Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 12/3/18
  • After gaming very little for weeks, just a bit of stuff with the kids, I finally gave in and bought something I actually wanted to play.  It is also likely that the PS Plus games for this month pissed me off.  Ratchet and Bloodborne are a killer duo... that I have already played to death.  Anyhoo, Dark Souls 2 went on sale for PS4, so there yah go.  Weird to suddenly want to play a Souls games.  I guess it has been so long since a release, I actually missed the pain.  Clearly I will get the Dark Souls 1 remaster... when it drops to ten bucks.  I would much rather they remaster Demon Souls.  I know Dark Souls 1 is the classic everybody wants, but Demon Souls would be the full nostalgia trip for me.  To fight through the first castle... and literally have no idea how to deal with the mound of spears at the end...

    So I like Dark Souls 2 more than most of the Souls community.  I like that the fires are closer together and you can grind it out more.  No Sif, but several solid levels and bosses.  I will of course love the lack of community as manifested by fewer invasions.  They seem to have put in more NPC summons for the bosses, but perhaps my memory is faulty.  I am of course seeing how far souls arrow cheese will take me (pretty far).  The bosses sure aren't as hard when you know them.  That giant is laughably slow.  DragonRider down, have not quite screwed up my courage for The Pursuer.  Relentless timing dances, at speed with no beak... not my favorite... totally a Souls Thang... still not my favorite.  At least, fucking Rom and all her bullshit is not waiting for me.  As always, fuck Rom.  Fuck her in all eight (more like thirty, because she does not even have the decency to look like a spider) of her eyes.
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  • I too, believe Demon Souls is in dire need of a remake.  That game is entirely under rated.  It would be cool to have it in a form where the servers are active.  It would make getting your world tendencies the way you need them much easier.

    Path of Exile: Bestiary League - I usually play a new league minimum two weeks.  But I kind of finished what I wanted to do in one.  The new league mechanic is cool as it kind of revolves around capturing and collecting beats.  You eventually fight them under certain conditions to spawn semi-crafted loot.  I was attempting to use Spectral Shield Throw as it was new, and tried to go with an entire shield themed build, specially since Gladiator got a buff so that max block/spell block is now 82%.... which is amazing survivability.  Used shield charge as my movement, tempest shield, and advancing fortress as my main hand.  The build ended up not really late game viable, but yellow tier maps were easy enough.

    Okami HD - So I haven't played this since it's re-release on the Wii.  This is actually my first time playing it with a real controller with no waggle, and it's so much better.  Also the game hasn't aged a day.  It's still breathtakingly beautiful and just a wonder to explore around in.  I'm only about 6 hours in, but have made it to Kusa Village.  Probably going to be mentioning this game for the next few weeks to come.

    Vermintide 2 - Oh man.  I spent so many hours in Left 4 Dead that I'd really not want to share that number even if I knew it.  Me and my friends had so much fun with it.  And V2 is legit letting me re-live that time... 10 years ago.  But V2 brings so much more since the it has varying classes that make each character feel a lot different than the next.  That along with loot drops, levels, crafting, and all these bells and whistles that L4D didn't have really make me want to get back in and grind out some maps.
  • A Demon's Souls remake would be great but it would be hard to make happen since the rights for it are all over the shop. I'll take what I can get with Dark Souls 1, which should keep me busy enough.

    And yeah, for Scholar of the First Sin they increased the number of NPC helpers, same as they did with Bloodborne. They also changed a lot of the mobs in terms of number and location. I'm not a big fan of the changes they made truth be told, I think I prefer the original experience.

    Unsurprisingly my week has been spent with:

    Monster Hunter World - I need 6 more gold crowns (2 mini, 4 giant). I didn't spend much time grinding this week as I was doing other things, but the grind is real and the trickle is slow.

    That's about it. I picked up Shadow of the Colossus again on PS4 despite never getting around to beating the first remake on PS3 which is also still sitting on my shelf, so we'll see how it goes this time.
  • Monster Hunter World Grinding out a new sword right now. My grind doesn't seem as extortionate as Flibs. I'm still very early on in the game. It'll be amazing to see how long I stick with this for. Rinse and repeat is not my forte


    Just 2 or 3 matches. It's not hooked me. I can see the appeal. It's PUBG for idiots. I just can't get I to it. Or PUBG for that matter so why am I complaining?
  • (PS4) Persona 5 - I think I've got to the final dungeon/palace and am getting close to the end game. The combat is getting a lot tougher. 

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