Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 28/08/17
  • So when I said I was going to do an update last week, I was clearly lying.  I'm also short on time now too, but fingers crossed I get a chance later in the week...

    In very, very, very brief:

    (360) Skyrim

    (PS3) FIFA16
  • Final Fantasy XI (PC): More progress, although haven't played in several days. Did the first dungeon in the Windurst area. Man the Trust system is wild. Needed though. Can't group up for much of anything any more.

    Overwatch (PC): Just a few final matches on the Summer Games event. Didn't get all the skins I wanted, oh well.

    No Man's Sky (PC): I've gone from absolutely hating it to... mostly entirely still hating it. Travel time is ridiculous, inventory management still is, I can't find a single source of a material I need to maintain life support. It's a joke.

    Dota 2 (PC): Tried playing a game with Ash, but his internet was so bad he got dropped and then everyone started leaving.
  • Gears 4 - Almost at my 10th re-up now. It's been a long road.

    Overwatch - Played a few matches. Didn't get any of the skins I wanted from the summer games. Maybe next year. Besides, Halloween is just round the corner.

    Garden Warfare 2 - Got a few new characters. Tried a few community events.
  • Sundered (PS4) This is the only game that I've been playing. I beat the game with the "evil" ending, and that took 13.5 hours, and I immediately started on a 2nd playthru for the "good" ending. :) I am definitly going for the platinum trophy, b/c of how much fun this game is. After I finish the "good ending" all that will be left is for me to get a 3rd ending and thats it.

    That's all I played last week, the 2nd playthru in Sundered is going much quicker than my 1st, so I'm hoping I can finish it up this week, and start on an RPG that I want to beat by the end of September.
  • I have surprisingly played a fair few games the last few days. Well if you have to do 2 night shifts in which you seem to have an inability to sleep more than 3 hours a day then you are given an extended bank holiday weekend. (Saturday to Wednesday off people. I loved it.) You have a bit of time on your hands.

    So what did I play.

    Uncharted The Lost Legacy

    How do Naughty Dog keep doing this. I was done. Nathan Drake's story has been wrapped up. Uncharted 4 was incredible but towards the end some serious fatigue set in. I really was not fussed about jumping back into an Uncharted game. Then I played a bit of Lost Legacy. That was it. My weekend was lost. I spent 10 hours this weekend enthralled by this game. 10 hours is a perfect length. No fatigue sets in. You are enthralled from start to finish. What an incredible game and a game I am glad Naughty Dog took the time to make. I actually hope if anyone moves forward with Uncharted they look at this and emulate as much of it as they can. The Length. The type of story. The characters. It is all amazing.

    Splatoon 2

    Made my way to the third world in the story. Which shockingly is really interesting. I totally missed the campaign in the last game. If it's anything like this puzzle based shooter I really missed out. Not much Multiplayer unfortunately . Maybe one or two games.

    Sonic Mania

    Just tried it out. Played through the first level of Green Hill Zone. This is sonic people. It feels like sonic 2. It plays like sonic 2 and it looks like sonic 2. It may actually be a good sonic game. We shall see.

    WWE 2k17

    Lost the NXT title. In a fatal 4 way. I was not involved in the finish. In fact I weakened Zane up and Big Cas Stole the win while I was busy with Samoa Joe the theif. That worked into a Rivalry with Cas but I'm working towards the Intercontinental championship so I let the NXT title behind sadly.

    Long post today. Few games coming out that I'm looking forward to also. I just picked up Mario and Rabbids and Destiny 2 comes out next Tuesday. Maybe I'll get Destiny. Probably. Why? I do not know. The last game just disappointed. Oh who's kidding. I'm pre-ordering it later tonight.
  • Fishing Planet (PS4)
    Some free to play fishing game on PS4. It's boring, and can tell they geared the game towards spending real money to get any progress into it. Bleh. It's somewhat realistic with real-life fishing as well. You might not catch much and when you do it's little freshwater fish, and the stuff to catch the bigger game is geared towards people spending real cash.

    Love fishing, but man. This is just not fun.

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