Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 11/12/17
  • Slightly better (although not much) this week.

    (PS3) FIFA 16 A little burned out on Skyrim, despite wanting to at least start the Dark Brotherhood quest line, and not wanting to start something else I went back to FIFA for a bit.  I'd dropped the game right at the start of a new season so have been enjoying my favourite part of the game - the transfer market.  Tragically, my absolute favourite product of Notts County's youth system (an Argentinian winger called Datolo), who was shaping up to be a superstar, put in a transfer request.  Whenever that's happened in the past, if you don't sell them on quickly, the board swoops in and will sell them for way less than they are worth.  Fortunately I was able to absolutely rinse Chelsea for £60M and then invest that straight back into the squad.  Munir El-Haddadi as a straight replacement from Barcelona and Christian Erikssen (who is a little old now, but whose stats are off the charts and is at least a dedicated attacking central midfielder which I had been lacking) have left me better off than I was.

    Still bummed out to lose a generated player that had come through the ranks, though.  If I still cared about this save, I would've save-scummed until I had a run where he stayed in the team.  I can't imagine I'll be playing this for long, though, so I'll just be letting the dice lie where they've landed.

    Enough from me - what's good with you, folks?

  • Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero - I finally got my hands on that promised Chris Redfield free DLC for Resident Evil 7, having released today. I haven't gotten around to playing the new paid DLC, End of Zoe yet, but this one was a good time. It's relatively short, and ties up some loose ends from the main game and it introduces a cool new faction and well go play it if you own the core game.

    I can see some people being disappointed at the length considering how long we had to wait for it, but it's free so what can you do? I'm preparing to run through it again on the Professional difficulty now.
  • The Surge - I ended up buying the DLC and did it all in one sitting. I liked it a lot. The new enemies are cool, robotic mascots that have gone insane, and who sometimes give you the thumbs up a la Terminator 2 when you kill them. Creo World's hero is Iron Maus, a fictional superhero in the game which kinda looks like a cross between Iron Man and Mickey Mouse, and in the course of the DLC you will meet his sidekick Rusty Rat, before taking down the kingpin of the park, Carbon Cat. There are 2 bosses in the DLC, the first one being a bit like one of the bosses from the main game, and the finale being the DLC poster boy Carbon Cat. If you played the Surge and enjoyed it, the DLC is well worth your time. If you played the Surge when it first came out, go back, because they have changed so much stuff. Even in the main game there are a ton of new weapons and implant mods to find, and enemy types and locations have been switched up a bit too. If you like sci-fi and Dark Souls, give it a try. The story is surprisingly interesting.

    Monster Hunter Beta - I gave it a try. Enough to know that MH is still the same game it always was and to convince me that I will pick it up upon release.

    Mario Odyssey - Went back, got a few moons. I'm clearing them out world by world, slowly.

    XCom2 - Did another mission or two, lost one of my squaddies, and got annoyed.

    That's about all that's noteworthy. I got so into the Surge again I never got back to DOOM to do those last trophies so maybe this week. I'm also thinking it might be time to go back and finish (or restart) Prey, which is another game I got halfway through and then abandoned, distracted by new and shinier pretties.
  • A lot of fun, but I might be too nice. I don’t want to go to war and make enemies. :(
  • All I have played in recent memory is PUBG on the Xbox one. The game looks terrible. The frame rate is just disastrous. Oh and the controls are that complex and unintuitive that I had to sit there and study them for a good 20 minutes.

    But you know what. The core of that game is there and it's all types of fun to play.
  • It's been a while, been playing the following

    Warframe PS4 Plans of eidolon, World of Warframe very MMO open landscape introduced, with new missions, farming, monsters, free with more content than Destiny 1 & 2, try it out and join the noobtoob clan, it has benefits as i made a dojo with upgrades only availlable to clan members

    Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds DLC PS4 finished it great stuff cannot wait until the next DLC or game that continues the story!

    World of Warships (PC) playing this now and then but rngesus sucks

    Senran Kagyra Peach Beach Splash PS4
    Need to do some grindy trophies and i am done, and no loot boxes :P

    Gran Turismo Sport PS4
    Looks great, great handling, but almost no content

    Army corps of Hell Vita
    At the last bosses they are hard.

    Darksiders II PS4 is free for PSN this month deathinive version, dificult, luckily the save points are forgiving.

    Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of legendary legends PS4 another free PSN game it sucks

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