Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 9/4/2018
  • More Dark Souls 2. Pretty much done with the snowy wonderland, got the Ivory Crown. The Ivory King was a very satisfying boss. Showed up blind the first time and got slaughtered. Explored everywhere and rolled in with 6 NPCs and destroyed him. Don't really want to do the last DLC. I went back and found the Belfry Gargoyles. They died to single Crystal Soul Spears. Swatting bugs, feeling done. Never gonna buy the remaster at full price, the Souls itch has been scratched.

    One last thing: Duh fuck is up with trophies in the DLC? I have murdered the shit out of two DLCs and received zero trophies. I blame Rom.
  • Okami - I finally beat the game this weekend.  Took about 34 hours to beat, and that's without going for 100% stuff.  Still a really good game and I love it.  Probably won't touch it again for a few years, but I'm sure I'll be back again.

    Subnautica - Started this up not too long after I finished Okami.  I've been sitting on this one for a while, and I do like survival building games like this, but they are usually in a multiplayer setting (I.E.  Empyrion, Factorio, Terraria, 7 Days to Die).  But this is probably one of the better ones to do alone because it's also seemingly a horror game.  The sinking feeling of being in a vast, dark ocean alone knowing there's really large and dangerous shit out there in the water is just awful.  Seemingly this is a survival game that does have a specific end to it as well, so it's not a goal of just building the best stuff and sitting on your mountain of resources. So I'm looking forward to see how that plays out as it is carrying a narrative.

    Heroes of Hammerfall - Started playing this with some friends.  It's basically an ARPG in a 16-bit style that has a ton of progression with the town and the characters.  Though it is pretty grindy as the cost of things exponentially increases.  It's a rouge-lite, so beating the game isn't going to happen until about 86937 more deaths. But it's pretty fun and the characters have some pretty great synergies together.

    Vermintide 2 - I'm just about done with the game.  I've gotten my main up to max hero power and I've already completed one of the maps on the hardest difficulty.  I spent a lot of time crafting the exact gear I wanted on my character for the best setup I could manage and I'm really happy with the outcome.  At this point though, I'm probably going to be playing less and only hitting it up to try a few maps on the hardest difficulty.

    Dragon Ball FighterZ - Bardock and Broly dropped as downloadable characters, so I knew a lot of people would be online playing, so I hopped on last week to get some matches in.  I had to knock off a bit of the dust and ended up just playing in unranked for a while.  Out of it, I managed one of the best comebacks I've ever seen, so I uploaded it if you wanna see.  I'm on the right side.  But like V2, I'm probably getting to the point where I'm kind of done with the game.  As an Arc Systems fighter, I believe this is one of their better ones, right up there with BlazBlue and Guilty Gear.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn - I went through and platted it. A really easy game to plat. The story was OK if not a bit predictable, like everything with this game. The story is basically the same as Mass Effect with a few tweaks here and there. I was a bit disappointed with the final boss fight as they didn't even try to do anything unique, and in fact just recycled a fight from about halfway through the game. Everything about this game is a polished version of something ripped from another game, and offers nothing unique or special of its own. I was thinking about whether or not I should do the DLC but my PS4 made the decision for me by funking out and demanding I do a factory reset, which left me with only my Horizon saves that I had in the cloud, which unfortunately were quite a ways back so I thought fuck it, that's the end of Horizon for me for now.

    Mad Max - Seeing this for free on PSN reminded me I bought the disc version ages ago and prompted me to restart it. I'm enjoying it so far, but 3 Ubi-formula games in a row is starting to grind me down. The towers in this game are hot air balloons and the map is not quite as obnoxious as an Ubi game in its heyday, but there's still a fair bit of busywork and repetitive fetch quests and fortresses. I do like that the fortresses and camps actually have rewards beyond just ticking off a box on your to do list, in the form of car or project parts that allow you to mod your car or base in some way. So that's good.

    Monster Hunter World - I jumped in to check out the Spring Event. If you're still after gold crowns, this is your chance. But like before, nothing is fuelling me to do more yet. I have all the best gear already. Some higher end rewards or new trophies might get me back in. I don't care about showing people my dance emotes that cost $5 a pop. Hopefully they release some sort of G variant.
  • Metro 2033 Redux - Bought this a while back and just got around to playing it. I've played the original game, and the remaster feels better and tighter. After I polish this off I'll go dive into the Last Light remaster.

    Bioshock Infinite - Bought it on Steam in 2015 having played and completed it originally on Xbox 360 when it released. I'm enjoying it again. Maybe I'll finally get around to doing 1999 Mode and the Rapture DLC.

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