Noobtoob's Week in Gaming - September 25th, 2017
  • Xcom 2: War of the Chosen

    It's good, but not as good as the previous expansion on Xcom. The Chosen are basically bastards and you need to kill them in one turn or bad things happen. Not much gaming from me, and not even Xcom can get me excited. I am everything I ever hated.
  • Splatterhouse via Namco Museum (Switch) I beat it! It was a lot of fun, pretty short at 7 stages but it got pretty hard after stage 3. I enjoyed it.

    Nekopara Vol. 2 (Steam) I needed something short to keep me busy while I'm still waiting to play Castlevania, and I'm done with chapter 2 of 7 so far. And I wanted to test out my new PC and this is the 1st game I'm playing on it and its running much better than it did on my laptop. I still don't care much for the main character, but this Vol. is far and away better than the last Vol. and I've heard that Vol. 3 that released this year is even better. :)

    Thats it from me for last week. I have had very little time or energy to play games lately. :( which does bum me out. But I'm hoping to blast thru Castlevania starting this weekend. :) Then there are like 5 or 6 other games I've been wanting to get into after I go back to Dishonored Death of the Outsider
  • Overwatch - Levelled up a bit more.

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - I was not too interested in this but picked it up anyway. I had mixed feelings about Uncharted 4 because of the long stretches in that game in which you did nothing. I don't go for that Kojima-esque style of self-fellatio, and was worried Lost Legacy would be more of the same, but no, to my happy surprise this was pretty much all gameplay, all the time. What cutscenes there were were brief and to the point. I enjoyed this quite a bit, even if Chloe's character is basically Lara Croft Lite. She even has the same back story, minus the money. I also think Naughty Dog did a great job of being 'inclusive' without fucking everything up. The last boss fight (in fact every encounter with the guy) took 2 tough women teaming up on him to defeat him, and even then only just barely. Bioware (what's left of them) should be taking notes on all this.
  • Path of Exile (PC): Did a bit of a seasonal character, did a bit on an alt non-seasonal. Not a whole lot of progress overall but did clear a couple areas. The ascendancy class final boss is fucking hard as shit. Moves super speed and can two shot you. I need to grind some more levels before I tackle it again. It's weird because the actual dungeon leading up to it is very easy, and then you just get blindsided by a sort of cheaply OP boss.

    Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PC): Played one match. Still pretty meh on this overall. I fully admit if I was better I might get more out of it. But it still has too much hiding, poor handling driving, and staring at menus for my liking.

    Depth (PC): Janky as hell asymmetric PvP game that was free over the weekend on Steam. Fun for a few hours while you figure stuff out, but ultimately done in by one side (the divers) being OP and the controls and camera needing some definite work. Probably better with a full group but really just doesn't have any kind of longevity.

    Mirage: Arcane Warfare (PC): All my time on this is spent hoping I find a small match instead of a clusterfuck skirmish. To my luck, I found a few over the weekend, and once again, that's where the game shines.
  • Destiny 2
    Started the raid for the first time tonight. Got up to the final boss and the group kept getting wiped so we decided to stop for the night and resume on the weekend. Apparently the Raid has checkpoints so you don't have to do it in one sitting which is nice.

    Having lots of fun with this, but I feel like I may be getting drained on the PvE side of things. That new expansion can come out now please.

  • I see you mucking around with the date format, @westsw 

    Nah, thanks everyone for picking up the baton in my absence, it's been the craziest few weeks with business trips and meetings and family birthdays.  Getting time to post here was nigh-on impossible, I'll try to get back into it for next week. As for what I've been playing...

    (360) Skyrim Have barely been able to get any time in Tamriel, but have done a bit of progress here and there on advancing the Stormcloak revolution and finding the Elder Scroll (apparently there's one of those in this game, who knew???).  I'm thinking that the map may well be about as filled-out as it's going to be (which I realise isn't necessary, but does speed up travel between sites once you pick up quests) so I'm barely walking anywhere these days.  

    That said, I struck out off the beaten path the other night when I couldn't figure out where a weird marker on my compass was (I looked at it from multiple angles and it appeared to be behind multiple un-climbable slopes).  When I eventually made it up there it was a fairly standard tomb thing, but there was an Ancient Dragon flying around who positively destroyed me.  Having been able to pretty much go toe-to-toe with dragons for the last hundred hours or so, that's been a bit of a surprise.  I've since faced-off with a few of those guys and it finally makes the dragon battles feel like the genuine challenge that they should really be.  Exciting stuff!

    I've also been making the most of my speechcraft/bartering fortifying items and am sitting on about 70K gold at the moment - should probably buy myself some extra houses in these other holds where they like me.

    OK, back to your regularly scheduled WiG next week hopefully.  Thanks again for your patience, gang!
  • A couple of night shifts last week meant a couple of long arsed sessions with games (to help swap my schedule twice in the same week), in said sessions I played FIFA 18.

    Taking control of "young" Alex Hunter again. Now the wonder kid of the premier league. I'm a few games in (on chapter 2) and there is some serious transfer speculation going on. Real Madrid seem to want Alex. Which has lead to tension with the club and it's fans. They have asked for a transfer request if I am to leave (a bit of dickish move). I assume that will go though and for story reasons Real Madrid will drop out. I can see another club (LA Galaxy) putting in a request (there is a big hint in the story). That's where I see this next chapter going.

    Even though so far the way the story is going seems obvious. EA seem to have stepped up this mode this year. I'm really liking it.

    Mario and Rabbids

    Nearly at the end. This game gets hard in the last chapter. I'm getting frustrated.

    I bought this way back when on the Xbox one. Never played it. Now the sequel is incoming I thought I'd give it a shot.

    Everybody's Golf

    Amazing. Fun little time passer.

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