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  • @Dr Flibble

    Game sharing, so technically I didn't buy it yet. Oops.
  • Btw, I have a buddy who has the game on Bone, and on the original Bone (can't speak for Bone S or Bone X), it plays like ass. Like Blighttown levels of ass. It was really noticeable coming off the PS4.
  • Yeah, it runs noticeably ass-like on Xbox at times. I notice the creatures if they're in the distance (flying ones) moving really choppy. That said, I'm having a blast. Just beat Zorah last night and now working towards getting my first High Rank armor set.

    I really like the King Beetle set, but I really, really, really want the high-rank Death Stench set.
  • The Death Stench set, if it's the one I'm thinking of, requires a resource you can often get from Palico expeditions, so keep sending those little guys out. You're going to want to mix and match armour pieces if you want to make a general all-purpose anti-bullshit set, otherwise you're going to be swapping armours out all the time depending on what monster you're hunting.
  • Oh alright, that makes sense. I wanted to play a more Fashion Souls style of way but that seems more counter-productive here. What would you recommend?
  • Plenty of people do the Fashion Souls thing too so don't feel limited. You can play it any way you want really but some monsters can be absolute arseholes if you're not prepared for them, like Kirin for example. He can and will one-shot you if you don't have any thunder resistance. My set up I had the Bezelgeuse helm for the ear plug ability (stops monster screams from staggering you), then I had Kirin's chest piece. Generally I like to equip ear plugs and and anti-stun stuff because that's usually how I die. The monster stuns me and then I get sucker punched. So if they can't stun you your survivability increases a lot. Other than that it depends what weapon you use. Different sets have different bonuses. Stuff with anti-poison, anti-bleed, and eventually Miasma when you fight Vaal will be a lifesaver. Don't worry about it too much yet, this is more to do with end game and high level hunts. Just enjoy the ride for now.

    Edit: swapping armours out is also not necessarily a bad thing, but if you want say 5 sets (one for every occasion) you are going to need millions of dollars and armour upgrade points to get them all max levelled, and THAT is a grind. 
  • Just beat Nergigante. Ran out of potions and general health items. Fired off an SOS and beat him with a sliver of Health left. Holy shit.
  • Nergi has carted me my fair share of times, but his armour set is one of the best looking sets in the game.
  • On Teostra now.

    After I take his weird lion-dragon ass out, I'm gonna start farming the materials for my Nergal Reaver and the Death Stench Alpha set.
  • Have you killed all the elder dragons now?

  • I've killed the three I was supposed to hunt for and slay. I'm on Xeno'jiva now.
  • Xeno'jiva was the easiest of the elder dragons. A huge damage sponge, but not particularly dangerous. Have you met Kirin yet?
  • I've not met Kirin yet, but I've heard things.

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