Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 19/03/18
  • Like an absentee father, I struggle back into the forums to temporarily pick up my responsibilities only to inevitably drop them soon after.  Sorry for going AWOL folks, no major dramas here, just yer everyday real life grind of work and family stuff got in the way.

    (PS3) Valkyria Chronicles This continues to have charm out the arse and I love it, although every time Alicia and Welkin refer to baking bread they're actually talking about boning, right?  I got seriously stuck on the solo missions where you don't have your squad and instead are trying to sneak a couple of characters through a forest.  Why is it that in RTSs, the no-base no-squad missions are always the worst?  I think I had said previously that the game had occasionally caught me out with new mechanics that weren't terribly well explained, but that wasn't the case this mission (although there were a couple of things that I missed the first few times around), it was just having to go head-to-head with an elite shocktrooper and a scout with two scouts.  I have to admit that I've only just noticed that you can save midway through missions, in case you're wondering how well I pay attention to in-game menus...

    OK, that's all from me, post!
  • Gears of War 4 - Hadn't played it for a while so I did a few matches of horde. 

    Monster Hunter World - At last, I completed my gold crown collection. I now just have to do the 50 arena quests trophy and the plat will be done.

    edit: MHW platted. 
  • Vermintide 2 - Finally hit level 30 and got item levels up to about 240.  Hero power sitting about 530 out of 600.  Having to play on champion to really make any more progress.  But it's been a good time.  Playing Ironbreaker Bardin, and put a huge focus on tanking and pulling aggro.  I have an exotic shield that debuffs enemies I block with 50% more damage for 3 seconds.  Coupled with a 20% debuff for 10 seconds from hitting something with a grenade, I believe Ironbreaker has a lot of versatility and support.  Also been playing Wayfinder for a bit, and it's pretty good as long as you are good at headshots and not getting hit.  but her special is just so good at taking out specials.

    Okami HD - I've made it to Sei'an City which isn't quite half way through the game, but I've been enjoying every second of it.  I forgot how much I loved this game.  It's legit the best Zelda game out there.  The first time I played it on the Wii, however, I was unable to use glaives due to horrible waggle controls.  So now I'm using them as intended and things they are incredibly effective.  Before I just used the bead type weapons.
  • I loved Valkyria Chronicles but I could not get into the remaster. The loading screens. The interminable loading screens. I could not stand all the waiting for a game that could honestly run on a phone.

    Chugging along in Dark Souls 2. Several bosses down, working my way into the big castle O lava. Massively overleveled for where I am, but I am really committing to sorcery hardcore. Never really focused on reducing casting time before, but it makes a big difference. Also binoculars allowing sniping with spells is new.

    Soul arrow cheese forever

    Fuck Rom
  • (PS4) Persona 5 - Think I reached the final section but save point now seem very few and far between so I am having to redo the same section over and over again.

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