Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 29/01/18
  • Ugh. Two weeks in a row late and no time to write something in full myself.

    I haven't even lamented the end of The Last of Us on here, yet!  Thoughts incoming...
  • Dragonball FighterZ - Been waiting for this one for a while.  I'm a big fan of Arc Sys fighters and having one based on a franchise I was a big fan of is a plus.  Having played it for almost a week and I've gotten pretty decent at it.  Finished majority of the story mode and spent plenty of hours in practice and arcade.  I've only gone a few rounds in ranked, and things have been going well.  I've been experimenting with teams and haven't quiet settled on who my third is.

    Disgaea 5 Complete - Slowly making my way through this (about half way, I believe).  Haven't played a strat RPG in a while, not since Fire Emblem Awakening (which I've never really been a big fan of FE).  The combat in Disgaea 5 is every bit as fun as it always has, but the story has gotten pretty cringe-worthy.  Though it's not really much different from any of the others in the series.  I just think my tastes have changed.
  • COD WW2 - Played a bit of the Resistance event. Not really interested in grinding for prestige and loot boxes to get new uniforms though. 

    Monster Hunter World - It's Monster Hunter. You spend 45 minutes pounding on dinosaur heads to get loot to make items so you can pound on a bigger dinosaur head in the next mission. 

    Yoshi's Woolly World - In the last world now. Haven't made much progress this week since MH dropped. 
  • Cmon Egg, make with those "thoughts incoming"

    Total War: Warhammer II all week for me. What a fine game.
  • (PS4) Persona 5 - Just started it and after about 6 hours I feel like I am still in the tutorial.
  • Monster Hunter World - Nothing but this.

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