Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 22/01/18
  • Report!  Sorry, know this is mega late and some people have already posted in last week's.

    Will do a summary of my gaming time this week, promise!
  • COD WW2 - The Resistance event started yesterday which means a new division, some new guns, and of course new uniforms. The new division is a pistol specialist that can jam people's mini maps. Imo this division is a bit of a waste of time. Pistols? Good luck with that shit. Map jamming? It doesn't really do much and completely ruins your ability to hide. Once a player sees their map jammed they know you're there too. Better off just playing in the Airborne. 

    Shadow of War - My bud edited my save for me giving me a billion miriam. I spent a few hundred thousand of that on orc loot crates and now have every region populated with a horde of epic orcs. Haha! Take that bullshit loot box system! So with that out of the way I'm now progressing through the story again. I did all the collectables and was underwhelmed by the Shelob backstory. I also finally unlocked the skill that makes mobs drop higher level gems. Gem farming is a pain in the butt in this game. 

    Yoshi's Woolly World - Still chugging along with it. 100% completed the first 4 worlds and working on 5 now. 

    Overwatch - Just jumped on to check out the new skins and Blizzardworld. Good to have some new stuff in the base game but most of it is voice lines and sprays, which I couldn't care less about.

    Minecraft - Installed the Japanese train mod on PC and made my own mini-Tokyo. Pretty damn impressive mod.