A decade later, and I'm glad this place is still a thing.
  • Not really sure what spurred me to, but remembering Noobtoob led me to check on this site.  I haven't access this account in legit 10 years.  I'm kind of surprised there is activity going on here after all this time.  I'll make a concerted effort to stick around and see what up with you guys.

    On that note, what's been going on?  Anyone hear from Tobin or Yuzo in recent years?
  • There's a small handful of us left, not many but there's still a few.

    I think Tobin and Yuzo say something once a year or so. I don't remember the last time they stopped by.
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  • Yuzo is a fully domesticated Papa Bear these days, raising his boys. Tobin is in a different continent every week with Mrs Tobin and seems to be enjoying himself. Neither of them frequent these parts anymore.

    There're less than 10 of us left posting with any sort of regularity. It's been a skeleton crew for a while now.
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  • We're basically a Dark Souls fan forum now.

    Joking, but yeah. We're not dead yet.
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  • It's at least nice to know they are seemingly doing well.

  • Hi Lantis,

    Check out the group on Facebook and definitely friend up with who you knew as I'm sure it'll be a pleasant surprise.

    It's nice coming across Tobin and Yuzo's updates too.

    If you're still gaming, I know the NooBTooB Army steam group is the one you want as there's always someone launching into something that might cross your path. I'm not sure about the console groups?

    Otherwise, the forums are still sheepishly going and its a nice place to see the same bunch trundle along through games in the week in gaming threads.
  • There's still a sizable chunk in the discord group too.
  • I've popped over to the discord server, so maybe I'll hit you guys up in there some time.  Most likely will be dropping my two cents in Week in Gaming as well.  See if this goes anywhere.  Like I said, I'm kind of glad to see this place still kicking.
  • For some reason I started watching old noobtoob eps again myself, actually came to the site to download the mp3's cuz listening to them through youtube on my way to and from work everyday has been killing my data. lol

    Man, I feel so old now, I remember hopping on each week to watch their show, it was the highlight of the day for me after getting home from school in the evening.

    It's a shame they killed the show so abruptly, and it's an even bigger shame they haven't tried to make it work or kept active in the community.

    But I get why, Yuzo's octodad, Tobin travels all over the planet every other week (the dude rich or somethin? lol) They probably don't even game much anymore. It is cool that they drop on to do an ep when they can though, even though the last one was a few years back.

    It's just such a nostalgia trip for me, and I'mm happy this community still exists and that the episodes are still available for consumption.

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