Noobtoob's Week in Gaming - 11/9/2017
  • We find ourselves on a Friday, once again, with no thread, no egg, and no hope. So here it stands. Late, but, I suppose, better than never. Simply tell me what you play, and I'll tell you what you are.

    Path of Exile (PC): Made a little bit of progress on my assassin character. Part way through Act 3. Couldn't play for long though without feeling uninspired. My skill tree had also been reset so I had to wade through the entire thing with a ton of points to apply all at once, which was a bit of a clusterfuck.

    Mirage: Arcane Warfare (PC): A clunkier, more chaotic Chivalry, with a way-too-small playerbase, even after the free giveaway. It works much, much better in small group fights than the chaos of large ones, now that there are spells and lots of ranged attacks and all kinds of stuff. I'm just not sure there's any reason to get it if you have Chivalry unless the fantasy theme really appeals to you that much more. The different gamemodes are sort of welcome, but the escort one is bad and way too messy to feel like a legit payload mode. I did have some very fun, intense, 4v4 point capture matches. That was the highlight in terms of scope and gameplay mode to me so far.
  • Nights of Azure (PS4) I beat it. I really didn't like the vanilla ending.
    No one turns into a demon, The Night Lord is back in the world but he likes the 2 main characters so decides to not destroy the world.
    Just a terrible ending to an otherwise decent game. I did really like the story up until that point. I am still playing this game because there is a True Ending behind 2 optional bosses, and I'm really hoping that this ending is better, (though it would be hard for it to be worse).

    That's it. I'm still slowly installing Steam games on my PC, I'm trying to get my visual novels installed, but I have ~700 Steam games and I have none of them in groups and its going to be a nightmare to sort all this out unless there is an easier way to do this that I'm missing?
  • Gears 4 - The queen from Gears 3 has finally been released as a character skin so I have been playing to earn money to buy loot boxes to try get her. 10 boxes later, nothing so far.

    Overwatch - Playing on the Bone. Just levelling up and having a good time doing it.

    Dark Souls 3 - Started a new character on the Bone.

    Garden Warfare 2 - Got a bunch of new characters.

    Slime Rancher - Gave it another go. It's still pretty meh imo. I'm trying to open up more of the map now that I've got a pretty decent farm going and bought some upgrades for my gun.
  • I will keep it short. Last week was all Destiny, all the time. That is all.
  • Destiny 2.

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