Happy Holidays and All
  • In the last week we've had Christmas and New Years, if you celebrate. Let us know what all you did, whether big and extravagant or low key and relaxed. If you have any gifts you received (or gave!) that you want to share, feel free. If your year end was great, tell it all, if not, feel free to rant. Any summation or big events that happened in 2017? And do you have any resolutions for 2018, or things you're looking forward to?
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  • I didn't celebrate too much. The holidays make me an anxious depressed mess, so I cooked a turkey dinner for the family and got drunk.
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  • I feel you! Christmas is a bit wonky for me, too much family time really. It's easy to get anxious. We had relatives down to my parent's place on the Saturday before and then just my immediate family hung out Eve and Day. I fell down the stairs carrying dishes of food and cut open my hand and arm on a dish that shattered. Hell yeah. I did get some new books to read and a couple movies and albums and some SOCKS. Also some beer. And a new flannel bed set. My partner and I exchanged gifts the 27th and they got me a really good book and a rad hat and some pins from the movie Amelie and a cute stuffed cat since I can't have an actual live cat and complain seemingly by the day about it. New Years Eve was good. We hung out and they got progressively drunk and stoned and we watched a movie and chatted until about 5am. I smoked too many cigs. It's also way too fucking cold. New Years Day I just made a decent dinner with my roommates. 
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  • Xmas was spent with family. A morning of present opening with kids, then a dip in the pool before trying out some new games. Big Xmas BBQ, father doing the outdoor cooking while mother and sister made salads and sweets. Alcohol starts flowing after lunch, rest of the day spent relaxing.

    New Year was spent once again by the pool, then we jumped on the train and went to see the fireworks. Sydney's fireworks are always one of if not the best in the world in my opinion. 

    That's about it for this festive season. The women went hunting for bargains at all the sales while the men stayed home guarding the campfire and playing vidya games or watching the Ozzies thrash the Poms at cricket. Too bloody hot to be outside fucking about for too long. 
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  • Had a pretty family-heavy holiday - we were due to spend Christmas day itself over at my brother-in-law's as it's their first Christmas with their first kid, but then at the last minute they were knocked out with a bad stomach bug for the whole house so the plan changed to everyone coming over to ours.  24 hours to prepare a full Xmas lunch is only just about enough when all the supermarkets are rammed with people dead-set on clearing the shelves of every edible item.

    Day itself wasn't too bad, and the kids really enjoyed themselves, even having both sets of parents in the house wasn't too painful even though you couldn't imagine two more different sets of people.  Boxing Day was the now-traditional trip to the Panto, with my parents able to take the tickets that were originally intended for Brother- & Sister-in-Law plus kid.  I will say that I seemed to spend the entire time in the kitchen and barely had any time just me and Mrs Lg and the kids, which was a bit of a shame.  Feels weird being back at work...

    Sounds like a rough time GEFM, hope you weren't too banged up in your fall.  Hope you've recovered from the stress too, Manio.

    Here's to a happy and prosperous 2018, everyone!
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  • My holiday was labor intensive. Being back to work is relaxing by comparison. Had to get a 6 year old and 3 year old from New York to Oregon and back. The connection in New Jersey was a photo finish. My 6 year old ran like a champ across that whole damn airport, while I had the 3 year old on my shoulders. They were finishing boarding group 3 when we got there. Would have been an 8 hour wait for the next flight. Travelling with small children ain't a vacation, it is a road game. The grandparents and grandchildren had a good Christmas. My job was to facilitate that. Now I will likely buy myself a Switch for my behavior at Christmas. My wife got me a plushie pickle Rick and a poseable Mr Meeseeks with a driver and a 9mm.
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  • Travel with kids is one reason among like 1000000000 I will never have kids.
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  • There are entire levels to both joy and fear that you will never know about unless you have children.
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