Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 08/01/18
  • More to come when I get a chance to do some typing...

    (PS3) FIFA 16 Don't look for sense where there is none.

  • Overwatch (PC): I guess this covers the last few weeks, but I'm logging in 2-3 times a week to get my arcade loot boxes and to play with some people I know. I'm actually pretty darn good at this game, which feels nice. Over the last several months my K/D ratio has been easily over 3:1. I still need to work on Doomfist a bit but even my tank play has gotten better on Winston and Rein, who I kind of still sucked at. Moira has been a fun addition.

    Getting Over It (PC): Played for a few hours. It is hard. It's... weird. I don't think the narration is as profound as some claim. It's sort of cheeky but nothing original. The game is... weird as well. Making something intentionally janky to be hard is such an interesting design choice. Because, yeah, it's hard, and in some sense the reward of success is compelling, and it's still a very simple game to grasp so it's not janky in the sense of game breaking bugs, or unplayability, but it's still... janky. It still feels like 25% of the time you have no control over your character, and for reasons you will never understand. Maybe that loss of control is fun to some but I'd rather die because I got outsmarted or outplayed rather then 'wtf even are physics lol." That sounds very negative. I'd still say I am enjoying it. But there's nothing here that makes me feel like I have to play it for long stretches or that I have to beat it. I'll just play it until I am done with it.
  • Diablo III (PC): Got my Witch Doctor to Level 70 and started doing some Greater Rifts. Got to 15th Paragon Level, and made a Seasonal Character which is a Crusader. I've only been playing again cause my buddy bought me the Reaper of Souls expansion out of the blue.
  • Sacrament of the Zodiac: The Confused Sheep and the Tamed Wolf (PC) I finished this and I really enjoyed it. This is a very short game, but they do something really interesting. You can switch perspectives between the 2 main characters on the fly so you can see what each one thinks about the situation in real time. I thought this would be hectic/confusing, but it is really well implemented and made the game more interactive. The story was very cute, and sweet, and this was a really good visual novel.

    Doom (XbOne) I beat it! I was kinda bored for a lot of this game, but I kept going because I was interested in the story/demon lore, but... once you get all the guns and they start throwing a bunch a different demons at you all at once in the last 3 or 4 levels it got way more fun! ... and then it ended. I did enjoy my time here overall, it was just kind of a slog at the beginning.

    Nekopara Vol 3 (PC/Steam) I finally started this last night. I've been putting it off b/c of its length, and I think I maybe played 5 mins b/c I was tired. I will dig more into this later this week. :)

    That is it from me. I'm hoping now that I beat Doom to also start playing something else; maybe Crawl, or the Darksiders Warmastered on XbOne. I'm not sure yet.
  • Vamp, Darksiders has not aged well. Just a heads up. Glad Doom worked out for you in the end.

    COD WW2 - This has been pretty much it. I managed to get all the multiplayer trophies during the 2XP event and had fun with it. Once I learned the maps and figured out how to troll people and be a cheeky bastard my enjoyment of the game ramped up immensely. Stealing the enemy supply drops and murdering them with their own flamethrowers has become my new hobby.
  • (PC) Football Manager 2018 - Working my way through a season very slowly.

    (Xbox One) PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds - Played several rounds and was on a team that won.

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