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  • Since we don't make threads for each game anymore, or reviews, and week in gaming threads that can only just be called 'weekly', it might be an idea to have a thread like our movie thread so people can post thoughts and scores whenever they want. So here it is.

    To kick it off I just finished

    Agents of Mayhem (PS4) - If you haven't given up on Saint's Row yet this might be worth a look. It is a single player hero shooter in which you take a team of 3 agents out into the field to stop a bunch of villains from taking over Seoul. The game has a cartoon feel to it, and in typical Saint's style it takes the Mickey out of a lot of gaming tropes and pop culture. The story was average, as was just about everything about this game. The heroes are all pretty meh, I found only a few that I really enjoyed and just stuck with them. There are loot boxes scattered all over the place and getting new gear, skins, and vehicles is a crap shoot for most things. It feels like Saint's Row 4 mixed with Diablo 3 and Overwatch. I enjoyed the playthru overall, but it is a very average game with an endgame that is a huge grindfest if you plan on levelling up all the agents and getting all the trophies. I did like this more than Gat Out Of Hell, but that game and now Mayhem equate to Saint's Row being on its death bed hacking up its lungs imo. Buy it cheap. 5/10.

  • Resident Evil 6
    Went back through this to scoop up achievements on the Xbox One version, since it was $6 when I bought it on sale or something like that, plus I was on a huge RE kick when Resident Evil 7 dropped that I went out and bought Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil Revelation 2. While I'm waiting for the 'Not A Hero' DLC to drop next month for RE7 I decided I'd revisit and finish my play-through of the previous title in the series.

    It's quick-timey as fuck, and it made me realize I didn't miss the glorified action game the series had become when I played RE7 earlier this year. That said, I finished Leon's campaign and it's still the best out of the four from what I can remember, with Chris Redfield's still being the weakest by far.

    Is it a terrible game? No, not at all. Is it a terrible Resident Evil game? No, it's a fun game overall minus the quick time events but I would have preferred if the entire campaign had Leon's feel to it with the original zombies and that whole feeling. It did make me miss seeing Leon and other familiar faces in Resident Evil 7, and I still don't think that fucker at the end of RE7 is Chris Redfield.

    I seem to be in the minority of preferring it over Resident Evil 5.

    Play it co-op, it's kind of a bore solo sometimes.

  • RE6 and RE5 both have their good and bad spots. I think the tipping point for me is the recycling in RE6. Doing boss fights twice because the characters' stories intersect might have sounded cool on paper, but the reality was "oh God, not this fight again". The story was also told in a manner that would have made Tarantino jealous, which didn't help things. It wasn't until you played through as Ada that shit even began to make sense. In those respects, I think I'd take RE5 over RE6, but any battle involving Wesker in RE5 can go eat a dick too.
  • Wolfenstein (PS3) - I was curious to see the difference between the PS4 and PS3 versions and when I found this in the bargain bin going for a few bucks I grabbed it. It goes without saying if you plan on getting this get the PS4 version, the PS3 version was worse than I imagined. I enjoyed the game on PS4, but all I can really say about it on PS3 is that it was playable, just. Load times were a bit long, and while I expected some graphical differences, the texture pop was quite incredible. Nazi soldiers would be having their features popping in even as they died, and turning around fast would cause the game to almost shit itself trying to render everything. Trophies were also prone to delay. The first time it happened I thought it had glitched but every trophy would pop long after the conditions were met to get it. It's a great game, but looks rubbish on PS3. It feels like they didn't even try to optimise it. If you're looking for a good shooter on PS3, there's plenty of others to go for before this. 8/10 on PS4, 5/10 on PS3.

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