Loot Box Inferno
  • What do people think about the meltdown currently happening around loot boxes? I've been enjoying the shitshow immensely. It's nice to finally see gamers stop bending over and spreading their cheeks for whatever the industry throws at them, the straw that broke the camel's back has at last been located, and the limit to which the average mouth-breathing gamer can be pushed appears to have been established. Much later than I would have liked but beggars can't be choosers. 

    Personally I thought games like Battlefront 2 and Shadow of War were disgusting, and I'm glad I didn't buy either of them. I think loot boxes need to die or if kept, get a major overhaul. I'm not against the idea of loot boxes or card packs in general, but they should not be linked to character progression or give unfair advantages to one player over another, should be easily obtained through in-game efforts without needing to spend real money, and need to be a hell of a lot cheaper both in real money and in in-game currency prices. $15 for one pack of cards,Gears 4? Get fucked.

    This is a pretty good video explaining EA's practices and the evolution of their loot box system.

    This is a personal nightmare

  • I'm fine with loot boxes as long as it's cosmetic items only (looking at you Overwatch) but I absolutely agree that advantages given out by lootboxes is absolutely fucked.
  • I don't have a problem with the way Overwatch has done it. Yes it's only cosmetic, but more importantly, the game is pretty generous handing them out. They also don't have bullshit like regular and elite loot boxes, an Overwatch loot box is an Overwatch loot box and that's it. And if you don't get what you want from the boxes it also hands out in-game currency pretty regularly, so you can just buy what you want.
  • In free to play games i am ok with it, but not games full price games.
  • @Epke


    And it feels so good to see EA get dealt all this shit from the fans and gamers. It's about fucking time.
  • Let's talk NBA2K18.

    There is an aspect of this game called 'My Team' in which you can buy (or earn by acheiving certain goals such as defeating a team) themed packs containing random players (think trading cards) using in game currency that you can earn in game or... surprise surprise... buy with real money. Doubles can be auctioned for in game currency, in an ebay like mechanic.

    This is an addictive mode that enables you to build a team and pushes you to get more packs... sound familiar?

    The problem? The packs are miserly. Those that contain players only contain one (usually an also-ran) & are in game expensive.

    They are miserly with handing out in game currency too - an assist earns you 10 IGC and packs typically cost several thousand.

    Worse still, you need to have a full roster (14 players from memory) available to play at all, and each player must have a contract... you can earn contracts or... guess what? Buy them with in game currency. Contracts for better players cost more.

    The icing on the turd cake? No difficulty adjustment possible!

    Now I consider myself console NBA proficient, having over 10 full game time, played every game seasons under my belt with various games over the decades, but no superstar - think Luc Longley, not Shaq - but I have been stuck in a cycle of diminishing returns for the last 30 attempts. Some challenges are just too hard, and many challenges require you to beat them to unlock the next one. This is single player we're talking about! Ok so the online marketplace would be broken if you could lower the difficulty and sell doubles, but how about disabling the marketplace if you choose to lower the difficulty?

    Not an option.

    There is a possible solution though... ain't no salary cap to stop real money being spent to shore up your virtual team.

    Situations like this, where in game progression isn't practical for most players, are just blatant exploitation IMHO.

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