Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 26/02/18
  • Meetings at the other end of the country, all-day teleconferences and The Beast from the East have pushed this WiG towards the end of the week.  Sorry!

    (PS3) Valkyria Chronicles The game's still tutorialising, so I must be in the very early phases, but even so I've had to re-try a couple of missions when things went south very quickly.  The game isn't hard necessarily, but has still caught me out once or twice with game mechanics that didn't make sense until they suddenly reared their heads and wiped out half of my squad.  I'm taking each mission slowly, though, so generally I'm getting through OK.  That said, reading up online I see that your ranking at the end of each mission (and subsequent XP/money haul) are dictated by how quickly you complete it, so that may explain why I'm getting all these C- and D-rankings.  Hope that doesn't come back and bite me on the bum at the end of the game if my guys aren't sufficiently powered up...

    OK, post!
  • If you want an S rank on a mission, you are very likely going to have to finish it on a single turn.  And honestly, that's not super hard to do, eventually later when you get characters unique abilities combined with some of Welkin's commands.  A single scout with the resist cross-fire damage command is pretty much all you need to finish the missions where the goal is to just get to the checkpoint.  Though honestly, I wouldn't worry about trying to grind out high ranks on the story missions.  Instead, if you feel under leveled, I'd grind out a few skirmishes for high ranks, which result in a lot of exp.

    As for me, I haven't been playing a whole lot this week.  A new Path of Exile league starts tomorrow, so I didn't want to invest in anything long term.  So mostly I've just been playing more Dragon Ball FighterZ and Rocket League.  Though after PoE, I'm probably going to finally sit down and go through Okami HD, which I bought day-one and still haven't played.
  • Monster Hunter World - Slowly getting all these gold crowns. I have around 75% of them now. Some of them come pretty quickly, others are taking forever. Hooray random numbers generation! :( 

    Earth Defence Force 4.1 - Did a few levels of insect killing. Still fun, but I still hate those spiders that can shoot you through buildings. 

    Overwatch - Logged in for the Chinese NY event. Excited for the new hero Brigitte because she looks pretty cool, a mini-tank slash healer mix.

    LittleG, I managed to get through Valk Chronicles back in the day without worrying too much about ranks and stuff. You should be OK. It's not Xcom after all.
  • (PS4) Persona 5 - I'm really into this game now. Spent a total of 70 hours and just finished the 4th dungeon/palace area.
  • Thanks for the tips, guys.  I went back to have a play in the skirmishes last night and experimented with just spending all my points on a single character, trying to end the mission as quickly as possible.  With the first two skirmishes, I found that by combining orders and movements I could run Alicia (the scout main character) right to the enemy's base and take it out in a single turn.  Fun, but slightly artificial, not really how I want to play the game and something you could only do if you'd played the mission a few times first.  Think I'll just stick to what I've been doing to date and grind skirmishes if I desperately need the money/XP.
  • The Beast from the East was a bitch, kept from from work for two days, but. That did allow me some me time, I spent that rewatching Thor Ragnarok and playing games. What games you ask? 

    Monster Hunter World: A few more hours in and i'm coming to the realisation that this is a very social game and I have no friends to play it with. That really makes the S.O.S flare handy, the moments when I have 3 other dudes all wailing on a monster are the moments I have found the most fun in Monster Hunter. Admittedly I am not very far in, only being hunter rank 4 but I am starting to get caught up in the grind. I need such and such bones for this, a certain hide for this. Lets go for it.

    Fortnite Battle Royale: Only 2 matches in and I think I may prefer this to PUBG. On a Console at least. Its wacky and dumb, but its fun and simple. 

    Skyrim Switch: The sole reason I picked this up is because me and my girlfriend are going out over the weekend and we are staying in a hotel to save paying taxi fare getting home after the night. She is notorious for spending a hell of a lot of time putting her face on and getting ready  (I hope she never see's this). So while she does I will be wandering around Skyrim stealing shit from the good old citizens of Whiterun. I have just got through the games opening to the moment where the world opens up for you. Lets wreck some shit.

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