Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 06/11/17
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  • South Park The Fractured But Whole (XbOne) I'm like 4 hours into this so far, and I'm enjoying it a good bit. The beginning was really slow, and its taking things a lot safer than Stick of Truth, but it seems way less buggy so far, and I can't help but to smile while I'm playing it.

    Libra of the Vampire Princess (Steam) I finished the 3rd route and finally after playing for 35 hours the achievement for playing the game for 30 hours popped, so I only have 1 more route to playthru/achievement to get before I get the 100%. I have mostly enjoyed this game, some missed opportunities here and there but not too bad. But I definitely want the next visual novel I play to be shorter.

    Thats it. My allergies are finally starting to clear up now that the pollen is gone, and I finished my Halloween movie marathon, and I got to 23 out of the 31 movies I wanted to see, so thats not too bad. There are still way too many new games I want to play right now though.
  • Overwatch - Just a few games here and there. Hoping that Moira and the new map comes to console soon.

    Agents of Mayhem - Finished it. It was OK, but I can't do the grind it demands in the end game, so I think I'm done with it.

    Resident Evil 6 - Played through a few campaigns with a bud.

    Resident Evil Revelations - About halfway through again. I somehow lost my save file so I had to start over.

    Mario Odyssey - Collected a ton of moons to get to the dark side of the moon, only to fight the same bosses I'd fought a few times already? WTF? And now Mario needs to get another 250 moons to unlock whatever the next world is. Yeah, fuck that. I might be done.

    That's about it for this week.

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