Noobtoob's Week in Gaming - 04/09/17
  • In the absence of the Egg, we find ourselves, once again, backs to the wall, forced to attempt to create our own content, explain what we have been playing, and chase away the void for another week.

    Absolver (PC) -- After going the wrong way and getting my ass routinely kicked early, I finally found an easier path and had more success. This is a fun, challenging game, with a good artstyle, inoffensive music and neat sound effects that ratchet up the stress, and intuitive enough combat. The biggest draws right now are not so different than that of other games shortly after debut; there are bugs (I've had enemies more than once disappear out of thin air or run into and inside a wall and disappear), and the servers were down much of the day on Sunday. I also don't know that there will be a ton of reason to come back to this game after I beat the main PvE content, although the 5 PvP duels I've done were pretty fun. I like it. It needs more content though.

    Overwatch (PC): Did a ton of quick play and got a bunch more levels. Had some fantastic rounds as McCree and Genji and Roadhog, not my best Pharah performances this week, and ran into a brutal string of hitscan counter picking for several games in a row. Still need to do 2 more comp mode placements, I have 5 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw.
  • It just all seems to happen at once. Last month I had 1 game that I wanted to play but didn't really have any time to. Now I have 6 games sat there on my virtual shelf which I have no time to play.

    Saying that I have all but given up on WWE 2k17. It gets extremely tedious towards the back end. I was fighting the same guys in the same matches and not moving anywhere in the rankings. That game could be so much more.

    While I have given up on that I am still dipping my toes into Sonic Mania and Splatoon 2. They're fun I just don't have the time to invest in them right now.

    The new joint though that I have sunk the most of my time into is Mario and the Rabbits Kingdom Battle. What a dumb name for a dumb little game. Calling it XCom light does not do this game any justice. It's so much fun and yeah it does copy a lot of the gameplay from modern day XCom. But it's so much more. You have to take into account the Mario charm. Even Ubisoft and the Rabbids can't ruin that. In between missions also, those fun little puzzles you have to solve to get to the next arena or unlock a new weapon. The game is magical (that's not a word I've used in that context before).

    That was the majority of my game time last week. Mario Kingdom Battle on the bus home and a match or 2 of WWE when at home (while also watching WWE most of the time on a second screen).

    But now Destiny 2 is out. I have friends badgering me to make sure I'm raid ready for coming Wednesday (I wont be) and I'm just trying to have fun with the game. Which so far is really fun. I guess only time will tell how repetitive it will get. Finally I picked up Hot Shots Golf on the PS4 and I can really see myself getting lost in that game. The visuals are cute. The game is a pure joy to play. The RPG mechanics they have placed around the game and the world they have built seems joyful enough. I really want to play more. Also the character creator is so detailed and really what you always wanted Mii's to be. It's only 30 quid. Check it out. You will not be disappointed.

  • Sundered (PS4) I have now beaten this game 3 times, and I've gotten the platinum trophy. :) I really did enjoy my time with this game. It was a lot of fun.

    Nights of Azure (PS4) I finally started this game after its been sitting on my bookshelf for over a year now, and thats only because the sequel comes out in October. I really did not enjoy this game at first. The beginning is super slow. There are a ton of things going on in this game all at once and they spend forever trying to take you thru each thing. I'll keep at it though.

    Thats about it. I haven't had much time for games and when I do I've been pretty tired and haven't played much. More next time, hopefully.
  • Gears 4 - Got my 10th re-up and since they added another 500 points worth of achievements I got a nice boost to my gamerscore since I already qualified for most of them.

    Garden Warfare 2 - Got a few more characters.

    That's about it really. Wasn't at home much this week so not much chance to play games. I did watch a bit of Destiny 2 on Twitch and have to say I was not impressed. I won't be buying it, not after Destiny 1 (a platform for content for 10 years, bwahahahaha). Once bitten twice shy. The way I see it, buying Destiny 2 is a vote for everything wrong with the games industry. Same as Shadow of War, fuck that game. I don't think I could give those scumbags money and be able to live with myself. The cashing in on death move is the last straw. I mean, on one hand you have Nintendo and their super subtle tribute to Iwata that was left for players to find, and then on the other you have Shadow of War asking $5 for a DLC character based on a recently deceased supposed "friend" and colleague. So there you go folks, your soul officially has a market value. WB set it as 5 big ones. Well, $4.99 to be exact.
  • Infamous: Second Son
    Free on PS4 for PS Plus members. I enjoyed it immensely over the first two. Just finished up my first playthrough. I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Time for my Evil run now. Some gripes are it felt really short in terms of story, but there's probably a bunch of side quests I can scoop up. Little bummed, I thought the title was playing onto being related to Cole from the originals.

    Oh well. I hope we get another game!

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