Dark Souls 1 Remastered (PS4, Bone, Switch, PC)
  • Join the hype train! 

    News, thoughts, hopes and dreams go here. 
  • I will be picking this up on all platforms (already pre-ordered the shit out of it), and aside from replatting it all over again on PS4 I'm really looking forward to hunting on the Switch. 

    How about you all?
  • I'm currently replaying through Bioshock on my PS4, and it's a joy to recapture that experience. I'll definitely be getting this. Dark Souls was one of the best games of the last generation, and I'd be a fool not to re-experience it. 
  • I'm getting the fuck out of it, yes.
  • On the fence. I never play a From game twice, so at launch holds little appeal. Maybe during a slow release period, after the price drops. Also fuck Rom. She ain't in Souls uno, but fuck her.
  • I see this is a great opportunity for those who were late on getting on the DS1 train.  The biggest draw is that all the PvP covenants are going to be incredibly active again.  I'm looking forward to getting some legit action in Blade of the Darkmoon.
  • Owww yea :-)
  • Btw, I ran across a build calculator that might be useful for some people who want to plan out their characters before jumping in.

    I think I'm likely going to run something like this.  125 should still be the meta pvp level.  Running DMB with Power Within should be some pretty crazy damage.

  • It'll be interesting to see if they fix the soul dupe glitch for this release, otherwise people are going to be SL120 in no time. Best thing about the remaster is that the storage box glitch will never be a thing so OP assholes won't be able to grief low level new players. That and functional covenants plus a lively community again makes this a no-brainer imo. Summoning was always a bit unstable in DS1 but with the summons system from DS3 and Bloodborne coming across to DS1 it should be great. I read somewhere the same guys who did the Dragon's Dogma remake are doing DS1 too, and since Dragon's Dogma turned out good I'm anticipating greatness.

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