Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 15/01/18
  • Genuinely can't think of a funny intro for this week's WiG.  Any current-affairs, pop culture reference would probably just be depressing.  Oh well, the world sucks, why not escape into video games for a bit?

    (PS3) The Last of Us Speaking of dystopian futures where the world has turned in on itself and mankind's most destructive, harmful characteristics can be revealed...

    My first Naughty Dog joint and so far (I'm roughly 50% through according to the Save files) it's exactly matching my expectations based on what I've heard about their games over the years. These guys seem to be masters of coaxing and capturing amazingly naturalistic performances from their characters.  One of my favourite game protagonists ever is John Marston and, for some reason, there's one throwaway line of dialogue which really stuck in my mind as summing up why I like him so much - you've done a job for a travelling salesman in Mexico and when you finally get back to him to report your success he informs you that you've just delivered some opium which he has been pedalling to the railway workers.  When John expresses surprise, the guy says says something along the lines of "Are you naive or a simpleton?" and John shrugs and says "Well, both, I guess".  It's just so nicely delivered and animated.  The Last of Us is full of little moments like that.

    Interestingly, much like Red Dead, I'm struggling a little with the controls and it's the story that is making me push through.  I can't get on with the movement - the only way I can think of describing it is that it feels like too much of it is dictated by the left stick, with there being some steering built into the left-right movement rather than a more traditional third-person back-forward/strafe as per, say, Gears of War.  It's also frustrating when the game tries to dictate your movement speed in order to maintain the pacing that they have in mind for the in-between scenes.  I hate jogging along at a normal pace and then suddenly moving like you're in molasses because someone is talking to you.

    I'm also not helping myself by playing on Hard - it definitely escalates the feeling of being in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and scraping around for weapons and ammo, but it does mean repeating some of the more challenging sections several times before making it through.  That's particularly true of the sections with infected, where the fail states aren't always clear and they can kill you as soon as you get close to them.  I've just saved up enough drugs for the upgrade that allows you to get Clickers off you if you have a shiv in your inventory, it'll be interesting to see if that makes the next infected section I come across more survivable.

    OK, that's enough from me - at the rate I'm going I may be through the game by the time I post next week, although I do need to cut down my gaming time.  With all these incredibly tense sections where you're trying to creep past infected who can kill you in one shot, I'm playing through to 2am and only then realising that I'm actually quite tired and should be in bed...

    That's it from me folks.  Been playing any games that you found in a chest of drawers in an abandoned house while you were hiding from fungal zombies?
  • COD WW2 - Played some matches, unlocked some new weapons. Tried out zombies again, still not feeling it.

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War - Maybe a third to halfway through the campaign. I think I said last time that the story was annoying but the gameplay was much the same as the first. I can now say the story is rather shallow and rubbish, and the gameplay is designed with lootboxes as the centrepiece, which becomes terribly evident in Act 2, when the army building starts. It is true that you don't need to buy any lootboxes, and the trade-off is a huge grind. You can pay in hours, or cash, but you're going to pay. The game at the moment is basically just Orc Fort. The orcs and their army really dominate this game, rather than feeling like one element of it as it did in the first game. As a result of this, I'm finding myself getting bored quite a bit. And it's not like there's anything else to do. There are some collectables to gather but that's about it. There doesn't appear to be anything like the side quests of the first game in which you had to make the legendary weapons (probably because those are all in loot boxes now too). There's also a sort of online mode that involves going to another player's world and killing the orc that killed them. So when you get tired of hunting down orcs in your own game, you can go do it in somebody else's. Oh the joy. Oh, and whoever designed the online conquest missions (basically more orc killing) needs to be punched in the face. There's more I could bitch about but long story short, they really fucked it up. The first game was so much better.

    Yoshi's Woolly World - Picked this up on the WiiU and am having a good time couch co-oping it. Hopefully it gets ported to Switch so people can play it.

    DOOM - Picked up the Switch version. Now I just need to go on a trip long enough to warrant taking it with me so I can enjoy the novelty of playing it on the go.
  • Nekopara Vol 3 (PC/Steam) I finished chapter 12/15 and then got half way thru 13 and the story went in a direction that I totally saw coming but hoped that it wouldn't and I haven't been back since. Sigh... I will finish this, but I'm really tempted to just fast forward thru the rest of 13. But, we'll see I guess.

    Crawl (XbOne) There are 3 bosses in this game, I was easily able to beat 2 of them, but I couldn't manage to be able to beat the 3rd, but after playing the game all last week, I finally did it. Total play time was a little over 6 hours. I really had fun here but I wish there were a few more bosses.

    Rain World (PS4) I played for 30 mins. it didn't grab me. I will try this again later when I have more time.

    Iron Cryptical (XbOne) Very similar to Iron Fisticle, its fun and I beat the 1st floor, but I may still look for something else to get into right now.

    That's it for last week. I am at a loss for what to play next. I'm kinda disappointed in the VN I'm currently on, and I can't seem to find something that grabs me after I finished Crawl. Not having a lot of free time right now has me hesitant to start a 40 hour jrpg, and I still can't decide on a smaller game yet. I have no idea where to go from here. I have yet to play any 2018 games yet, all of the games I've been playing are from 2017. ;P So my plan for this week is to try a few different smaller games until I stick with one I guess.
  • Asscreed Origins (Xbox One)

    Beat the story, now cleaning up achievements. Good game.

    I've also got ZOMBI downloading since it's a Game with Gold this month.
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • Damn, I'll have to log in on the Bone and grab Zombi. Thanks for the info Manio. 
  • (PC) Football Manager 2018 - Just got to the January transfer window but instead of buying new players I am trying to fight the never ending fire of one player after another wanting a new contract.

    (Xbox One) Player Unknown's Battlegrounds - Playing the odd game with friends every now and again.
  • (Xbox One) Zombi

    Okay, this is actually kind of a turd. The concept and everything is super cool and I can see what they were going for and why the Wii U's gamepad was integral to the experience, so missing that here seems to be unfortunate. That said, the game feels a bit too linear for my taste and a lot of it seems to be copy/pasted from previous environments in terms of tunnels, etc. It's a bit too tedious and samey for me.

    Cool concept, but it failed a bit for me. The combat is fucking awful too.

    I know there were plans for a sequel and maybe nowadays they could execute that better, but that was all scrapped since the game flopped.

  • Shadow of War (PS4) - I've kinda given up on this. The loot box system is just far too intrusive. I can't believe people weren't bothered by this until Act 4. It's an abomination from the moment it gets introduced in Act 2. I shudder to think what lies in wait in Act 4. Anyway, someone I know has offered to run my save file through his save editor so I can get unlimited mirium (I think that's what its called, it's the in-game currency that you can use to buy loot boxes), so if I can get that, blast out an army and just charge through to the ending I might do it. Fuck this game.

    COD WW2 (PS4) - I've mainly been levelling up my divisions to prestige them and get the unlocks. Apparently there's some Revolution event starting soon which will have new maps, game modes, and gear for everyone, so that might be fun.

    Yoshi's Woolly World (WiiU) - Just got to World 5. This game has been pretty fun. We've not been moving to the next level until we 100% the current level so that has slowed down our progress a bit. Some of the levels can get tricky, and the S stages (stages that unlock after you meet certain conditions in the other stages) can be real assholes.

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