk about then, right?  Well, not exactly.  Same things that kept me from posting regularly are keeping me from gaming too, sadly.  

    (PS3) FIFA 16 A safer "I've got 20 minutes before I absolutely have to collapse in bed" option than...

    (PS3) Valkyria Chronicles Continues to be fun, challenging and engaging.  The story has really picked up pace now, including a development that makes you quite sympathetic towards a protagonist character that barely a handful of missions ago I was cursing out for being ridiculously OP.  In a way, it's a shame that there aren't more missions featuring Selvaria. As hard as the game can be at times, that's often down to odd mechanics where you just have to figure out what the game is trying to get you to do - once you've done that, it's generally a fairly straightforward act of execution.  With a rogue Valkyria on the field, there's a real sense of peril that she could just wipe out half your squad in a couple of turns.

    OK, that's all from me - think I'm nearing the end of the story in VC, which means I need to start thinking about what game comes next.  Although a little piece of advice that one Sunflower4000 gave me on Twitter when we were discussing why people should chose the Xbox One X over a standard one keeps replaying in my head. "Stop being so wishy-washy", he said. "You don't have a 4K TV, right?", he said. "Just get an Xbox One S and enjoy the backwards compatible games", he said.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  • Yeah, you could buy a Bone S and play old games on it, or you could buy a PS4 and play new ones. I know which way I'd go if I was considering a leap into the current gen. The Bone's biggest selling point is "games you played last gen". Hold me back!

    God Of War - Platted it. Top game. It has some issues and questionable design choices, and is definitely not a 10/10 game, but it's fun. There's talk of adding a NG+ feature in the future and I guess we'll see some sort of DLC, but I'm done with it for now.

    Onechanbara Z2: Chaos - Played through the campaign. I've played all these games since the PS2 and finally got around to Z2. It was what I expected, even better than I expected, without failing to be the B grade schlock that it's always been.

    Oh, and Nintendo, I'm ready for the new No More Heroes now....please?
  • I got stuck inside a hill and no reloading or restarting got me out. In oneechambara stopped playing it.

    Have been playing warframe a lot, big update coming soon, mastery level 14 now

    Played some of the psn+ games from this month
  • No real video gaming this week. The kids extracurriculars are ramping up. The real culprit has been trading and building an Elder High Dragon deck for Magic. Gonna play the sucker tonight.
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  • Monster Hunter World: This game is bloody great. That is all. Currently hunting the Elder Dragon in Wildspire Wastes.
  • Started Pillars of Eternity 2 this week.  I'm not very far in it yet, but I like what I've done so far.  The sheer amount of customization is legit staggering.
  • I started playing San Andreas. I'm not even sure why. I saw it on my list of games. I never actually finished it. My save for corrupted way back on the PS2 and every time I've gone back to it the opening hour or so has always seemed too much of a slog for me.

    Well I got past that hour and the game shows its age. No directions when driving (I mean really do I have to keep stopping to look at the map). No checkpoint system. I die I have to start the mission over possibly losing a good half hour of gameplay. Some of these missions are hell of tedious too. I don't know how many times I've followed a train on a motox bike just to fail at the last minute by no fault of my own. I'm getting so frustrated at this game while enjoying my experience at the same time. Weird right?

    As well as that I've been dropping into PUBG on Xbox One here and there. It runs like shit still. I'm enjoying it though. I don't see me ever getting that chicken dinner but I'll keep trying.

    Finally God of War amazing game, beautiful, fun. So why am I chosing to play San Andreas over this?
  • I hear ya, Flib, but in truth the only console-exclusive that I REALLY care about is Forza so my first current-gen console will probably still be a 'Bone.  I do have a massive catalogue of 360 games that I still really want to play, but the backwards compat isn't that much of a selling point for me - my 360 will stay plugged in for a while I imagine.  It's mostly the multi-platform games that have reached the tipping point of making me want one, I think.
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  • Well, in that case, buy a Bone in a Forza/FIFA bundle and never look back I suppose.
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  • @Littleg just do it, the amount of life you seem to get out of a console. I doubt you will regret dropping the amount a S costs.
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  • (PC / Xbox One) Sea of Thieves - Played some Sea of Thieves with some friends and it was a lot of fun just going on adventures and aimlessly going from one island to another. I think if I was to play this solo I would get annoyed with the lack of focus and campaign but with friends it's a lot of fun.
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  • I bought a Nintendo Switch and have been playing Mario Odyssey and Stardew Valley.

    I'm sitting on about 300 stars in Mario Odyssey and am really enjoying poking about exploration. What I've found is that you have to sink about half an hour into a world to really start appreciating it, otherwise its all blurred as you run through.

    I've finished my first year in Stardew Valley with gold tools, a horse, and a fully kitted out farm. I grow berries because I enjoy shaking them for harvest. I'm not doing any of the social links and have been a recluse on my farm. The town centre is about half done and I'm hoping with this year, I'll get the rest sorted.

    Both games are very enjoyable.

    Oh and we have Mario Kart! I've finished it on 100cc however 150cc is too fast for me in that I need to memorise the courses. In 100cc you can still win from pure reacting to things, however it's another level at 150cc. I don't have the brain at nights after work to sit there and squint focus, so Mario Kart is sitting by the wayside.

    I'm trying to keep my Switch library digital so until Zelda stops being $90, it'll remain right where it is on the e-shop.


    My curl up in bed game has been VA-11 Hall-A on the Vita.

    I bought it on PC originally and enjoyed it a lot however decided to put it down because I wanted to be mixing with a touch screen. I'm sitting on a computer clicking all day at work, so at home, I was hoping for less perched at a screen clickiness. It's great on the Vita and being able to drag your ingredients and tap up cocktails is quicker.

