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  • I have never played a Zelda game. Growing up I was all in on Sonic son. T shits, toys, sweets shaped like his head. Like I couldn't get enough of that little blue hedgehog. He was cool right? Who wanted to be a little fat plumber who wanted to save his girlfriend. Little lads don't like that they like hedgehogs that are fast as fuck. Anyway I digress. My lack of Mario love meant i never owned a Nintendo Console until I picked up the GameCube. My first Mario game was sunshine and I have never played a Zelda game. I now own Windwaker on the WiiU and Ocarina of Time on the 3ds.

    I decided to start Ocarina of Time. The main reason being is that I can play on my breaks at work and during my train ride to London in March.Thoughts guys?

    Also just use this thread to talk Zelda. The netflix show. The multitude of games. Anything Zelda related and I will try and keep you guys updated on my progress. 
  • Wind Waker is the best and has the most emotional storytelling of what I played. But Twilight Princess was my last one.

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