Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 20/11/17
  • Trying my best to stick to a Tuesday-to-Tuesday schedule these days.  I know time and space lose all meaning when you're having to react and work with the utter chaos that my lack of organisational skills brings, but I still really enjoy reading everyone's posts, no matter when they come in...

    (360) Skyrim Alduin. Is. Dead. 

    I know - it took me by surprise as well.  Whilst I had been doing a little bit of research on what was going to go on, I had still been doing my best to avoid major spoilers and so the fact that I was basically right up to the end of the main questline was news to me.  Not particularly blown away by the final section, it has to be said.  Granted it takes place across two unique areas, one of which is gorgeous to look at, but it didn't really feel an awful lot different from any number of other quests or even many of the side areas that you might just stumble across as you're walking around Skyrim.  

    I loved the feel that you got speaking to the characters around Sovngarde, though.  How every Nord somehow turns into a poet once they're deed.  Unfortunately, I was so set on exploring Shor's Hall that I accidentally triggered the climactic final speech from the Companions and completely missed what they said.  Open World Video Games, y'all, I guess.  Can probably be condensed down to 'Let's go and kill the nasty dragon', I'm guessing.

    So now that's all done, I still haven't decided what to do next.  I enjoyed the Thieves' Guild quest, so I'd like to do the Dark Brotherhood too - I'm assuming I'll end up in charge of them too - I can be the one to bring balance to the Underworld of Tamriel.  How long I spend with this game is now entirely in my own hands.

    (SNES Classic Mini) Contra 3, F-Zero, Street Fighter II Turbo...eBay really came through for me, after missing out on one of these brand new and then failing to secure one second hand I managed to land one that had only been used once and ended up paying less than I would have done new (unlike the people trying to get double their money back - £150 reserve for an item that Nintendo has already said is not going to be rare?  Get F'ed).  Looking forward to sharing this with the kids and seeing their reaction to old games.

    That's it from me.
  • South Park The Fractured But Whole (XbOne) I've played this ~20 hours and I beat it. I have not watched the show in years, and this was a fun RPG and I've been kinda down lately and I needed to laugh, and this game was perfect for that. I'm not sure I'll put the disc back in for the dlc, but I really enjoyed my time here.

    Blackberry Honey (PC/Steam) I started this up, it's from one of my all time favorite Visual Novel devs so I am sure I will love it. Its about 100k words if I remember right. I'm currently 6 hours in and i have 5 of the 14 achievements. So far a lot of this is hitting me hard in the feels.

    That's it for last week, mostly a bunch of South Park. I might be able to finish my VN this week, and then its off to Super Mario Odyssey.
  • I have a brand spanking new 4k HDR TV so a lot of my game time has been going back through games and seeing how they look in 4k HDR. So I played 5 minutes of Uncharted Lost Legacy (I climbed the tower where Chloe does the Yoga and looked around), Horizon Zero Dawn which may I add looks incredible. I might pick up the DLC just to play this game in all its glory and a tiny bit of Resident Evil 7.

    I'm also watching The punisher on Netflix right now and HDR makes that show so dark. It's odd because I can see everything even though the picture is so dark. What I'm trying to say is, it's taking some getting used to.

    I'm also working my way through the story of that shit show Call of Duty WW2. I think I made my feeling known on that game last week.
  • Stranger Things also looks great in HDR.  Those headlights just scythe out of the screen.
  • Agents of Mayhem - Logging in for the daily missions, that's it.

    The Evil Within - Bought it again on the Bone and went back for a complete playthrough. Grabbed the DLC too but haven't touched it yet.

    The Evil Within 2 - Almost finished it. It's a very different game compared to the first one. I can see why people like it more than the first, because it's now more in line with generic open world zombie game that people are more familiar with. All the unique gameplay mechanics and elements that made the first one have been stripped away, and now it's a game about running around smallish maps searching for side quests and collectables, and crafting weapons and gear. It also has a bizarre poor man's dialogue tree when talking to NPCs like you'd find in a Bioware game but no romance options sadly. The difficulty has also taken a massive hit. I died about 50 times going through Evil Within, but in part 2 I'd be lucky to have died even 10 times so far and I'm almost done. 

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