Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 30/10/17
  • About time for another one of these (even if it is about three days since the last one...)

    (360) Too Human Nah, just kidding.  Skyrim, lots and lots and lots of Skyrim.  Burning through even more of side quests and almost complete on the Thieves' Guild.  I've passed level 50 and the loot getting dropped by the baddies has taken quite a bump upwards, so I'm now even more cash-rich.

    I'd also not been pick-pocketing much as I was roleplaying a fairly lawful character but I've done lots of that (mostly in Riften, it's pretty much like a handshake around there; alternatively, if someone says something rude about Khajit then I'll usually relieve them of a few valuable items...) in order to get the 100 encumbrance bump.  Kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner, to be honest!

    That's it from me. Let's hear how you're riding the roller coaster that is 2017's insane release schedule.
  • Libra of the Vampire Princess (Steam) I have finished the 2nd of the 4 main routes, and I am in the middle of the 3rd right now. It is starting to drag on a bit in the middle of this route. So I am once again losing motivation to keep going. Oh and the achievement for play the game for 30 hours is bugged so even after I get all the other achievements I still won't get 100%, so thats killing my motivation even more!

    Thats it. I haven't had much time to play anything lately, I want to play The Mummy Demake, and Super Mario Odyssey, but I want to finish the VN first. :p
  • Overwatch - Season 7 is almost here, one more try. I've mainly been working on all the trophies for the new characters. Orisa's halt state is proving to be stupidly hard to get. Once that's done I'll move on to Doomfist for the finale and I can already see cratered being another hard one. 

    Mario Odyssey - Great game. After wrapping up the story I've been going back through the stages collecting coins and moons to unlock more stuff. There's also a lot of hidden treats to find. 

    Dark Souls 2 - Killed a few bosses.
  • Dragon Age: Origins: Playing through again to scoop up achievements and endings I missed out on as well as the DLC I missed.

  • Just some Overwatch on PC. Ended up having my worst run of loot box luck of any holiday event. Used some coins to buy a few skins of my own. Otherwise, the only new one I got via box was Symmetra.
  • I spent last week in Paris playing the game of figure out which metro line you want and my favourite game of is Google maps sending you the wrong way again. Don't worry we finally made it to the Eiffel tower

    On the plane and at the airport on the way I ignored my girlfriend and played stardew valley for the switch. On the way home I played a little Mario Odyssey and that's all I have been playing since that moment. Incredible game. I originally planned to play a tonne at the airport too but man. Is CDG a big ass maze. That takes hours to get through security.
  • CDG is without doubt the worst, most confusing airport in existence.

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