Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 09/10/17
  • Quite the swing from last week - from no gaming time to the most I've had in a week in months...

    (360) Skyrim Side quests, roaming the world just to see what I can find and discovering Blackreach.  Sweet baby Jesus, how fucking big is this game?  And after literal, actual months of roaming a snowy/mountainous landscape Blackreach is jaw-dropping.  Suddenly these Dwemer-looking structures that I kept finding all over the place but that I couldn't get into make sense.

    And now I have an Elder Scroll, if I actually knew anything about this series, I imagine that would have more impact.

    How about you?
  • Blackreach, finally. The last guy made it to Blackreach everybody! Don't forget to shout at the chandelier.

    I finished War of the Chosen. The first Xcom DLC was the peak of the series for me.

    Been thinking about putting a solid state drive in my PS4. I hate load times so much. Anybody tried that?
  • Castlevania III Dracula's Curse (WiiU VC) I beat it. This game was a ton of fun. I glad I finally beat this one.

    Libra of the Vampire Princess (Steam) I wanted to play another game for the season, so Vampires, why not. I'm still in the beginning, and it just seems to be going on and on without end, and I like it, but this will probably take me months to finish. :(

    I think that's it. I've been swamped and work, and sick from my seasonal allergies and its almost the middle of October and its still summer levels of pollen everyday, and I'm so sick of this shit. :p I just want it to be fall, so I can get back to playing games more regularly.
  • Zelda BotW - Bought it again on Switch. Just unlocking the map at the moment.

    Mario + Rabbids - Almost finished world 1 I think. It's OK. People saying it's like Xcom are wrong. The gameplay here is really pretty shallow and simplistic in comparison. The map exploration between missions is meh, and the battles have been all fairly samey so far. 

    Overwatch - Halloween event is here. Missed it last year so I was finally able to buy all the skins I missed. I also got lucky with my first couple of loot boxes and got the new Cthulhu Zenyatta on PS4. Almost rank 100 on the Bone now. 

    Agents of Mayhem - Nothing to get excited about so far. I'll keep chugging along with it though.  
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 (PC): It wasn't clicking for the first hour or so (I hadn't played the first one), but then it started to once I got a full party and a grasp of the mechanics and stuff. The writing is hit or miss; the story isn't all that great and while some of the party banter and surreal characters are good, there are also some really generic companions and some plot points that are sort of obtuse or poorly explained. But the game shines with its super flexible combat and how freeform it is, allowing you to accept/reject/kill/steal/help just about anyone, anywhere, at any time. It's very early 2000s in how much RPG freedom it offers, and the game is absolutely not afraid to gate away content and rewards if you say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing and piss someone off. It's also reasonably challenging, with some fights straining resources and forcing you to make sure you're utilizing all your skills correctly and properly placing your characters. The one slightly disappointing RPG element is how relatively restrained the skill trees are. They're not really trees, and by the time you get into the teens in levels you're going to have some definite overlap among team members. Other than that though, the flexibility in how you grow and plot out your characters is nice.

    Overwatch (PC): Did a bunch of mystery heroes in a group with some people and at one point we had an 8 game winstreak. We were going to do comp but were having too much fun to change. I also got 6 POTGs which was neat, including a Genji one that did not involve ulting. I also had a 21 kill streak on Tracer. The new Halloween skins are pretty great, although as always I don't know whether to buy them right away and enjoy them at their peak or do the financially responsible thing and win as many loot boxes as I can and wait until the end. 
  • Getting my girlfriend in to Destiny 2 (she isn't in to games in the slightest) was the best thing I have ever done. She is addicted to the grind. It's actually incredible to watch.

    She started off messing about shooting stuff having a laugh. Gradually over time. Loot addiction crept in. She's obsessed with her power level and getting better gear. It's hilarious.

    So yeah. We have been playing a lot of Destiny 2 together. Working our way through the story. I don't think she will ever be down for a Raid but she's surprised me so far.

    Apart from that I have dipped my toes into Forza 7 which is good. It's totally a Forza game. It has loot boxes though. Not a great idea. Not at all. FIFA 18 also. Both the Switch and Xbox One version. I'm playing a career on my switch. One or two matches a day during my commute and the just the journey mode on Xbox. I'm considering getting into ultimate team but I'm not sure if that's for me.

  • @Dr Flibble

    Damn. I want that Cthulu Zenyatta so bad.
    Just got the Platinum for Horizon Zero Dawn which is also my first platinum.
    Played through Oxenfree on Xbox, and that's it.
  • Manio, I got Cthulhu Zen on Bone today too. Lucky I like playing Zen!

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