Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 23/10/17
  • Not dead, just disorganised (you can put that on my tombstone if you'd like)...

    (360) Skyrim A lot less gaming time this week, although I did go to the length of packing my 360 to take it away for a long weekend break to the Peak District.  After progressing the main story quest and the Stormcloak revolution last week, this week has mostly been side-mission focused and aimless (but still very, very good).  They loooove me in Riften...

    OK, what has everyone else been playing in the last week and a half?
  • Libra of the Vampire Princess (Steam) I finished the 1st route, so that is 1 of 4 endings I've seen. I'm currently in another route and it seems to be going much quicker. Not much longer now hopefully. :) Still enjoying it.

    Cuphead (XbOne) I played a little more, and its still impossible with my eyes all irritated by my allergies. sigh... I wanted to get back to this.

    I have picked up a number of games and the list of things I want to play is so long, but I am still struggling to find the time and energy to start or finish anything. :p
  • Overwatch - Got the dragon skin for Sym on the Bone as well as a few others. It has been a pretty good Halloween event for me. Glad to see season 6 gone and the rumours that big changes are coming to the way SR is done are welcome. They need to do something. It's too messed up as it is.

    Mario + Rabbids - Still going through this. It's fun, but I can't play it long because it's so shallow. It's mainly been relegated to a game I play when time is an issue or I feel the next turd to be wrangled out might take a while.

    The Turing Test - It was free on the Bone. I liked it, it's basically Portal without the portals and charm. You play a character who is alone and stuck in a series of test rooms on Europa. It's pretty much exclusively about using differently coloured orbs to open doors and move platforms to traverse rooms that lead to yet more rooms. 70 stages later you get a pretty easy 1000GS.

  • Super Mario Odyssey - Picked it up yesterday and spent the day playing it. Loads of fun. Being able to turn into the enemies and in some cases fight the bosses as those enemies was a treat. A lot of fun bosses too. A must get if you have a Switch. I read some people were finishing the game in 4-5 hours which had turned me off at first, but after playing it I think these people are either on crack, liars, or just blasted through the story as fast as they could. I'd say I spent about 10 hours going through the game, with lots of stuff left incomplete. 
  • Uncharted 4

    Clearly it did not grab me like previous incarnations, since I forgot about it for months and months.  Most of the way there.  They could have trimmed some bullshit.  Mixed feelings on this one.  It is a good game, but like MGS 4 it wants to be a movie more than a game and the movie ain't that good.  Last of Us is their best film to date.  Stone cold gorgeous, nobody does jungle like the dog.  Some game arenas are excellent, lots of ways to tackle numerous foes.  Other game segments are pure pure crap.  Making me climb a spire while you dump shooters on all sides?  First, it is total bullshit, second, it feels like 2006.  Uncharted one and two were game changers, but the series has not kept up with modern gameplay standards.  And how the heck has Uncharted managed to keep how far you can jump a secret for four games?  Can I make the jump in front of me?  Who the fuck knows, at least the load times are fast.  I actually do not know how this ends, but the dark vibe is such a tonal shift that it just does not feel very Indiana Jones anymore.  It is a good game, I will finish it, I am just dissappointed in some ways.
  • Turing Test

    Free on Xbox One for the games with gold. Scooped up all those delicious achievements and it's a pretty easy 1000G at that. It's like a poor man's Portal, like Flibbs mentioned.


    Got to max level with my Tiefling Scourge Warlock. It's a fun MMO but I'm feeling slightly drained with regards to the endgame campaign such as the newly released Chult section of the game, which coincides with the latest D&D module, Tombs of Annihilation. Grinding the gear levels out to actually survive the quests in Chult is super draining.
  • It's been a while, been playing the following

    World of Warships (PC) Halloween event

    Senran Kagyra Peach Beach Splash PS4
    If you like big breasted anime girls squirting waterguns with the tecmo bouncy boobies mechanic this is the game for you! :P bought the special edition cheaply, it is more fun than i expected, lots of single player missions as the online part is completely death 

    Gran Turismo Sport PS4
    Now this is a disappointment, looks great but as much content as the PS3 prologue content, looks great, very realistic, but i wished they had gone the forza horizon route because the menu thing has been done to death

    Army corps of Hell Vita
    been starting this again, fun little game

    Sky Force Anniversary PS3
    Great shooter, those cards don't drop much

    Airship Q vita
    platformer little bit like castlevania with some mine craft added, not really for me

    Ray gigant vita
    Platted it nice little dungeon crawler

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