    It's probably not a very good game but I'm really enjoying it for the ambience and the music. Part of me always wanted to be a bartender in a sleepy part of Sydney.

  • Going digital only on Switch is a brave choice. I picked up a 64gb sd card when I bought it and already regret not going for a bigger one, and I buy mostly physical versions where possible. Just Bayonetta and Resident Evil Revelations has eaten a third of my sd capacity. My Bone and PS4 each have a 2TB HDD in them so the limitations of the Switch's storage really hit me. It's also kinda shitty that there's no way to back up saves. No USB option like Sony and no free cloud unless you pay for it, and even that doesn't start until September.
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  • I don't even have a microSD card in my Switch. These three games fit on the internal and I know I'm not getting Zelda anytime soon. I’m waiting out microSD prices until I’ve “finished” Odyssey and Stardew or until Smash comes out.

    How are you finding your Switch, Flibble? I see a lot of people around Sydney with them. Instead of getting a screen protector, I got a sleeve for the dock.
  • I'm liking the Switch a lot. I already have more games for it than I do my WiiU, so things are looking up already. I see a lot of people on Sydney trains using them, but I could never do it. Mine is a strictly indoor device. The furthest it roams from its dock is the bedroom or the crapper. Also the battery life is really short, it seems to me like the people who'd want to use the thing most, can't, like those poor sods that live in Mt Victoria but work in the city. But the hipster cucks from Newtown are all over the thing, for a measly 10 minute ride. Surely they can wait till they get home? 

    I probably have about 10 games for it so far, and a lot of them I already have on other consoles, but there's just something about playing DOOM in bed, or Skyrim on the pot. Zelda is a fantastic game. The DLC is fun too. I bought it on WiiU thinking "screw the Switch" and ended up buying it, and playing through it entirely, again. I tried to get into Splatoon 2 for some online shooty bang bang fun as well, but I just missed random people calling me a fucking scrub or a paedophile or yelling some other words of encouragement at me like I can get from Overwatch or WW2, so I sorta stopped playing it. No regrets about buying a Switch though. 
  • Yeah, no regrets buying the Switch. I've got a pro controller and then the joy cons that came with it. We had some people come over and they ended up playing a tonne of Mario Kart without me even setting it up. I can see this thing really dishing out a tonne of hours once Smash Bros comes out.

    Are you following Ozbargain? Every now and then Amazon/eBay are at each other and have some good Switch deals compared to the brick and mortar stores. I got my pro controller for $70 delivered which is still a lot of money in my eyes but I'm keen for a second already.

    Stardew Valley eats no battery life and its great on the Switch. I know any 3D game will tank it and I haven't taken mine outside at all. I actually bought it originally for my half an hour daily train but I prefer podcasts in the morning and to stare soullessly out the window after work.

    I actually feel the same about the Wii U. I was about to go "fuck it" and pick one up for $150 and then get Smash and call it at that. But I decided to instead allocate that to the Switch which didn't hurt as much. I scored mine for $370 from Bing Lee when eBay had that 20% off sale. It's weird seeing the Switch for $450-$480 at retail. In my head, it should be the same as how much I spent on the Wii on launch - $400.

    I'm more keen for Rabbits than Zelda. I'd like to get into Splatoon for exactly that reason but know I won't be good enough or have the mind at night to squint focus. Stardew really hits that brain dead grind spot that's my only real gaming time nowadays.

    Its funny seeing local suburbs mentioned on NooBTooB. I think with an external battery pack any commuter could enjoy the Switch. I saw a 20,000 mah pack go for $60 the other day which was mind blowing because it only feels like yesterday that I bought a 10,000 monster pack for $120. (But its actually been 5+ years)

    There's a spot on the couch that doesn't face the tv and that's where I curl up to play the Switch. Its been really lovely in a doonah with the recent cold snap and I'm hoping the next Pokemon is decent. Or for Detective Pikachu which to me is a play once game, goes down to $30 or something. Weirdly my 3DS only has games as physical cartridges.

    If you ever want to talk games over a burger, I'm in Wentworth Point and am happy to have you over.
  • I know of Ozbargain, but I tend to use ozgameshop and even Amazon now that we've joined the civilised world and actually have it. Finding a way to not pay $100 a game was one of my top priorities after getting here. I can usually get new releases for $60-70 on those sites which is more in line with the US or Japan, which I don't mind paying. I don't understand how rip-off joints like EB still exist. 

    Splatoon 2 is good but it's just Splatoon 1 again really. And after September you won't be able to play it unless you pay for online, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Nintendo just doesn't have the games to even justify putting their hand out for a yearly subscription imo. 

    Rabbids is OK. It's like a very poor man's X-COM. Zelda is much better. You'll probably play a few hours of it and stop caring. It's what I and everyone I've spoken to did. I'm yet to meet anyone who has actually finished it. 

    The WiiU was a decent machine, but it went unloved by Nintendo. I enjoyed the games I played on it. The problem was the line up being way too small. I don't know why Nintendo are refusing to move Mario Maker across to the Switch. Then I could pack the WiiU away for good.

    I haven't touched a mobile game system in years. I don't even know where my original DS and PSP are. The 3DS is still on the shelf, but every day the hope that it'll ever get played again fades further. 

    Shit, we're almost neighbours. That's part of Parra isn't it? I'm more to the west but the family is full of Eels supporters. I suppose I'm a bit of a wanker in yob territory. If you know anywhere with a good supply of PS3 games let me know. Thanks for the offer, we could certainly do that. We (as in friends of friends and whatnot) sometimes get together for a barbie at Blacktown Showground, if you're interested. Don't know when we're doing it again though. It's a shame you aren't on the PS4 more, we could do some co-op. Did you know Dark Souls 1 is coming out again? ;) 

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