Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 16/04/18
  • Well, that was a fortnight.  Don't ask what happened, because I honestly don't think I could tell you - work, illness among the in-laws and issues with school places for the kids.  As it stands, I'm in Madrid for a work meeting and have just got off the phone from my Mrs Lg after an hour-long conversation planning how we manage appealing the allocation of school places we've got, as currently we will be required to drop off our kids at two schools several miles apart at the same time.  That ain't going to work...

    Games tho', what's that all about?

    (PS3) Valkyria Chronicles Between a handful of missions that require you to learn the knack of them by trying them a couple of times before a proper attempt and the real life stuff, progress has slowed to a crawl.  Last mission involved a pretty significant character reveal and also a mission structure unlike anything that has gone before. I only got through that one by utterly cheesing the mechanics, I'm not too proud to admit it.  The game gave me a B rating at the end, so I can't have been doing anything too unfair, right?

    Should probably mention that I am still absolutely loving this game.  It's not the fastest-moving, and the dialogue in cutscenes is clunky at times, but I do genuinely want to see it through to the end. You get your favourites amongst the squad members and I have yet to lose one fully in combat so I have a Band of Brothers-style attachment to each and every one.  My levelled-up Snipers with rifles that have good aim stats are positively deadly.  Position an Engineer alongside them to top up their ammo and they can rinse the opposing team before they've even had a chance to move.  I'm grateful the Imperial snipers go through most of the game with rubbish rifles...

    (PS3) FIFA16 Because sometimes you're just too exhausted and frazzled to worry about a game that can turn south on you at a moment's notice should you accidentally leave a weak character out of cover and not have any action points left to move them out of the way...

    Not much to report, given it's been nearly a month since I posted in a WiG, hopefully you're doing better...
  • Mad Max - Cleared out 3 of the 4 areas and made a lot of progress. I may have over-levelled my dude because the story is offering zero challenge now. Still enjoying it.

    Far Cry Primal - Played and platted it this week. Last week I platted Far Cry 5 and Horizon, this week I played their child. I had more fun with this than I expected. It's totally underrated. The animals, especially your owl, are OP as fuck. The owl is like having your own miniature Apache attack chopper for back up. The forts had good design variety, the hunting was fun, the enemy factions were interesting, the boss fights were fun.

    Ghost Recon Wildlands - Found it cheap and picked it up. Haven't played much yet but it is a massive departure from the Ghost Recon I know. It's like a more serious Just Cause now. It has been fun so far however, so we'll see how it goes. I did get a laugh at how the game introduces you as 'Murica's best covert ops team and 5 minutes later me and my 3 dudes are crammed into an open top jeep fully armed and armoured casually driving through towns and streets controlled by the drug cartel we're trying to take out.

    God Of War series - Pulled out the collection and played bits and pieces of all of them. Was considering a series run but then thought no, 6 games in a row of relentless button mashing and QTEs doesn't sound fun, plus I'd never get through them all before the new game hits. I might go back to these later though. It's a series I'd like to revisit and play through chronologically storywise rather than releasewise.

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