Dark Souls 1 Remastered (PS4, Bone, Switch, PC)
  • Man, Capra Demon. I hate that fight so much that every run I just throw dung bombs over the fog wall and kill him that way.
  • Anor Lando, and the terrible duo, and Sif, and all the best parts of the game await. I am totally gonna dung bomb Capra in his closet. Man, fuck that guy.

    In this version, can you still cheese the Drake sword with arrows? Am I remembering that right? I will play when the price drops to twenty. Or I want to play.
  • Yeah, shooting the dragon in the butt from under the bridge for the Drake Sword is still viable. Just about all the glitches/cheeses from the original, and more, are still available. Some of the changes they made neutered some things but created whole new ones.

    I've created a 2nd character and finished most of the game with it. I've spent a lot of time with the remaster already, and while I'm happy to see it done, I feel they missed a lot of opportunities to make things better. The people crying about it being a cash grab do have a point. It could have been so much more. If you're playing on the Bone, or PC with dsfix, it doesn't feel like there'd be much point to getting the remaster except for the online changes. It's a bit different for PS4 as this is the only way PS4 users can get the game.

    Invaders in this game are the shittest I've seen in any of the Soulsborne games. Where did all the cheeky, clever, fun-loving trolls go? Almost every invader I've encountered in the remaster has been a min/maxed poise monster that can destroy you in 1 or 2 hits, and as aggressive as a pissed off bee swarm. It's so boring to fight these guys, because to beat them I have to do cheap bullshit too, like rolling into backstabs that can be chained together until even the biggest Havel monster taps out. Yay, fun fight... They should never have screwed with the phantom/invader healing mechanics.

    I think if you're goal is to get the DS1 experience with a thriving online community you had better a) be prepared for disappointment and b) get in on the action quick because I have a feeling this won't last. The pvp is so anus and poorly balanced/designed that there's no way it can hold a lively online community for long. Everything that killed the original DS1 in the end is in this game from the beginning, and that makes me sad.

    It's still a great game, make no bones about it, but this could have been so much more. For a game as prolific as DS1, I expected its remaster to be handled with a lot more love than it has been.

    Anyway, I got my plat and I'm happy to chill now and just random phantom with noobs. If anyone wants a hand on PS4 let me know.
  • How goes the playthru Manio? Did you get past 4 Kings yet?
  • They feel like they spawn faster to me. Maybe I'm just imagining it. The most annoying part of that fight is having to sacrifice a ring slot just to take part in it. And if you go somewhere and teleport back without first equipping the ring you die instantly. Pain in the butthole, that old Darkwraith covenant.

  • Wow, just annihilated the Four Kings with a fully upgraded Gravelord Sword.
  • Online already feels pretty dead. Hard to get a summon these days.
  • I've been getting some good summons still and invasions are still going well.
  • I'm sure Sekiro will be great, but we already know it's not a Souls game, and I'm definitely interested in whatever From plans to make in the future. I think other devs will also pick up the Soulsborne torch going forward (I'm all over The Surge 2) but for me the DS trilogy is done, and I hope we never get a Bloodborne 2.

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